View Full Version : announcing the upcoming january release of 4 CORNERS

12-26-2001, 06:23 PM
ok this is the first park i will realease and most likely the last,for my computer is slowly crashing,so heres the outline of 4 Corners
u walk in and are greeted by king arthur's castle
to the right is Turning Japanese
which features 3 coasters,vertical,steel double loop,and wood twister
to the left of king arthurs castle is the Waterworld ,which is water coasters,water rides,with water and future theme along with a liltle roman,in the back is Halloween land, which features b&m hyper and b&m inverted,and the last themed area is Artic Zone
which will center arround a mountain and feature a lim coaster as its mainstay
this park will not fill a full map,im not creative enough,my set due date for release is Jan 14th

btw this park may have added themed zones,I like to evolve my parks

12-26-2001, 08:12 PM
cool layout, cant wait.....well i can, part of speech ya know [:-)]
n e ways, hope it ges done. a lot of my parks that i plan to be a mega park never get finished and the ones i do finish suck so it doesnt really matter if they finish or not cuz no one really cares.....eh, i'm tired of talking about me, how aout you alk about me for a while

12-28-2001, 01:03 AM
its not a mega park,it just an updated park,i couldnt make a really good mega park,so im gonna make a small really good park,with good coasters