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05-25-2001, 02:27 PM
Ah to get up bright and early. Earlier than the sunrise. So early that the birds aren't even chirping yet. The breathe of COLD fresh morning air. AHH...and then to wake up to V2. Now that is better than coffee. Those who were invited to go to Media Day were able to get there as early as 4:30am. I got there about 5am. They had not run any runs with people on V2 yet. But they so graciously offered beverages and donuts for free to those who were there. Everyone got little badges (that had to be turned in later as they may have another media day for Deja Vu) and media kits. The media kits are very nice. As soon as everyone started to make their way to V2 to start riding (which was about 5am). I went up there. I being a hefty 260 ish and having a nice gut, I found that I cant get the harness down far enough on my own to ride V2. There was no one that could help force it down. And the ride ops are NOT allowed to do that. I guess this is some new park policy. That part was not so bad...but I was sitting next to a very cute young lady. Too bad for that embarrassment. I guess if nothing else will encourage me to lose weight this will. Well I stood around for while and watched everyone else enjoy it. While there I met Deanna (very nice girl who works in PR), Jim Wintrode (Park president) , Bob Prentki (ACE regional rep), CyberianHusky, among other media types. I really had a wonderful time watching everyone else enjoy the ride and talking to everyone. I also watched as the construction crew continued on with Deja Vu...until the rains came in. Eventually around 8:30am I got up enough nerve to try again. Well I found someone who was kind enough to push down on my harness. CLICK!! HOORAY, It made it. In row 3. I finally get to ride. READY FOR LAUNCH. ZOOM! We're off. We went part way up the spiral. I did not get such a good seat when I rode S:UE last summer. The launch seemed more intense on V2 as well. I really did not notice the first time that we were over the water when on the spiral. Then we went through the station backwards and up the other vertical non-spiral tower. OH WHAT A SITE. INDEED THERE IS WATER BELOW THIS PART. It was quite interesting to be looking down at the water here. Then forward again we go. This time about 5-6 feet from the bumper. The spiral is really disorienting when you really get up that spiral. Once again back through the station. And back up the vertical non-spiraling tower...and then the breaks kick on. They hold you there for a mere second or two so that you can get a good look at the water below. (Too bad they don't have any crocodiles in there. Or so another patron stated.) Then once again forward and about 2/3 the way up the spiral. Then back to the station. The intensity on V2 is amazing...especially considering I did ride S:UE. The water and other surroundings make V2 a must ride even if you have been on S:UE. I eventually did the ride 3 more times. I did take a turn in the very back seat. Now this is a much different ride in the back then in the front. The spiral is almost non-existent in the back. But when they put the brakes on while on the vertical non-spiral tower you are really up there. What a great view...looking down. I also got one ride in the rain. Now there is intensity for you. Looking up at the sky and getting pelted in the face by rain. I rode Millennium Force in the rain but this felt a lot worse. I left promptly at 10 so I did not get to ride anything else. But V2 made my day. Once I finally got to ride it.
<BR>Here is an article from a local newspaper which contains quotes from me in an article on V2 from Media Day.
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05-27-2001, 02:21 AM
I went on S:UE at SFWoA and was "blown" away by it. It's my 2nd favorite ride after Millennium Force. So I'm very excited that a clone of that awesome ride is opening at my home park. I can't wait to ride V2.