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  1. Here is a theme park idea
  2. top 5 non coaster rides
  3. Anyone have good pics of Perilous Plunge?
  4. best flat ride ever
  5. ok what your favorite water-coaster ride
  6. What your favorite Thrill Ride (no Roller Coaster)!
  7. Anybody Skateboard?
  8. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
  9. IOA, best collection of water rides?
  10. OH MAN!! I Must be the Luckiest Kid in the WORLD!!!!!
  11. Brick and mortar: not necessary, but it sure helps!
  12. Accident on Saturday, May 5th... any details?
  13. The Best Water Ride
  14. Anything about "The Storm"
  15. Best Inversion?
  16. Disney Worlds Haunted Mansion: Why not more?
  17. Scooby Doos Haunted Mansion, how is it?
  18. 1st annual DAFE event at Kennywood
  19. Best Water Ride Theming / Setting?
  20. X:/no way out
  21. The Beast
  22. Bungy Jumping???
  23. Anybody been on Tampico Tumbler at KBF?
  24. Best dark ride you've been on
  25. Which parks have classic dark rides?
  26. Remember CHAOS?
  27. Valhalla?
  28. Universals Chamber of Doom
  29. Perilous Plunge photos?
  30. The E.T Adventure
  31. Great Dark Ride Web Site...............
  32. Typhoon Sea Coaster
  33. Dinosaur
  34. flat rides suck
  35. Rhino Rally
  36. Help me out! I need to find out the name of a track thing!
  37. N e one else ever been on a Skycoaster??
  38. I am finally doing a Skycoaster...
  39. Thunder River @ SFAW?
  40. Best Trick?
  41. Acrophobia
  42. Aero 360 at Kennywood?
  43. Anyone like "Looping Starship" type rides?
  44. Will there be anymore super chute-to-chutes?
  45. Set point?
  46. What is the name.
  47. Best Water Park Ride?
  48. Haunted Walkthroughs
  49. Favorite Thrillride?
  50. Anybody Flatland???
  51. Suspended log flume??
  52. Here is a thrill i was just tickled to death about
  53. Best Drop Ride???
  54. SDC/Dollywoods Flooded Mine Ride
  55. Long gone dark rides that should be brought beack
  56. What spoils a water ride
  57. What is the Best Dark Ride in the World?
  58. Spiderman
  59. Most sicking flat ride
  60. Drop on Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls
  61. Hollywood Sports Park
  62. Best haunted house you have been on!
  63. Discovery Channel and their Idea of Extreme Thrills
  64. Which parks USED to have classic dark rides?
  65. Best Carousel?
  66. Acrophobia a Nutcracker?
  67. Favorite flat ride name?
  68. Motion Simulator for CP and SFMM
  69. Looping Water Coasters
  70. 7th Portal
  71. What is your favorite river rapids ride?
  72. Cedar Fair & Six Flags
  73. HELIX Program By BGSU
  74. Haunted Castle at SCBB
  75. Sky Coaster at SFMW
  76. Storm Force 10 at DMP England
  77. Water Rides Lack of wetness
  78. Space Invader...
  79. Totally Soaked!
  80. Corkscrew Hill at BGW
  81. Evolution at Six Flags Great Adventure
  82. River rapids
  83. A New Flat at SFGAdv
  84. S+S rides
  85. White water raft rides: a boring way to get wet.
  86. swinging ship
  87. Dejvu, has anyone ridden this coaster yet????
  88. Flight of Fear a Dark ride?
  89. Ideas for New Dark Rides@DL?
  90. I heard perilous plunge is closed!
  91. Water Park Enthusiasts
  92. Whats the point in the Gran Slammer at KBF?
  93. Adventure Island - Tampa
  94. Most Soaking Ride?
  95. IMO you just can not beat a huss frisbee.
  96. Shoot up, or fall down
  97. Willy Wonka Water Coaster
  98. Best water ride at IOA
  99. the biggest skycoaster
  100. What is Chaos at CP?
  101. Corkscrew Hill at BGW
  102. Hang-gliding
  103. Parasailing
  104. skycoasters
  105. I can not ride spin out anymore
  106. chaos
  107. gravitron
  108. Indiana Beach, Dark Ride Heaven!
  109. Best New High-Tech Flat Rides
  110. What is Demon Drop at Cedar Point?
  111. Any Skydivers?
  112. Skycoasters cost too much to ride.
  113. BGW needs a freefall.
  114. Inverter Pirate Ships
  115. What park Has the best collection of flat rides?
  117. Jurrassic Park River Adventure!
  118. Rhino Rally accident!!
  119. Uncomfortable Acraphobia
  120. Intamin Giant Drop Refits
  121. Storm Force
  122. Questions about two intense, inverting thrill rides.....
  123. Vallhalla worth the trip?
  124. APOCALYPSE! stand up drop WOW!
  125. Best water ride in park?
  126. FIREBALL who has?
  127. Respect to Storm Force...
  128. Best Free-Fall Ride
  130. An Awesome Idea!!!
  132. rhino rally tipped over!!!!
  133. Best Simulator?
  134. What is your favorite river rapids ride
  135. Evolution
  136. has anyone rode RHINO RALLY?
  137. A flatride for SFMM
  138. i take it no one here has rode it??
  139. What is your favorite motion simulator ride in a park?
  140. Spiderman at IoA
  141. Skyscrappers
  142. rhino rally
  143. Whats up witrh the Sky Whirl?!
  145. Has anyone actualy rode RHINO RALLY?
  146. Why Isent starfish open
  147. What is a huss frissbee like?
  148. New name for Yankee Clipper....aka Ice Mountain Falls
  149. Most lame Dark Ride?
  150. Perilous Plunge or Jurrassic Park?
  152. Whats The Best Power Tower
  153. Space Invader Re-Vamp
  154. top spins....
  155. farriswheelphobia?
  156. inverted scrambler
  157. best Name
  158. New Ride at Astro land in Coney Island NYC
  159. Cedar Point/Valleyfair! -- Power Tower
  160. What flat ride do you think has the best airtime?
  161. What is the best water ride in Florida?
  162. Is the Skycoaster worth the money or not
  163. best flat ride manufacturer...
  164. If someone Could Help me with Names
  165. Anyone been to DCA?
  166. Rides like Kennywoods Aero 360...
  167. Skull Mountain @ Sfgadv
  168. Rhino Rally Closed.
  169. Wyandot Lake
  170. i was watchin the dico....
  171. How About This...
  172. Anyone been on the non -coaster ride Evolution at sfga, it has 89 Inversions!
  173. How is Noahs Ark at KennyWood?
  174. What is the coolest thing that has happened to you while doing an extream Thrill?
  175. Highest Freefaller?
  176. Are They Breaking Down Viper At Six Flags Great Adventure?
  177. Whats the difference between a splash over vs a topsin?
  178. Acrophobia Fake Line Times
  179. What is the company name of this ride....
  180. Hurricane Falls?
  181. Do the other Roto-Shakes to this?
  182. Looping Flume
  183. Water rides of 2001
  184. Maelstrom
  185. Now you can own your very own darkride scale model
  186. What is up with these forty second rides like Hypersonic XLC
  187. Looping Starship Question
  188. Ecpot Ride
  189. What is the funniest thing you have heard on a water ride?
  190. Personal Virtual Reality System
  191. Not a coaster but WHOOOAAAA
  192. Name That Ride!
  193. pointless topic to raise my post count but..........
  194. How does Disneys Tower of Terror Compare?
  195. Splash Mountain
  196. Best Looking Flat Ride
  197. Favorite non amuesement haunted house.
  198. Has Rhino Rally been re-opened yet?!
  199. tallest log flume
  200. Spider-Man
  201. How sickening is Frisbee ? ? ?
  202. Snake river falls???
  203. NRH20
  204. 4th Dimension Dive Machine
  205. Ferris Wheel
  206. samurai
  207. Kissimee Skycoaster
  208. Huss Ranger at SFDL
  209. When will RHINO RALLY reopen?????
  210. Headspin?
  211. Park with the best water rides?
  212. Best Haunted House?
  213. why do.....
  214. Spiderman.....
  215. Drop the Giant Drop at SFGAm
  216. What happened to Rhino Rally?
  217. Flat rides - CHAOS
  218. Carowinds Flying Super Saturator
  219. Ride Idea
  220. Twillight Zone Tower Of Terror
  221. Huss Top Spins
  222. Huss Enterprise
  223. SFMM 4th Attraction Gone Vertical...
  224. Logger's Run at SFGAm
  225. CP log ride fire?
  226. Vertigo announced at Cedar Point
  227. JP rides
  228. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
  229. Most thrilling drop ride?
  230. VF PT pix??????
  231. Who Here Skateboards?
  232. Haunted Houses
  233. Hey Who Paintballs???
  234. difference between ioa and universal hollywood jp
  235. Favorite Water Log Ride
  236. RocknRoller coaster
  237. thrill shot
  238. Up charge attractions
  239. Action Park
  240. Knott's Announces "Absolutely Insane"...
  241. Noah's Ark Wisconsin
  242. bungee jumping/sky diving/and sky coaster question
  243. Perilous Plunge vs Tidal Force
  244. raging waters' dropout
  245. s&s sling shot attraction questions
  246. Flying Bob's
  247. Has anyone been on a spin out?
  248. What do you think the coolest flat ride is?
  249. Escape from Pompeii -- anyone ridden this ride?
  250. Skydiving