View Full Version : Paramount's Kings Island

01-01-2002, 05:16 PM
This is a recreation of Paramount's Kings Island. :)

01-01-2002, 05:46 PM
Zero G-
Excellent Recreation! By far this is the best recreation of PKI around (that i've seen!). One thing- do u know how 2 merge trak?
Maybe u could make the loop on SOB a steel twister large loop. OK?

01-02-2002, 10:04 AM
It is a very good recreation, especially in terms on looks. The problem is, the actual ratings. I don't know how to get them higher in a recreation, but the highest is one side of the Racer with a 6.88 ex.

01-03-2002, 08:39 PM
Good park except for the beast. That looked nothing like the beast.

01-03-2002, 09:03 PM
Originally posted by Billycool120
Good park except for the beast. That looked nothing like the beast.

I know but I didnít have enough room to make the real beast.:)

06-21-2002, 03:50 AM
I just updated it to a 2002 version with Tomb Raider.

06-21-2002, 11:15 PM
Not a bad recreation at all. You did leave some things out, placed things wrong, wrong ride layouts. But thats all acceptable if you ask me since PKI is such a huge park! I made a recreation that i released on my old site but have taken off. It sucks now that I look back at it since I know so much more about the park. If you'd like to see it let me know! I know one thing though, I still have the best Eiffel Tower recreation around! :)

07-12-2002, 12:52 PM
Good job! I've never been to King's Island, but from the looks of maps, etc., I agree with Tanner, there were a few problems. The layouts for Flight of Fear and The Beast were totally wrong, for one. Also, I don't think there's that much of a space between the Eiffel Tower and Vortex. If you had moved it up some, then there would have been ample room for the Beast to be accurately recreated. You should also have gotten rid of King Cobra for the 2002 version. Great job with landscaping, and overall pretty damn well recreated. 6.5/10

07-13-2002, 12:59 AM
good job, it looks very very very acurate, even tho i ahve never been and have no idea what the layouts look like......