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12-03-2001, 09:16 PM
Yes this is a real Boomerang coaster, goes forward and comes back to the station backwards, passes through some and then goes forward and stops.

The "Almost" part is due to the fact real Boomerangs have tow cables that pull you up behind the station and then let go near the top. Until Ole puts that feature into NoLimits you'll have to make due with this one, in this case, its the tire-drive in the station that throws the train forward into the Boomerang element.

Yes this is a full circuit coaster, the train doesn't make the full circuit though. I've tried other launched one way coasters like Montezuma's revenge, but I can't seem to get the train to pass backward through the station without it either coming to a complete stop, or hitting the tires and not the brakes and shooting forward (think of a sort of volley) This is best I've done so far. I did try a deja'vu/Hangover style coaster, but it didn't work as well so I ditched it.

All this was by trail and error, so happy experimenting. Note that when you go backward through the station the restraints fly open (I guess we could say this is the Prototype Boomerang.) Running it in manual mode is reccomended for the best effect (plus its fun to countdown and say "clear" and push enter :D)

Reccomendations for boomerang implementation if Ole decides to add it:

Tow Cable lift option (similar to Millenium Force in forward mode [it comes back down the lift to the trains waiting in the station] and similar to Boomerangs in Backward mode) for the Lift Hill segments (Tow cable releases at the top of the lift in both modes if its still going up and we run out of lift hill, or gravity takes over if the tow cable is going down.


Backwards Brakes (Check box for "Same as Main Brake", Values box for Brake power value (0gs to 5gs)

Pass Thru (only in shuttle mode) value box (if you want the train to keep passing through before the brakes kick on and train is slowed down as much as possible. Value 0 to 100.

Pass Thru Track Brakes (allows track brakes to remain open until all the passes have been completed so you could do something like CP's Wicked Twister, where the train passes through 4 times) All brake segments would have the check box Pass Thru (when checked they obey the pass thru option, when unchecked they slow the train as usual)

Lift Chain Drop check box - Makes chain lift drop to allow train to fall backwards (again found on boomerangs). Slider (like from beginning to end) would indicate when the chain lift dropped. Randomization box to allow for some slack (like the Hysterisis.) If using Friction Tires, the tires seperate and the train falls backward.

Ok enough ranting :) here it is.

12-03-2001, 09:20 PM
Like you've never seen a boomerang before :p

12-04-2001, 04:00 PM
that was great u should amke an attempt at chiller now

12-04-2001, 04:20 PM
I MADE CHILLER! :mad: But then But thn the program got an error and closed on me! I was so mad, it was really good too. Most likely not exact but highly sweet otherwise. By the way it was only the tophat side... i can't see how you would make both together

ps nice profile chilled, im suprised no one else thought of that lol

12-04-2001, 06:22 PM
that stinks man u should try it again that would be so great...the top hat side is better

THanks about the profile when i thought of it i was like wow someone must have thought about that b4 me im not the shaprest tool in the shed