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05-22-2001, 07:20 PM
How would this play seem?
<BR>You start the game with a chunk of change, take as long as you want to modify your park in pause mode (MUST have undo option in RCT2).
<BR>Then, when you are done with changes, you open for the year with no construction permitted.
<BR>Rather than a year of game time being an hour of play time, we make this modifiable like the zoom level. At lowest level, a week of game time eqauls an hour of play time. That makes a day equal to 8 minutes of play time. That would be 4 minutes of day, 4 minutes of night. Or, more accurate would be 6 minutes of day and 2 minutes of night.
<BR>You still don't chase everyone out every night, you just get a couple minutes of seeing your park and rides lit up every 8 minutes.
<BR>This is the perfect level if you're one of those people that love to micro-manage. You could drop to this level to modify staffing levels, change numbers of trains running on each coaster to fit demand, have the maintenance guys trimming hedges into cool shapes, and actually have the lawns nicely mowed and flowers replanted every few days when the sun wilted them any little bit.
<BR>At this level, peeps would count as 10 or so guests each. Whenever they spent $1, you'd get $10 or so.
<BR>Once you've got things set, you could speed up time to a month an hour, or year an hour, or even faster. At anything but the lowest level, it just stays the time of day that it was when you speed up. At higher levels, each peep would count as more, meaning more income everytime someone spent money.
<BR>At highest levels, you wouldn't even see peeps walking(like you don't see coaster trains at max zoom out), just line lengths, maintenance conditions, and things like that.
<BR>To maximize proffits, you'd have to keep dropping down into the slower settings to micro-manage. If you just wanted to hurry up and get to the next off season to build new rides, you'd leave the game on max acceleration. Or, for a reasonable balance, you could slow down every month to adjust staff and capacity for seasonal crowds, then speed back up.
<BR>At the end of your "open season", you'd move back to construction mode to put in or take out rides, do major landscape projects, modify park paths, set up advertising campaigns for the next season, or other things like that. Repeat the cycle 3-5 times per scenario.
<BR>What do you all think? I think that something like this is about the BEST we could hope for to meet everyone desires for day/nihgt, seasons, and real costs/incomes.
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Matt M
05-22-2001, 08:43 PM
This system would work out much better than the system right now
<BR>Maybe the rides could also be built slowly with cranes in stuff, like in real life

Brandon Baker
05-22-2001, 09:45 PM
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