View Full Version : Frontier Park

X-Flight Knight
04-09-2002, 07:33 PM
Enjoy!!! I didnt wood every single square inch because I think its easier on your eyes and easier to see the rides w/o trees EVERYWHERE. The Frontier Festival area is the open one, and I hope you like some of the ride names (Prairie PukeFest :)
So, as usual, enjoy and critique.

04-10-2002, 07:43 PM
My Reveiw:

COASTERS- There were some good coasters in this park. None were to dominating, and there were less coasters than your last 2 parks, Which is good. My favirate coaster was probably the flyer. It had a very nice, intense layout. 7/10

THEMING- Although there was'nt much, it worked okay. There wasnt anything amazing but it was about average. I'd like to make a point that the names for your rides in ALL of your parks are very good. 5/10

LANDSCAPING- This is a park set in a forest, yet there are no hills. You should try to not make all of your parks so flat. And it is the 1st time I have seen you use trees at all (Time Warp World and Urban Park had NONE). Heres one piece of advise- for dense forest parks like this, make the paths double, as it allows people to see them better over trees. 4/10

OVERALL LOOK- This park did'nt really have a great overall look, but it works I guess. 5/10

OVERALL RATING- 5/10 Your parks are getting a little better with each one. BTW, the ratings for the other parks are comming soon.