View Full Version : My New Park: Theme Land

05-14-2002, 09:24 PM
This is only the 2nd park I have made and I think it is kinda good. It is named Theme Land, although there is not much that you would call "themeing".it is also built inside the boundries of a fence. It has 4 different areas: Jungle, Desert, Mountain, and Snow. The desert area doesn't have many trees because it is desert of course. It has 11 coasters(yeah, i know that's alot). it has 4 steel twisters, 3 woodies(one twister, one terrain, and one double out n' back), 1 corkscrew coaster, 1 steel mini coaster, 1 steel coaster, and and inverted wild mouse. it also has a log flume and a jungle raft ride. Hope ya like the park and tell me what ya think! Also, you need the drexler patch for this park.

05-15-2002, 08:28 PM
COASTERS- The coasters here wernt really that impressive, but they were okay. 4 Steel Twisters is WAY to many IMO, 2 would have been more acceptable. Your coasters also didnt have very good exitment ratings which is a little dissapointing. However, there were some good points in the coasters. All of them had very good pacing, and none were dominating at all. 5.5/10

THEMEING- I am not a real big fan of lots of different land types in parks, so I didnt find the themeing here to be that great. I HATE seeing different land types like snow and sand right next to each other, it looks really ugly IMO. My other complaint is the naming of rides in consern with their themes. Alot of the the names had nothing to do with their theme (like the roller coaster "twister" in the desert section), and some rides didnt have a name at all! When you are making a park with sections, try to make all the sections have something in common with each other (like BGW. It has sections themed to different countries, but all the countries have one thing in common- they are all located in Europe) 3.5/10

LANDSCAPING- Your landscaping was mediocre. You really need to use more types of trees and also try to mix the trees up (like in the jungle section there was only one type of jungle tree every 10 squares or so without them being intertwined with each other). I thought that the mountain section in particular had landscaping problems because the so called "mountains" were really only small hills- not really mountains at all. 4.5/10

OVERALL VIEW- As I have said before, the different land types looked ugly and kinda wrecked the overall view. But on the bright side none of the coasters were dominating and no scenery really stuck out like a sore thumb. 5/10

OVERALL RATING- 5/10 (not an average) Even though I mentioned a whole lot of problems above, the entire park together wasnt bad at all for some reason. Besides, I am sure your parks will get better in the future, just take into consideration the suggestions I gave you above. :) :) :)

05-30-2002, 01:34 PM
That park wasn't that great. The coasters were alright and the themeing was ugly. The one thing I did like was the roller coaster Avalanche, I don't know what I liked about it though. I geuss I just thought it was cool. 4/10