View Full Version : Valley(UN)Fair trip report! 5/28/01

05-28-2001, 11:16 PM
My friend & I went to Valleyfair and I an VERY ashamed at how Valleyfair is running their coasters especially Wild Thing and High Roller both braked EXTREMELY HEAVILY BRAKED!!!:-( ZERO airtime on both rides! When we got into out train on Wild Thing the train jsut before us GOT STUCK in the block brake and you would think they would loosen the block brake a bit to prevent getting stuck but NO we did NOT get the brakeless or nearly brakeless ride we were hoping for after their mistake! We were in the third seat of the front car which is a good seat and EVERY BRAKE WAS CLOSED!!!! I guess those IDIOTS at Valleyfair wants to risk the train getting stuck or valleying! We tried to tell the machanic before the ride to loosen the brakes and explained that the ride was running FASTER during the first few years and thatthey slowed it down greatly in recent years and HE DENIED (or LIED) to me that it is running more slowly than during its opening year and acted annoyed at our complaining because he reconized us for hating the way they run their rides!!! This has to be one of the WORST run parks in the country!! As riders I think we would know the difference on how it was running now versus the earlier years! THIS PARK HAS BAD MANAGEMENT!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH VALLEY(UN)FAIR!!!:-(
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07-01-2001, 01:45 PM
I know you have your opinions but other than the bRAKES is it THAT bad? Have you been to SFWoA that's 10 times worse than VF.
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