View Full Version : SFGAdv 6-1

06-01-2001, 06:43 PM
hey! i just got back from my field trip at Great Adventure! Tons of fun! We started out with Batman. We only had a two cars wait. Totally smooth! Still remains an alltime fav! We almost got my coasterphobic friend on, but she chickened out at the last minute. Then she made us go on the ferris wheel which is extremely freaky, esp. when you stop at the top and swing. afterwards, we headed to the log flume! YEAH! it was great. next was runaway train. only one train was running so we had to wait a little while. i kept feeling that i was gonna crash into the trees. even though its a kiddie coaster, its still fun. now the best ride of the day, MEDUSA! there was no wait at all! only one car in front of us. we rode second row. It was so awesome! i totally thought i was gonna lose my little toesies! lol after that we ate around 12:30. it wasn't crowded at all. then we went on to tackle dino island! much fun here. then we had a little shopping trip while it was raining. we had to leave soon after. NOTES: chiller was only running batman again, evolution was down (what a surprise), nitro didn't seem to break down at all, turbo force seemed to be finished but no sign of a queue, and all three GASM trains were running