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  1. Rebel Yell at kings dominion
  2. Viper closed down
  3. CP dream
  4. What is that new ride at Epcot going at open and also what is it
  5. Coolest Trains?
  6. Is N Sync Getting a Roller Coaster?
  7. Any of you rode
  8. Have you been in the Picture Hall Of Fame?
  9. Nemesis on tuesday
  10. Why did my post get erased?
  11. Reassure me PLEASE!
  12. is there a Hypersonic XLC POV out there somewhere?
  13. Whats better - Titan or Goliath?
  14. scariest coaster element???
  15. Hypersonic-Whats with the hype?
  16. Fantasy Hyper coaster
  17. Which side is better on lighting racer?
  18. what do u think is the best hyper coaster?
  19. what is the best roller coaster of all time?
  20. Steel Dragon vs M-force
  21. Have any ideas for a roller coaster design?
  22. *** Deja Vu @ SFoG is NOT open!!!! ***
  25. What Roller Coaster made you feel most queezy when you came off of it?
  28. A Point Given.
  29. What is a raven Turn element like on X?
  30. Woman Turns 50 and celebrates at Kennywood!
  31. Love On A Roller Coaster
  32. Whats the Difference?
  33. What do you think Parks and coaster development teams have in the late future for roller coaster
  34. What Coaster has recieved the least credit?
  35. Millenium Mania (Should there be other rides open and should the hours be longer?)
  36. What Park is coming out with the next new attraction to you think?
  37. Best New Coaster of the year 2001
  40. 2002 plans For Kings Island
  41. Batman and Robin: The Chiller
  42. When will Deja-Vu in Six Flags Great America Open
  43. whats your favorite inversion
  44. Las Vegas gets a new coaster
  45. Anton Schwarzkopf web site
  46. How tall is Skycoaster at SFNE?
  47. Flying Coasters
  48. Favorite woodie
  49. favorite coaster
  50. My idea
  51. Hows THIS for an awesome coaster!!
  52. Fantasy Coasters
  53. ** New Discoveries On Deja Vu **
  54. First Corkscrew
  55. Whats Next For DRACHEN FIRE?????
  56. Best Itiman coaster
  57. Thunderbolt Reopened?
  58. Would the line for Millenium Force be shorter at....
  59. Ghostrider
  60. A Look to 2002
  61. on ride camera
  62. Your first coaster?
  63. Does anyone like UltraTwister at SFAW?
  64. Will SFAW get someting new for 2002?
  65. Interesting bit of trivia for Nitro
  66. Coasters slower in the rain?
  67. Some coasters do not get enough respect.
  68. Simple Question....Favorite Woody
  69. Dueling Dragons....
  70. On Millennium Force
  71. Now that ThrillRides gone...
  72. Has Deja-Vu opened.
  73. The best type of coaster
  74. What should be the name for a 400+ Coaster?
  75. This summer 90 degree angle roller coaster seem to be the trend.
  76. Why do parks build the same coasters with different names?
  77. What is the most unsafest roller coaster?
  78. Whats up with Deja-Vu?
  79. If Hypersonic Breaks Down 1 more time....
  80. Ever notice.....
  81. Who has been on Iron Wolf?
  82. What is your favorite type?
  83. Side effects of coasters?
  84. Vekoma Boomerangs
  85. Togo Lawsuit....
  86. Who has been on Shockwave?
  87. Floorless Stand-up, no.
  88. fav. invesion
  89. Mantis Info
  90. Coolest coaster names & colors
  91. What I think should be done to Rolling Thunder!
  92. Celebrity ride
  93. Favorite B&M
  94. Roller Coastres.
  97. Whos been on a travling German coaster.
  98. Stupid things you did on a coaster
  99. About SLC
  100. Who sat next to.........
  101. what coaster have you riden the most?
  102. what is the longest you have riden a coaster in a row(consecutive rides)
  103. 2001 coaster most succesful in 2002
  104. I am sick of all these Japanese record breakers.
  105. How do you pass the time while waiting in line?
  106. Eastern or Western
  107. Your concept disign
  108. Different opinions
  109. X
  110. Coaster appraisals.
  111. What is Vekomas next big coaster project?
  112. Pepsi Max Big One.
  113. Rhino Rally any good?
  114. Killer speed or killer inversions?
  115. Phantoms Revenge Keychain Tags
  116. Hyper Mania!
  117. Superman: The Escape, and the medias fascination about it.
  118. Can anyone...............
  119. Is the Carowinds Wild Mouse official.
  120. First Stand-Up Coaster
  121. Comment On Ben Kellers Japanese Post
  122. Whats the most youve Ridden A Coaster
  123. Is it best to ride roller coasters in the back for speed or front for view?
  124. Coaster Models- MUST SEE!!!!!
  125. Raven turn??
  126. X coaster
  127. Viper: Stay or Go?
  128. Rollercoaster model starter kit
  129. Any Smaller And Lesser-Known Parks Worth Visiting?
  130. All about Superman B&M floorless in WB Madrid
  131. Coaster Question
  132. CCI Woodie?
  133. Kissimme skycoaster
  134. ThunderCoaster - Tusenfryd, Norway
  135. Hyper coasters
  136. **AIR CONFIRMED**
  137. SFWoA Tips
  138. First Inverted
  139. Tell me what you thought or think about Raging Bull
  140. What is your most favorite coaster throughout the world
  141. PKD
  142. Best Hyper
  143. Anyone experienced Dollywoods Tennessee Tornado?
  144. Taiwan floorless
  145. Whats an arrow coaster??
  146. 80 m.p.h letdown
  147. Batman The Escape At Six Flags AstroWorld
  148. Suspended Coasters
  150. Deja Vu
  151. Has BGW said what they are going to do with DF.
  152. Paramounts Carowinds
  153. X-Flights Name
  154. Great Coaster Debate
  155. and the award for best new coaster goes to...
  156. Which coaster has the best paint job?
  157. Which Coaster has the most down time?
  158. Coasters From The Past
  159. intense coaster
  160. What makes a coaster good
  161. Wooden Coasters with both seatbelts and lapbars
  162. Why Doesnt anyone ride Viper at SFOG
  163. Hyper or looping
  164. Here We Go Again - Top five U.S. Parks
  165. Track pics next to name
  166. Best coasters to ride in the dark...
  167. Locked Messages
  168. Did any know why the hulk was down for 3 solid days?
  169. Being a ride op
  170. Best type of coaster?
  171. TA2K
  172. Batman Knight Flight?
  173. Dudly Do Rights Rip Saws Fall
  174. Iron Wolf Restraints @ SFGAm
  175. Most OVERrated coaster in America
  176. AS OF TODAY-7/16/01...IS DEJA VU OPEN YET?
  177. Roller Coaster Shows On Tonight (7/16/01)
  178. Why do pople hate Flashback?
  179. Clone of Skull Mountain?
  180. SFGA Batman & Robin Info...
  181. Could someone help me?
  182. Any ride op friends or an op you particulary enjoy
  183. bad coaster
  184. Best Coaster to Ride at Night
  185. Who Likes Rhino Rally
  186. Check this out...
  187. Could there be a Giga Wooden
  188. Lightning Racer question
  189. New Deja Vu Info
  190. Has Anybody been on a Coaster when it first open
  191. Best Park
  192. Deja Vu
  193. Slingshot...
  194. Steel Dragon 2000 looks..... boring!!!
  195. wow cool...Look at this Prototype
  196. hey what type of coaste is pga getting in 2002?Are they taking out the grizzly or not?
  197. What is the most comfturable Roller Coaster?
  198. A park In England is getting.......
  199. What color looks the best on steel coasters?
  200. Most Memorable Ride
  201. Most Dizzy ride?
  202. Will Mellinnium Mania be like last year?
  203. Article in Good Resorts Magazine.
  204. Windjammers Removal - Not a pretty sight...
  205. I have no clue why its bothering me so much but I NEED GOLIATH JR PICS!!!!
  206. Anyone got photos of Lisbergbanan
  207. Shockwave at SFOT
  208. Steel Dragon.........Magnum?
  209. Seat Seperator - Who needs them?
  210. New information about WMWM Coasters
  211. CP going down?
  212. How were last nights shows?
  213. Has any body been on steel eel?
  214. fish at CP
  215. What I am sick of...
  216. SFAWs SLCs Initial Alarm
  217. Should they build more suspended water coasters?
  218. What would make a line at CP, or any park, more interesting?
  219. New turnaround for TOGO Heartline Coasters
  220. New trains for revouliution ?
  221. Caosters I think are way over rated
  222. 400+ ft. = Supra coaster?
  223. Magic Mountain - X
  224. What is so bad about Grizzly at PGA?
  225. most annoying Q-Line?
  226. New Site Info
  227. New Site Help
  228. Tennessee Tornado Ride Review
  229. Show on coaster safety Friday night
  230. Ice or Fire
  231. What coaster has scared you the most while riding?
  232. The nest is real!
  233. MAGNUM XL-200 IS A FAKE
  234. What makes best dueller?
  235. Roller coasters in space?
  236. Medusa East or Medusa West?
  237. Beast or Son of Beast?
  238. Mellinnium Force Perfect as far as ratings. DO YOU THINK SO?
  239. Have you almost ever passed out on a coaster?
  240. Which park contains the best boomerang ride?
  241. What do you think is in store for the near future for Roller Coaster Designers?
  242. Once and for all what is the grrreatest wooden ride?
  243. Is this possible???
  244. Which state contains the best theme parks??
  245. Which is better the front seat or the back???
  246. CP
  248. The New KNEX
  250. what is your favorite alltime ride