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05-10-2002, 08:25 PM
here is my latest park Cedar Mountains, Hope you like it. Plz give me reviews of it thx. Drexler Patch Required

Andy Hodgson
05-11-2002, 03:43 PM
Andy Hodgson's Park Review #2

Cedar Mountains--By SFMM DUDE

First Glance--Amazing first glance. This park looked killer from the highest view. Excellent use of water. I wasn't tickling to see it closer. This fits #2 on my favorite first glances ever! Great job SFMM DUDE. 9.5/10

Entrance--A little disappointed in the entrance. It was a little bland, and used too many side friction coasters on the roof. It did, however, have a great color scheme, and nice open feel. Reminded me of a TXCoasterGuy1 entrance. Good job. 6.5/10

Apache-Good Layout. Station was a little large, and plain. I didn't like the building thing on the top of the lift either. Great pacing otherwise. 7/10

Mud Shovel-Great floorless. Station platform was again big and plain. Great layout, no problem with the lift on this one. Cool brake run area. 9/10

The Hawk-Loved it. Great colors, only complaint was the S-Bends. There is a way now where you don't have to use the S-Bends. Awesome station. Complete 180* from the previous two coasters I saw. 8.5/10

Photosynthesis-Strange name. CO2+H20+light energy yields O2+carbs :) . Anyways, great coaster. Good pacing, good transitions, and I loved the 'ground-hugging' finale. 9/10

Roll of Thunder-Awesome ride. Great idea, almost like a hyper twister style mixed with a spaghetti bowl including some inversions here and there. Amazing station. That's how they should be done! 9.5/10

Mountain Lion-Nice. It seemed more CCI'ish than GCI'ish to me. Great pacing, once again though, large station platform area. Not shabby though. 7.5/10

Falcon Arrow Dive-Pretty cool coaster. Nice name, reminds me of Curse of Madam C' by Natelox. 7/10

The Coasters overall were good. Great combination of rides for the park. Coasters--8/10

Themeing--Nice. Not too many trees. A big improvment this was for you. TXCoasterGuy1 was right, a couple more parks and you will be top notch. Nice addition of flat and thrill rides, as well as pathing. 8/10


Best Coaster Award--Roll of Thunder
Best Other Ride--Thriller
Best Station--Roll of Thunder
Best Color Scheme--The Hawk

Good Luck in the future on your other projects.

This has been an Andy Hodgson review.

05-11-2002, 03:55 PM
great review andy, keep em coming, this is a nice format.