View Full Version : SW: THe Phantom Meance park 1

Dark Luke
11-02-2001, 04:09 PM
The Phantom Meance theme park 1

Contains lots of coasters based on characters/locations taken place in Star Wars episode 1.

Requires dexler patch.

Notes: Obi-Wan Kenobi is a VEKOMA inverted, which has tubular tracks instead of box tracks. (too lazy to change)

Jedi vs. Sith is a Vekoma dueling sit-down looper. All the rest of the corkscrew coasters are Arrow.

The theming is simply to increase the excitement rating of the coasters.

Different parks will have different distrubution of names and coasters.

Ben Rathe
11-10-2001, 04:34 AM
The park is ok but that some of your coasters are not as good as they should, lets take your really big
coaster Galactic Empire. You drop it take it upa hill and take it so high that it requires a crank at the top! Lower the hill so the train goes over it with its own momentum, that will make the coaster better