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  1. Here we go...what are your top 5 US coasters???
  2. What are your top 5 movies?
  3. What is your top 5 UK coasters?
  4. what is you fav ride.....it dont hav to be a roller coaster
  5. Roughest Coaster
  6. Fav. Hypercoaster?
  7. Best B&M Coaster Bottom Line
  8. Worst B & M coaster
  9. Favorite Park Theming
  10. What was your first Coaster Ride?
  11. whats you favorite water ride in a park
  12. What is your favorite Upsidedown rollercoaster?
  13. Comfy Seats, the most
  14. What is the most disapointing coaster?
  15. Which coaster do you think is the most underated coaster.
  16. Most Surprising Coaster
  17. Favorite inverted?
  18. a small break from the usual
  19. Favourite music
  20. Who is your favorite superhero?
  21. Whats The Most Underrated Park?
  22. Worst Six Flags Theme Park
  23. Pepsi Max or Magnum
  24. favorite coaster in Orlando
  25. Best Park
  26. Medusa east or Medusa west?
  27. Alpengeist vs. Montu
  28. Best Coaster Queue?
  29. Is there a most OVERrated park??
  30. what is your favorite park chain
  31. Top 10 gutarist
  32. Favorite Hyper
  33. whats your top ten coasters
  34. nitro or SROS at SFNE?
  35. Favorite Wood and Favorite Steel Poll
  36. Favorite Sports Teams
  37. Top 3 favorite TV shows
  38. what is the scariest coaster?
  39. Past vs. Present: Which is better Phantoms Revenge on Steel Phantom?
  40. Which park in the world do you think holds the best coasters in the world!
  41. SROS SFNE vs. SROS SFAmer
  42. Favorite Movie?
  43. Favirote Park Poll
  44. scariest experience on a coaster
  45. Nicest Station
  46. Favorite B&M coaster?
  47. How MANY B&Ms have you ridden?
  48. Most overated Rollercoasters
  49. Top five most underrated wooden coasters. (long)
  50. Your Top 5 Rock and Metal Bands
  51. Poll: Who is your favorite band?
  52. First B&M
  53. POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. For Reference... How Many Parks Have You Been To?
  55. Worst B&M
  56. What's the most INTENSE coaster?
  57. What is the longest you have ever stood in line to take a leak?
  58. Favorite Book?
  59. Coke vs. Pepsi
  60. Best Landscaped Parks?
  61. Favorite Coaster Logo
  62. B&M , Verkoma , Intamin etc who is your fav & why?
  63. Worst Songs Ever!
  64. Scariest Wooden
  65. Dueling Dragons: Fire or Ice??
  66. Least favorite Sports Teams
  67. Steel Dragon 2000 Vs. Millennium Force
  68. Coaster with best theming?
  69. Batman or Nemesis?
  70. All Time Fav. Flat Rides
  71. Ride with the best air time
  72. Favorite Intamin Launch
  73. Favorite Coaster not including.......
  74. What are your Top 10 coasters?
  75. Top 3 Bond Films
  76. Six Flags Great America or Six Flags Great Adventure?
  77. Whats your first inverted coaster?
  78. Minidisc or mp3?
  79. best Arrow disign
  80. Best head chopper
  81. The Nevada Rides- which one is your favorite?
  82. The Raven vs. The Legend
  83. Where is your favorite log flume ride at?
  84. What coaster made your stomach drop the most?
  85. Most annoying ride attendants
  86. Best flat ride lighting
  87. Coolest car ever made?
  88. Six Flags Park with the best woodie
  89. Favorite Candy
  90. Favourite Movie?
  92. Ugliest coasters
  93. Favorite Dark Coaster?
  94. Best Launch
  95. Best at Kennywood
  96. Worst in Florida
  97. Worst In Ohio
  98. what coaster has been given too much credit?
  99. Nitro vs. Raging Bull
  100. Weirdest Thing Ever Dropped On A Coaster
  101. Indoor Coasters - The Best Of The Best
  102. Whos in A coaster Club????
  103. What is your least favorite inversion?
  104. Poll-1st generation freefall...coaster or not?
  105. Ghostrider vs. Shivering Timbers
  106. Cedar Point .vs. Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  107. Worldwide question
  108. What is the most outraging thing that happend sitting in a line for a Roller Coaster?
  109. Best Soundtrack on a coaster
  110. Favorite Soft Drink?
  111. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
  112. Worst Hypercoaster
  113. Hardware Wars Poll
  114. Which company is going to dominate in the years to come?
  115. Sw6
  116. Jurassic Park 3
  117. Hersheypark 2002?
  118. Based on the rumors, what will Cedar Point get next year?
  119. What is the best kind of water ride?
  120. Favorite Park In PA?
  121. Favorite US Coaster
  122. Favorite corporate park?
  123. Favorite traditional park?
  124. Gigas
  125. Hypersonic Poll
  126. polls
  127. What's your favorite sort of movie?
  128. Poll: Fav. Coaster Show
  129. Dueling Dragons: Fire or Ice
  130. New Ride at Knott's
  131. Worst Coaster site.
  132. Whats your Favorite Post Acheivement Icon
  133. What Should IOA Get Next?
  134. Best Florida Coaster
  135. New coaster at SFEG in 2002?
  136. What is the best ride at six flags St. Louis???
  137. Which is better Wood or steel?
  138. Best Coaster At Six Flags Great America
  139. Greatest Coaster Poll
  140. Magic Mountain Poll
  141. Which park is the best of these?
  142. Super high or Super Looper
  143. Best T-Shirt at your homepark?
  144. What do you think of NITRO? Even if you didnt ride it.
  145. Merge "Other Thrills"
  146. Worst Disneyworld Attraction
  147. Favorite Pay Extra Attraction
  148. Favorite Amusement Park Food
  149. SFGadv to get a new coaster or two?
  150. Will any site be better than Thrill Ride?
  151. favorite element
  152. Favorite Islands Of Adventure Ride
  153. Favorite type
  154. Cedar Point or Magic Mountain
  155. Poll: Theme Park Mecca
  156. Park Mecca survey
  157. Titan or Goliath
  158. Nitro or Titan?
  159. Ride Day or Night?
  160. jumbo jet
  161. Hurricane Harbor, NJ
  162. What's your favorite Stand-Up?
  163. What's your favorite european park?
  164. Best Floorless?
  165. Favorite Giga/Hyper
  166. Which is better- SFMW or PGA?
  167. What is the Best Themepark in California?
  168. Did man really land on the moon???
  169. Favorite Jim Carrey Movie
  170. Best MidWest Park
  171. What's the best ride at SFMM?
  172. What's the best coaster at SFMM?
  173. Which park is best?
  174. Best Canadian Coaster
  175. Battle of the Paramount Racers
  176. Best Inverted
  177. How many coasters have you already ridden?
  178. The next coaster SFWOA will/should get.
  179. V2 too short to be good
  180. Rugrats "All Growed Up"
  181. Best Southern Park
  182. RollerPosers
  183. Sktaeboard Poll All Welcome
  184. Superman:TE & Tower of Terror
  185. Poll: What would you most like to see at Carowinds?
  186. Best Park in Northeast? SFNE, Dorney, Hershey, other?
  187. Best Adam Sandler Movie
  188. Which Cedar Fair?
  189. Front or Back of Titan
  190. Favorite type of B&M coaster?
  191. Best 4-Seater
  192. Superman poll
  193. Best Water Chute
  194. favorite SFOG coaSter
  195. Jurassic Park 3...vote now!!!
  196. My new plan for life...
  197. What country except the US has the best coasters?
  198. Whats Better Inverted Or Corkscrew
  199. What coaster do you think will be standing for a long time?
  200. What park has the best "on-ride" photo design?
  201. Best Movie Out Now?
  202. Drachen Fire?
  203. Wooden or Steel?
  204. What is your favorite pc roller coaster game?
  205. Looks Can Be Decieving
  206. Poll on Six Flags parks
  207. What would you want in a model Roller Coaster?
  208. What's your Top 3 coaster designers?
  209. Six Flags or Cedar Fair
  210. Mantis Or Ridders Revenge
  211. Best coaster company.
  212. Whats The Best Wooden Roller Coaster In Ohio
  213. Titan vs Goliath
  214. What's the best new coaster/improvement in LL?
  215. Whats your favorite Inverted Roller Coaster
  216. best uk park
  217. What dino would you...
  218. Suspended Coasters - What do you think about them?
  219. Who makes the unsafest coasters?
  220. Fave RCT Park Theme
  221. Coke v Pepsi
  222. Best Trainer
  223. Valleyfair 2002 Poll
  224. Millenium Force or Ghostrider?
  225. Anyone for Deja Vu?
  226. Whats the best coaster
  227. Will Magnum ever be taken down?
  228. Which state has the best coasters?
  229. Which is better Medusa or Nitro?
  230. Best Viper
  231. What is the best CCI?
  232. Best Coaster in PA
  233. Las Vegas Coaster Poll
  234. Coaster Removal at SFGAm
  235. Do you read comic books?
  236. SFGADV 2002 or Future Rides
  237. Best Australian Theme Park?
  238. Rolling Thunder at SFGAdv.
  239. Milleneum Force
  240. Best Ohio Coaster
  241. Better Slogan for Skycoaster SFOG
  242. Knott's and Jack Fallas Stunning Announcement!
  243. Rapter At Cedar Point
  244. What is the loudest chain lift?
  245. What Do You Think Is You're Favorite Part On...
  246. Power Tower or Drop Zone?
  247. Best Water Ride
  248. Best Coaster at night?
  249. What's your smallest coaster this year!
  250. Kennywood or Knott's Berry Farm?