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06-11-2002, 12:27 AM
This is a park that I entered in the Aug-Sep RCT Station contest. I was just wondering what some of you thought of it. :)

06-11-2002, 11:45 AM
TCG1's Review of Age of Adventrues

Overall/First Look: Man, this park had a great overall look and "feel." It was great!!! Though you had very differently themed areas they did not clash but contrasted in a good way. The coasters were not dominating. And everything flowed well and looked great!!!

I give it a:

Coasters: These coasters looked wonderful i esepecially liked the woodie Gold Rusher and the beema Timna. Well the looks of them were nice they hide a nice "look" the actual rides got slow sometimes, Gold rusher around the turns and hills and timna near the end. Personally I dont like such slow coasters. But still the vertical was nice, and well the TA2K was too.

I give it a:

Theming: The theming in this park was great and matched with the theming of the area wonderfully. I loved each area especially the eygptian and the roman areas which were great and imo the best areas. Your architecture was decent nothing special.....i'd advise more detail on the buildings differences in land, not just one color and a square block. The treeing was very nice as well.

I give it a:

Final Grade: Well first of all I'd like to say that this park caught me totally off guard. I like to give every park a chance no matter who the creator is but this one I wasnt expecting much but this park delivered, sure it was no masterpiece but it was an overall very solid park. You said you entered this for spotlight for aug-sept? last year? Anyways i'd like to see more of your parks.:) Anyways here is your final grade(not average of other grades):


Great Park Man!!!!


06-11-2002, 01:42 PM
COASTERS- I think the coasters here are pretty good. There was a great variety, all had good layouts, most had pretty good themeing, and none were dominating. A lot of people like to put tons of coasters in, but you settled with 5 which is fine! My favirate was probably Timna. 7.5/10

THEMEING- A nice job of themeing IMO. I loved the egyptian and roman sections. One thing you could of done is make more buildings, but it still looks great anyway. 6.5/10

LANDSCAPING- A very good job! The landscaping here was a lot better than in the parks I have been seeing lately. I LOVED the trees in the roman section and I thought you worked well with the land in the egypt section. My only complaint is that I think you should have used more types of trees in the Japanese/pagota section. 8/10

OVERALL VIEW- As most people know by now, I dont like all different types of themed sections with different land types because IMO they look ugly..... but this park my very well be an exeption to that! I thought the overall view looked pretty good despite all the different sections. 7/10

OVERALL RATING- 7.5/10 I to would like to see more work from you. Great Job!

:D ;party; :sun: :flip: :D

06-14-2002, 12:40 AM
Nice selection. All of the five coasters had very good ratings, the lowest being 8.01 on Pegasus-The Magical Flight. The coasters were pretty unobtrusive, and blended in nicely with the surrounding landscape and rides. The color schemes and names weren't bad either.
Overall coaster rating: 8.3

Overall, the scenery in this park was pretty good. For the most part, I liked the selections of trees you used, with the exception of the Western themed section; I thought that the trees there were kind of bland. I really liked what you did with the Roman section. The trees there looked the best out of the 5 sections of the park, and all the flowers, temples, and statues really made it look great.
Overall scenery rating: 8.4

Other rides.
The other rides weren't that bad. I noticed you used many of the same flat rides repeatedly. In addition to the flat rides, the park had a nice selection of water rides. I really liked Nile River Rapids. The theming was relatively simple, but looked awesome. I also liked how you put waterfall sections under the bridges and such, I think that looks pretty good.
Overall other rides rating: 8.0

Miscellaneous Comments
This park had a very interesting layout. I noticed that many of the paths between the sections were one-way paths only, and how the exit paths of a coaster in one section lead guests directly into another. The rivers looked good too, as did the bridges over them.

Overall park rating: 8.3

06-14-2002, 12:45 AM
Originally posted by CedarFairMaster
This park had a very interesting layout. I noticed that many of the paths between the sections were one-way paths only, and how the exit paths of a coaster in one section lead guests directly into another. The rivers looked good too, as did the bridges over them.

I would not have made the park that way but that was part of the rules. :)

06-14-2002, 12:12 PM
I thought this was a pretty good park. The pacing on every coaster was very good until the end. They slowed WAY down when they hit that final helix. I did like the fact that they went through inversions at a nice speed. The best part was that there was a limited number of good coasters, instead of 20 crappy coasters. COASTERS: 7.5/10

The theming was good for a beginner. A very nice variation of trees. The buildings needed much more detail, however. The architecture was very good for a single path park. THEMING: 6.8/10

A pretty good selection of other rides, but they did tend to repeat themselves. The water rides were pretty good. OTHER RIDES: 7.2/10

The overall look of the park was also nice. Nothing looked too dominating or cluttered. The transitions between themed sections didn't clash. OVERALL LOOK: 7.5/10

Some comments before the final grade: You have talent. Try to hone this talent, and you will become well-known. Work on making buildings. If you wish to continue making single-path parks, I suggest you check Altamont by Natelox or Disney Extreme by X-Sector for ideas. If you want to make multi-path, which most people prefer, check out Legends West or Moonlight Magic for a lighter tone, Disney's Beautiful World or Universal's Island Extreme for a bit darker. Also, don't put music on every ride. I'm not sure about others, but this really annoys me.


06-14-2002, 02:04 PM
Argh! I have tried to get your park to work several times, and I just can't extract it for some reason. All the other parks work fine. Oh well, I hear it is a nice park. Good job.