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05-01-2002, 01:35 AM
According to Tv guide at yahoo.com, I am watching an episode of NOVA "Why The Towers Fell". Program description says: A team of forensic engineers investigates the cause of the Wolrd Trade Center's collapse.

It is an interesting show, although I don't want to call this a "show". It brings back a lot of the feelings I felt on that Monday in September. The feelings I felt in the meeting room as I, along with fellow co-workers on breaks, watched in an unexplained emotion...horror, awe, disbelief all in one.

If you get the chance, watch Nova. Check your local listings for PBS in your area...these are the times and dates this episode of NOVA will run again in the Cleveland/Akron area:

Future Airings:
Nova, WVIZ May 01 11:00pm
Nova, WVIZ May 02 10:00pm
Nova, WVIZ May 05 05:00pm
Nova, WVIZ May 07 08:00pm
Nova, WVIZ May 08 01:00am
Nova, WVIZ May 11 05:00am

05-01-2002, 08:12 AM
It wasn't a television show, but my husband found a book (we know there are tons of "memorial" and "tribute" books out there now) that talked about the structural problems with the towers that meant they were much weaker than other construction designs would have been. Of course they were fine for "normal" stresses, and that day was anything but normal. :sadface:

05-01-2002, 11:51 AM
Originally posted by CedarPoint_Mark
It brings back a lot of the feelings I felt on that Monday in September.

I thought it happened on a Tuesday. I'm pretty sure it did, too. Who knows, though. I may be wrong.

I saw a program similar to that on MSNBC or the History Channel or something. It was very interesting. The towers were built very strong. Notice how nothing happened to them when the planes crashed? The collapse was a result of the support structure melting in the intense heat of the fire and the floors above where the planes landed cascading down like cards. It couldn't stand its own weight from above so the tower just fell down.