View Full Version : Caged Tiger unleashed

Coaster indavidual
12-08-2001, 12:40 AM
Well I finnally got my next coaster done. Its a beauty. Caged Tiger is a compact coaster designed for multiple trains and possibly by portable. Its floorless with 5 0r 6 inversions depending on what you think an inverison is. I have Screenshots of it at No-Limits general discusion under the screenshots thread. For a little understanding of why it starts out the way it does. I origionally wanted to make it like that for the whole ride or at least a larger part of it. As I built the coaster I built the "cage" and I wanted some how to make the cage break. As I made the coaster I stopped making the cage and never got around to placing it to were it was soposed to around the third inversion. So its a bit different than what I origionally wanted it to be like but its changes are for the better. I'm very interested in feedback on this coaster.

ENJOY Caged Tiger