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  1. Most memorable experience working at a park..
  2. What parks did you all work at?
  3. In This Thread, You List All The Rides/Attractions You Worked At.
  4. Good/Bad Departments
  5. Rumor of Employee Night Ride
  6. the 2004 season
  7. Complaints!
  8. Why a Park?
  9. Favorite Employee Activity.
  10. How Old?
  11. Working at CP
  12. What Are Your Cedar Point Assignments So We Can All Meet
  13. Plan to Ban Minors from Operating Rides
  14. Working as a Performer at Themeparks: Who's done it and where?
  15. What songs are in your head while you work?
  16. Cedar Point workers break
  17. How many years at a theme park?
  18. Funny stories
  19. Cedar Point Question
  20. CP work review
  21. What happens when the ride you work on is closed?
  22. Foods
  23. How Do You Get Employeed At A Park?
  24. Need Advice
  25. Height Complaints
  26. Funnest Experience During a Shutdown
  27. Next Year (at any amusement park)?
  28. have u ever been told new ride ideas before they have been anounced
  29. Ride switching?
  30. Working for one day at CP
  31. Any East Coast employees out there?
  32. Kennywood?...
  33. Cedar Point 2005
  34. Say What?
  35. Ride op training
  36. Do you have Keepsakes from your park?
  37. question about operating rides...
  38. Halloween nights...
  39. Best & Worst about working at a park.
  40. Careers in Theme Park Technology
  41. Stupid things employees say
  42. What park are you going to work at this summer?
  43. Ride Op RANT
  44. You know you're a ride op when...
  45. Working at Disney World?
  46. Paramount Vs. Six Flags Vs. Cedar Fair Vs. Disney Staff
  47. Break time In VS Out
  48. Applying for a job at a park
  49. Park HR Contacts
  50. Older Ride Ops
  51. PCW job fair....?
  52. Are any of your rides Haunted???
  53. If you were not a ride op...
  54. Park Employee smileys
  55. Park Awards
  56. For the CP veterans: What is your favorite place to work?
  57. Anyone working at Kalahari?
  58. Saw ride today in very poor unsafe condition
  59. Live on site staff?
  60. Best. Job. EVER!
  61. YAY!!! I"M SO HAPPY!!!!
  62. Working at a Theme Park
  63. Who has already started???
  64. Uniform Post...
  65. What coaster will you work?
  66. What ride do you work?
  67. Short Handed?
  68. Witty Responses
  69. Worst situation ever!
  70. I am not a park employee but..
  71. Anyone work at Clementon Park?
  72. Your First Ride...
  73. How Many Rides?
  74. just got back from training...
  75. Cedar Point Rides in Weather
  76. OMG! Opening day was so AHHHHHH
  77. Do you enforce the rules?
  78. Coming to Cedar Point? Say hi to me!
  79. For Seasoned Veterans of Amusement Parks...
  80. Employee Benefits
  81. Don't you hate it when...
  82. Ever have the whole park shut down?
  83. School Project Help -- Amusement Park Training Programs
  84. To the entire CP staff for Coastermania...
  85. Closing Procedures
  86. B&M Invert Operators
  87. Ride speeches.
  88. Felt Betrayed??
  89. Favorites and Least Favorite Rides
  90. Taking breaks
  91. Planning on applying for the 06 season?
  92. Guests getting rides' names confused?
  93. working in your sleep?
  94. Theme park work
  95. Awards/Recognition
  96. Annoying Music
  97. Worst Part of Working Rides
  98. who is working during halloween?
  99. My summer at Cedar Point with a bunch of imbeciles (long)
  100. Ride shut-down due to weather
  101. Transportation
  102. How Old & What Do You Do
  103. Best Part of working rides
  104. So long SFOG, see you next year!
  105. Time to move on?
  106. A very strange request...
  107. Parks with Housing
  108. what park and rides have you worked at?
  109. What happens when you E-stop your ride
  110. Control panel pics
  111. Just applied!
  112. Cedar Point 06
  113. Official 2006 New/Rehires
  114. Ride Leads - Like your job?
  115. Doing an exchange year in the USA (august 06 - july 07)
  116. Help!
  117. What's your park's process for becoming a operator?
  118. Employee entrance for PKI
  119. Training
  120. Im so excited!!!
  121. Scariest Experience During a Shutdown
  122. Working at Cedar Point.
  123. Disney CAST Member!!!
  124. Disney College Program
  125. Which group of guests is more of a pain for parks?
  126. 2007 Season Jobs
  127. my fright nights costume
  128. Employees don't have admission privileges?
  129. Cedar Point 2007 Employees
  130. Six Flags America
  131. Cedar Uniforms
  132. Six Flags Uniforms
  133. Got accepted into the disney college program
  134. Just got my work location at Disney
  135. Anybody recently applied for Disney College Program?
  136. Accepted: Disney College Program, Spring '08
  137. 2008 Job Projections
  138. Questions about Disney College Program
  139. Disney Land?
  140. Parks with employee housing
  141. Working at a park
  142. Ops what can you do to your ride
  143. Hey carowinds
  144. 2009 Park Employees
  145. 2010 Park Employees Roll Call
  146. An Inside Job - Thoughts on working at Carowinds
  147. For ride ops, which was the hardest ride to operate?
  148. Collegiate Amusement Park Association
  149. Working at Kings Island during The Haunt.
  150. Queue measurement
  151. Kings Island Halloween Haunt