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  1. RCT Favorites?
  3. Loopy Landscapes
  4. Does anybody still....?
  5. Max speed
  6. Rollercoaster names
  7. I need a recreation of Phoenix at Knoebels
  8. SFGAdv with Nitro?
  9. Craziest Color Scheme?
  10. Which should I make next?
  11. need help
  12. RCT2 wish and dont wish list
  13. Trapper Error
  14. HELP! File Access Error
  15. How do you like your RCT parks?
  16. Has anyone created a coaster or ride with an extreme excitement rating?
  17. Who is a Part of Danimation as Well???
  18. Best RCT site still going
  19. Highest Stand-Up Coaster???
  20. The Official Site: Who is not doing their job?
  21. Patch Problems
  22. Mega Park in CF/LL? (just wondering)
  23. Highest Intensity?
  24. Fav place to build
  25. Recreation of SFOG w/ DV and Phobia
  26. Most Difficult Scenario
  27. cheats
  28. MoRe ThRiLL RiDeS!
  29. New RCT Expansion Pack!
  30. Best theming?
  31. Technology for RCT 2 (3d) is already here
  32. Alton Towers 2001
  33. Your List of 10 wishes for RCT2?
  35. NEW CHRIS SAWYER Interview @ RCT Station!
  36. Board Admin Announcement
  37. Coaster Contest
  38. Help our Moderators
  39. You know you play way too much RCT if....
  40. Tylers RCT Contest #1
  41. What R ur best names for a park
  42. Trainers that work and dont crash
  43. http://www.worldsoffantasy.50megs.com/contact.html
  44. i need major help plz read this and help out if u can
  45. UC3D and RCT
  46. Trainer to unlock scenerioes
  47. compromission of all the ideas for RCT 2
  48. do any body have all three rollercoaster typys
  49. RCT2 wants, how would this work? Night time.
  50. RCT2, how would this work? Real costs (LONG)
  51. How would this one work? 4th Dimension
  52. Multi-Manager Park....
  53. "Classic" Coasters
  54. Trainers
  55. HELP ME!
  56. Temple of Doom (In Game Trainer)
  57. does anyone know.......
  58. How would this work? Day/Night/real $
  59. New TRAINER Available
  60. Things that are wrong in RCT
  61. Trainers
  62. Parks/Coasters you wish were in RCT
  63. RCT2: Fact or fiction?
  65. ThrillRide!s Gem - Weekly RCT Contest (Like Spotlight)
  66. Trainers Where?
  67. I Need Help in Rct
  68. RCT Screenshots. How do I get them?
  69. Urban Jungle
  70. Where can I find these?
  71. Wooden Coaster loop
  72. Pickle Park
  73. Would you ride?
  74. ThrillRide Gem....
  75. any good sites to download real coasters?
  76. SFMM Scenerio
  77. SROS
  78. What would you love to see in RCT 2?
  79. What would you like to see in RCT 2?
  80. Lava?
  81. What are your consistent strategies when playing RCT?
  82. Volcania Park
  83. TRG Trainer for RCT:LL
  84. Highest Exictement Rating
  85. Grand Gardens
  87. Favourite / Least Favourite Rides
  88. big rct problrms
  89. Rides that RCT 2 needs...
  90. A little help would be useful...
  91. You know what would make RCT awesome
  92. custom design expansion pack
  93. Trainers
  94. Volcania Park - How do you complete it?
  95. ThrillRide Gem #1
  96. Favorite Scenario
  97. Will Chris Ever undate his site, i think not.
  98. Add On Packs/Cedar Point
  99. Fastest Speed
  100. Most Inversions on a single rollercoaster while maintaining an Intensity less than 10.00
  101. RCT2 - we have talked about what they should add, but what should they LEAVE OUT?
  102. Most Coasters
  103. Whats wrong with my RCT ? can anyone help?
  104. Great America Scenario
  105. Real Parks
  106. HELP!!
  107. Quick question
  108. How do you guys do it?
  109. trainer needed
  110. Can anyone build me a dueling woodie?
  111. Anyone beaten it
  112. My Competition
  113. what trainers do u use?
  114. Trainers?
  115. loopy landscapes bites the big one
  116. New coaster inversion element (i thought of)
  117. What do you charge?
  118. Rewards
  119. Is the "Gyro Drop" really that nausiating
  120. How do you know if there is really going to be a RCT2?
  121. water park tycoon
  122. Where do you get all of these patches and trainers and what is a Drexlers Patch?
  123. YESS!!!!
  124. Crazy Coasters?
  125. What exactly are these "trainers"?
  126. I need a dueling invert
  127. Ultra Coaster Central adds RCT section!
  128. how do you get....
  129. Most inversions
  130. Thrillride Gem Contest Extended!
  131. HEY all rct fans look here
  132. Waterfalls in RCT
  133. hey chris! heres an idea
  134. How many real coasters have you designed?
  135. Does anyone have SFNE?
  136. I need a coaster like The Raptor
  137. DCA scenario?
  138. Problem with Loopy Landscapes!
  139. How do you use the Hex Editing
  140. Names of Parks
  141. IOA
  142. Real Rides and Real Parks
  143. Real Park Recreations
  144. Great Adventure replica (w/o expansion packs)?
  145. Chris Sawyer knows all about Project "AIR"
  146. Any site with saved games just before you beat the level?
  147. New idea for RCT2
  148. X and Deja Vu
  149. Dodgems
  150. Sad but true
  151. Service Tracks
  152. No CD Hack?
  153. what about a new RCT
  154. PKI recreation
  155. Hardest Coaster to Make Exciting
  156. When is RCT2 Coming out!
  157. I Need Your Help
  158. Why do all of your guests all leave in LL
  159. Advertising Your Park
  160. "Suicide" Coasters
  161. Fav Color Scheme!
  162. How do you beat Iceberg Islands?????
  163. Most positive gs
  164. S&S Rides in RCT
  165. What is the worst shop/stall on rct
  166. Easiest Scenario
  167. I need help!
  168. What is RCT2
  169. BIG CASH $$$
  170. How do you make due with limited track you have?
  171. Six Flags Scenarios!!!!
  172. AHH! Help me!
  173. i have all 3 of the games
  174. cant build enough trains
  175. RollerCoaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes Question
  176. Flying/ Air Launched
  177. PCW 2001 Real Park Re-creation!!!!!
  178. How do you do Underground Coasters
  179. need more money
  180. Favorite Thrill Ride in RCT
  181. Excitment
  182. Boomerang
  183. Did anyone make a recreation of nitro???
  184. Recreate Coasters?
  185. Which is better: Sim Theme Park or Rollercoaster Tycoon?
  186. Can you import your own music into RCT?
  187. Which do you prefer: Loops or Drops
  188. valleyfair
  189. Does anyone have a realilistic Millenium Force they can give me that has good excitement ratings?
  190. See on-ride Photos?
  191. What is the longest roller coaster you have ever made?
  192. Is there going ot be another RCT coming out
  193. Best way to liven up park?
  194. What is the best type of coaster to make for cheap?
  195. HOW DEEP CAN YOU...
  196. What is the BEST COASTER you have created (as in favorite)!
  197. intensity ratings
  198. park ideas
  199. What new things do you want to see in RCT 2?
  200. can somebody help me with this?
  201. Dose any one Have a IOA or Busch Gardens Park
  203. SFStL recreations
  204. Favorite Non-Coaster Ride in RCT?
  205. How long do you go on RCT a day?
  206. Whats Trainer? And how do u use it?
  207. How do you raise park value?
  208. Pay-one-price, Pay-per-ride or both?
  209. Which board?
  210. New Parks
  211. Anyone make a six flags great adventure recreation???
  212. numbers unreal?
  213. Loopy Landscapes
  214. RCT2
  215. Real Park Recreations
  216. Universal Vs Disney
  217. Any news on Thrillride Gem
  218. wut park would be easitst
  219. No CD Patch for Loopy Landscapes
  220. intesity nausea and exciment
  221. Real Parks or Coasters
  222. that new Wild Wild West...
  223. most inversions
  224. What do you think?
  225. When are they going to get a MAC version?
  226. SFGAdv. recreation?
  227. Where can i download coasters for rct
  228. Who likes the No Limits coaster software?
  229. cheat for loopy landscapes?
  230. where do i get the trainer?
  231. RCT downloads
  232. RCT2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  233. Where can I find actual parks
  234. anyone else think they should have a sfmm?
  235. All levels should have unlimited money
  236. What was the longest coaster you have built on rct?
  237. fastest coaster
  238. Custom Inversions
  239. I need CCI recreations on RCT
  240. Wishlist: RCT for the PocketPC
  241. Real coasters?
  242. cci
  243. Roller Coaster Tycoon Cheaters come here
  244. Excitement +10 w/o theming?
  245. Whats with the name Whoa Belly?
  246. Crazy things you have done in the game
  247. Trainers
  248. New Roller Coasters
  249. "Real Parks and Rides" expansion pack idea
  250. How do you get Millions of dollars in RCT?