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06-10-2002, 10:48 PM
My new park Birch Fair...tell me how you like it! I need feedback as i feel that it isnt near perfection

06-10-2002, 11:18 PM
TCG1's review of:

Birch Fair

Overall Look: The overall look is very important and this park does well in this deparment. It has that woodsy feel. But the pathing is swamped in trees and isnt visible. I would advise either clear the area around paths with buildings or shrubs, or going for a wide path park. From above this park has a a good "feeling."

So I give the overall look a solid:

Coasters: The coasters were pretty decent in this park nothing absolutely stunning, nothing incredibly unique. You had a good selection of coasters but maybe too many coasters and not enough buildings. The coasters though were a bit slow on the turns. Coasters that go through turns and elements quicker look better and most of the time get higher ratings.

So i give the coasters in this park a:

Theming/Architecture/Scenery:The trees in the park were rather too clumpy vary them dont have 50 monterey cypresses and 50 scots pine in clumps mix and match them together it looks better. You should make buildings for stations, and the same goes for stalls. But overall the theming in this park was still a bit over average.

So i give the theming in this park a:

Final Grade: Well I have to say this is very good for a first park and take that and everything else into consideration and not averaging the grades. I give this park a final grade of.......


great first park man!!!!!!

06-11-2002, 10:10 AM
Heres my review:

COASTERS- The coasters here arnt to bad. I'd say that they are WAY to slow for my tastes, and need a bit more themeing. I didnt personally like the racing hypers.... They looked to dominating. I'll give you a 5.5/10

THEMEING- The themeing here could of used some work. You really need more buildings and detail. Still, its not to bad so I give you a 6/10

LANDSCAPING- Most of the land was flat, and you need to work on placing trees. Like TCG1 said, dont just put one type of tree in one place, have them mixed up. Also, double paths woulda' really helped this park.... especially since its a woodsy park and all the trees cover up the single paths. 5/10

OVERALL VIEW- The overall view for this park actually wasnt bad at all. The only thing that kinda ruined it was the racing hypers. 6.5/10

OVERALL RATING- 6/10. I also think this is good for a first park. In fact, its probably way better than my first park! Good job.

06-15-2002, 12:39 AM
Well, I am going to make a comment. Although I am not one of the masters (I am working on a park though) I will rate your park since it worked for me. Well, I liked your yellow (morgan) coaster. It was pretty fast in the turns, and it was not dominating at all. The "condo" area was nice, but the tall one was too wide, and it didn't have **enough** detail on the top. At least that is my opinion. Anyway, nice park for a first one. YOu sure look like you have very good potential, so keep up the great work. Try to take some of the others suggestions in mind for your next park so you can become even better.