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Andy Hodgson
08-01-2002, 01:07 PM
Discuss those August parks here.

08-01-2002, 06:26 PM
first let me say WOW alien@sixflags this is a gazillion (pardon the five year old term) times better then your old parks....you're really getting the hang of it! i just looked through for a little bit im busy now but i'll have a review later. all i have to say is you have alot of potential! coulple more parks....

EDIT: here's my review of:
Diamond Cove!!

Overall View: once i opened the park i was very suprised. much much better then ur earlier stuff. a good foresty atmosphere, also thogut the entrance was neat, with the heartline thing and mine thing popping out. all in all it looks solid from "above"


Coasters:well they all looked pretty nice, well treeed and all. but bottle rocket and gunpowder were way too slow at some points, however dynamite was a unique coaster (well nothing groundbreaking but something differetnt), it had nice layout and pacing, smaller ones were nice too.i liked x-tend. So only major thing that needs work is pacing, i like fast coasters but not tall ones, ones that maintain their speed. i dont like it when they crawl over hills or through inversions.


theming/scenery/architecture: hmmm some good stuff for ur first wide path super theme park. i think buildings need to be smaller, more of them, and detailed, same goes for stations. and take it easy on the trees! i know most early parks have a tendency to be over treed (my old parks had this problem) but just something to keep in mind. maybe a bit brighter park next time? lol.


Final Rating:7.2/10 (not an average of the other ones)

Key things!
-pacing on coasters
-more buildings
-smaller buildings

about the detail, its like small things that make the park better, well thought out gardens, nice architecture using more land tool elements. just little things that make parks great! nice gardens.....etc.

08-01-2002, 08:39 PM
thanks for the comment TXCG1!!!! i havent even started on my next park yet, i tried but i didnt know how to start!! maybe you will her about it soon! thanks

08-02-2002, 12:55 AM
Review of Diamond Cove

There was nothing too impressive about the coasters in this park, but they were nice, and a few had some nice design twists. The colors of the coasters worked well with the park's overall scheme. Bottle Rocket was a nice floorless; I liked the various types of inversions that it used. X-tend was a very interesting design that was compact, but had excellent ratings, and the same goes for Ember. My favorite coaster was Dynamite, it was a great concept, and I liked the launch idea. There were too many supports under the launch hill, though.
Overall coaster rating: 8.3

The scenery in this park kind of reminded me of what you'd see in the forests of Tennessee back around 1930. The tree selection was a little different from the norm, but looked very good. The architecture itself also helped to add to the theme, but I wasn't too fond of all the pieces of heartline coaster and Egyptian style statues. The various Pagoda and Mine theme buildings looked pretty good as well.
Overall scenery rating: 8.0

Other rides.
The selection of other rides was decent in Diamond Cove. While they weren't the best, they worked out all right with the overall look of the park. The four hacked-together drop towers looked okay, and the other flat rides scattered around the park were okay as well, if a bit sparse. There was only one water ride, though it was a pretty good one at that. It had a nice setting, and I liked the main drop that I thought was just a waterfall at first.
Overall other rides rating: 7.5

Additional Comments.
Overall, Diamond Cove had an interesting theme. I really liked the entrance, and the park had a nice selection of rides.

Overall park rating: 8.0

08-02-2002, 01:15 PM
My review of Conventry Castles (my Diamond Cove review will come later due to the fact that I have to redownload it)

Notice that I have a new rating system... (I have also made it a little tougher so dont get discouraged)

COASTERS- Very nice! Your coasters had wonderful layouts. I especcially liked mace... it was cool how it picked up speed in the middle of the ride. Your giant boomerang was awesome... to tell you the truth I cant even do hacks like that! The coasters were very nice to say the least. Funny how Siege's layout was almost exactly like Viper@SFMM. 23/30

THEMEING- For the most part, I thought your themeing was SWEET! The one thing that made this parks themeing really good were those awesome castles and buildings. I thought they looked sooo good with the brown paths on top and they were also pretty detailed. The underwater castle was also a very creative addition to the park. 29/35

LANDSCAPING- You did a good job on landscaping. the flowers looked nice and the tree selection worked well (Of course, I was the one who suggested those trees in the first place). I also really liked the layout of the park with the castles with brown paths on the inside, but also with crazy paving paths on the outside. 10/15

OVERALL VIEW- The overall view looked good. Nothing much else to say here, but it did look good. The castles diddent look quite as good from a distance as they did up close, but still good. 9/15

OTHER RIDES- You had a nice selection of other rides. I liked the monorail that toured the underwater castle, and the Executioner Drop towners were pretty good also. 3/5

OVERALL RATING--- 74/100 Remember that my rating system is slightly tougher now, so dont compare this to my previous ratings. I really liked this park. You made the immpression of a nice fantasy park, yet all the coasters and rides were very realistic.

Great job Coasterkidmwm!

08-02-2002, 01:51 PM
My review of Diamond Cove:

COASTERS- Your coasters were nice. X-Tend had an unique design and I really liked its holding brake at the top of the backwards lift. Bottle Rocket had an interesting layout, Gun Powder was a nice realistic woodie with steel trains, and Dynamite was very cool with the hyper coaster trains on inverted track and also with the launched lift. You hacked some of these coasters very well! 19/30

THEMEING- You put together an interesting theme in this park. I liked the way it wasnt just mine themeing, but a theme similar to that exept more unique. The buildings looked all right, although nothing amazing. I liked the little details you had like the coaster train going through the heartline track right over the entrance when you first opened the park. 21/35

LANDSCAPING- I'd say the landscaping was average. You did a good job using hills and the cove running through the park, but the trees looked a little wierd. I think you shouldnt have used the spooky trees... they didnt look right to me. 8/15

OVERALL VIEW- A pretty nice overall view, although the trees hurt it a little. Even though many of the coasters were very tall, they didnt dominate the park at all. 9/15

OTHER RIDES- The other rides here were okay. One thing I suggest you do in the future is not to expose the supports on the river rapids so much... you know, like put some land under it so you dont have to see those ugly block supports. 2/5

OVERALL RATING--- 62/100 This is by far your best work ever and I think you should be very proud. Remember, dont compare this rating to my ratings of your other parks because this new style is a lot tougher.

BTW, your park logo is awesome... I gave you an extra 3 points just for that.

08-02-2002, 05:03 PM
thanks for the reviews everybody!!

08-04-2002, 12:38 AM
There was a pretty good selection of coasters in this park, although a wooden coaster would have been nice. They caught the eye, but didn't dominate. The ratings weren't bad either. Trebuchet was an interesting design, and the custom supports on Conquest were great, as far as custom supports go. I also really liked Mace, as it had an excellent layout. The stations were very good too.
Overall coaster rating: 8.1

Coventry Castles had some relatively good scenery. The tree selection was nice; it went well with the medieval theme. I really liked the castles; they were very nicely constructed. However, some of the castles area did look too bare. Some more gardens would have been in order in some places. The landscaping of the park was good too.
Overall scenery rating: 8.3

Other rides.
The other rides were okay. There was a nice selection of flats, and I liked how you put pathway on the bases of the Execution drop towers. Fernardo's Sunken Castle Tour was a pretty creative idea, and it was pretty good for a monorail. On the other hand, recently I've noticed how a lot of parks have a lack of water rides, this one being no exception. The only functional water ride I noticed was Logger's Run, which wasn't too bad though.
Overall other rides rating: 7.7

Additional Comments.
Coventry Castles was an interesting medieval themed park, and it was nice that it was different from the standard medieval park. The rides of the park were integrated very well into the castles of the park (which were great, by the way).

Overall park rating: 8.2

Matt M
08-05-2002, 07:50 PM
Review of Diamond Cove (created) by Alien@SixFlags


The think that the coasters were very well designed and quite cool. You are an excellent hacker. The only thing that took away from the coasters were the fact that a few were just a tad too slow at certain points. The hyper invert was ingenius (Sp?).I really like the holding brake idea. I tried to utilize this on Trebuchet but i couldn't get it to work, nice job on your coasters. They weren't dominating either.

Coaster rating: 8.2

THEMEING/ARCHITECHURE (i know its spelled wrong)

I enjoyed how the park was made so that it sorta mine themed but it didn't have dirt everywhere and it just wasn't all "mine theming objects". The tree selection was excellent and fit the park perfectly, i generally have some issues with tree selection. Some of the buildings were way to big. I also really didn't like that massive thing that dynamite went over while turning (that coaster was AWESOME though).

Theming/Architechure rating: 7.6


Your park was very well designed and you should be quite proud. I love the idea of the S&S towers being hacked so close together. You also utilized a nice paint job on the S&S towers. Most of them are always, grey, white, of black. Yours were different. One thing i have learned about river rapids rides is that you should try and keep at ground level. It justs looks wrong sometimes. The ride was subperbly made. Also, this is my first review of a park ever! Don't all you people be offended because my reviews sorta suck right now.

Overall park rating (not an average) 8.1

You did an awesome job! Keep up the good work.

SIDE NOTE: Siege was accidentally created exactly like Viper. I was basing it off of the design of shockwave at SFGAm.

08-06-2002, 12:02 AM
My review of Nara: Land of the Dead

COASTERS- I cant say to much about the coasters here. It is obious that you used the same ride designs and names as you have used in the past. There wasnt much creativity and you just seemed to use the same ideas from your past parks. Next park, why dont you try thinking of some new ideas and names? One more comment: Please please please PLEASE stop using those demented lift hills. 9/30

THEMEING- The themeing in this park gets just about the same review as your coasters got. Same ole' stuff, barren/empty land, very little detail. Where do yuo get these themes and names from? Do something different! 11/35

LANDSCAPING- There was defineitly more landscaping in this park than in your past parks. This time I actually saw some attempted jagged rock themeing and you worked with the land much better, but still, I cant really say much about it other than that. Even though there was more than last time, it was still mediocre. Oh yeah, one more good comment for this section: The trees looked nice... much better. 7/15

OVERALL VIEW- Well, its... bad. Sorry but, your park just really didnt look good from above. The lift hills probably hurt more than anything... they look so wierd, especially from a distance! A lot of the coasters were dominating. Just didnt look good at all. 4/15

OTHER RIDES- There were none at all besides a couple in the kiddie section. Wait, I take that back, there was a drop tower... thats all though. Sorry if there were some I didnt spot. I probably should have pointed out this problem in your thread, but it is really hard to see other rides in pics unless you deliberatly take a screenshot of a flat ride in the park. 1/5

OVERALL RATING- 37/100. In case you didnt see the notice in my other reviews, this new rating system of mine is a lot tougher. Nara was better than your previous parks overall, but you still need lots of more work. BTW, I added 5 points for the NL coasters you put in the zip. file. You are very good at NL... much better than I am.

Some things to improve on:

~Creativity. Try creating some new things you havent done before.
~NEW THEMES! Even though the theme was slightly different from your previous works, the park still looks incredibly like your earlier parks.
~Work on naming. Dont use the same ones over and over again.
~Get rid of those stupid lifts.
~Dont use the same coaster types in each park. Put in some variety!

Thats all I can think of for now. I'll add some more later if I think of any.

Matt M
08-06-2002, 10:14 AM
Review of Darth Luke's Nara: Land of the Dead


I tend to like realistic looking coasters in parks. Some of your rides weren't very, well, realistic. Alot of your coasters were BIG and kinda dominating. Especially the giga-SLC. Having the stand-up with no inversions wasn't really a good idea. Its a good idea to have the stand-up with no inversions if its an inverted stand-up, but not a regular stand-up. Your paint schemes fit into the park well except for the arrow coaster and the SLC, they looked exactly the same. I liked the purple flyer you had though.


THEMEING AND ARCHITECTURE (for future references landscaping falls into this catagory, landscaping was also considered in Alien@SixFlags's park review under THEMEING/ARCHITECTURE)

You obviously tried to make some buildings and such in the park. And the rocky terrrian area was a good idea. SOme of it just came out wrong. Having the tropical trees on the top of giant rocks looked kinda wrong. Having the many land types right next to each other looked wrong also. You had a forest going and then the forest kinda suddenly stopped, then it started up again. I did however like the tree selection, i have trouble with this (butterfinger mentioned this earlier :) ). Plus, your castles weren't half bad either except for the MASSIVE grey one.



Your park didn't look that bad from above at all. The dominating coasters killed that part though. You had a shortage of flat rides though. I didn't really see any except for in the kiddy section, and the kiddy section blinded me. I like how you incorporated the double-wide paths in some areas and still had the peeps going thru the park and riding the rides. The NL idea is good also. This park was a great improvement from other parks i have downloaded from you, keep trying, your improving everyday!!! :usa:


OVERALL PARK RATING (not an average) 6.4/10


~Different names!
~Smaller coasters!!!
~Don't switch around land types too much!

Dark Luke
08-13-2002, 04:53 PM
With your comments like these, it appears that i belong to NoLimits more than RCT...

More time was spent on the included Nolimits file than the park itself...

I'm not a big fan of doniminating the whole park with buildings...

I wish I could get rid of the older parks, this parks is to overwrite the Mystic Land park to invalidate that park,

To me judging from the top feels no sense for me, as in real life you rarely get to get an above view of the park unless you get to pay plenty of money for helicopter ride... RCTGL!

I'm planning to get rid of the 2 black coasters from the park and place them on separate future parks that has even less coasters...

Looks like RCT parks are not for me...

Matt M
08-13-2002, 06:44 PM
Dude, your 10 times as good as all my friends! Don't give up on RCT!!!!

08-14-2002, 08:44 PM
Thanks for the COMPLIMENT, coasterkidmwm. That makes me feel a lot better about myself. Hmmph! :p

Well, coasterkidmwm is kinda correctwhen he says that. The park was pretty good. Compared to the parks I make, it was a miracle. I would take a year before I made something half that good. Do NOT give up RCT. Plus, the new one is coming out soon, so try that one as well. Unfortunately, I am CERTAIN that I will not win this contest, so I did not submit any. But so far, I like the landscaping and view of coasterkidmwm's the best. And I like Alien@SixFlags's attactions (meaning coasters) the best. I can't make coasters that good!!!

08-14-2002, 09:26 PM
thanks for the support ALMN!!! hearing thoe things really raise my self esteam, thanks a lot!!

Dark Luke
08-14-2002, 10:00 PM
From your view the bad thing is "too many big coasters" - guess it's time for me to work on how to arrange the placement of coasters... (wasting good coasters names and designs on crappy parks really sucks, and you guys don't like me releasing improved versions of certain coaster types)

I'm not quitting RCT (waiting for RCT2 to come out), but in fact I use RCT to sketch out designs for NoLimits (hence the weird lifts that you people hate)

The version of Nara you have just seen was actually just an open beta. I have withdrawn Nara from this month's TNPP, because you people say "it needs a lot more work.", and to save the coaster designs onto a better park - guess like the large rockly plains don't work, just like the idea of "Beech of the powers" doesn't work... and back to the drawing boards.

Picture: this is one of the coasters from that park that will stay. Spark and Dark Lotent (stand up and normal hypers respectively) goes. Displaying my association between RCT and NoLimits.

08-14-2002, 11:04 PM
Well, unless something drastic happens, I am voting for CBC. Number 10 on my list, was number 9 until about 3 hours ago. Definitely the best released Elrocko park, and I think it looks better than the screens of *.

08-15-2002, 07:17 PM
hmmm is elrocko allowed to enter CBC? it won hidden park at NE? and andy said if a park wins anything it cant be entered, if it's been released but not in a contest then it can, but CBC was in a contest and won.....anyways CBC is an awesome park and if it is allowed then im entereing carmelo gardens if not then.....yea i think im voting for diamond cove if no more entries come in (i dont know of any in the works for august...)

08-15-2002, 07:38 PM
Opps... Sorry. I'm not intending it to win... if you want, I'll just take it out. I just wanted the people over at TN to see it. Also, I never really considered the Hidden parks a contest. It is for the parks who didn't win spotlight, but they have to be pretty good.

08-15-2002, 08:21 PM
i dunno really....matters what andy says....so yea....

08-15-2002, 08:28 PM
wow! u would ve voted for my park out of all those others (excet elrocko's) COOL!!! I feel so honored :D

08-16-2002, 12:21 PM
Valpengeist’s Report Card of:

The park looked pretty good at first, although the gold Halloween trees looked odd near the entrance. Nothing was too dominating, and the theming and coasters looked excellent.

All of your coasters had good looks, and most of them lived up to it. Dynamite was extremely good and creative, but I was let down by Gun Powder, the park’s only woodie.

Your other rides were very nice. The S&S Towers looked fantastic and realistic, and Coal Falls was an excellent river rapids ride. Also, for some reason I liked the train… (hmmm…)

Your theming was fairly good, but seemed to be a little crazy at times. Except for the tree stated above, your trees were excellent. There was good terrain and I saw good theming throughout the park.

You have a great park here, as with a closer look the entire park had good flow… There were just a few flaws, but overall- nice job.

08-16-2002, 12:22 PM
Valpengeist’s Report Card of:

At first glance, the park looked excellent. The theming looked great, and the coasters looked as if they’d live up to the theme!

Your coasters were some of the best I’ve seen in a while. They were all realistic and picturesque, and not too dominating. I didn’t even notice the wild mice coasters until I was about to cancel out of the game! Even the orange boomerang didn’t stand out too much. Although your park lacked a wooden coaster of any kind, I’m still very impressed.

Your sunken castle tour was VERY creative and it really added spice to your park. I loved it! However, your only real water ride, the log flume, was a bit too long for my tastes.

Again, great job! The tree selection was great, but some of the castle interiors were too plain. (too many paths…) However, the castles were very well done.

Overall, your park was very good, as it had excellent theming and coasters. I also liked the kiddie section. Keep working!

Matt M
08-16-2002, 12:34 PM
I DO have a black underground Virginia Reel if that counts as a woodie. It's right smack by the entrance in case anyone missed it...

08-16-2002, 02:07 PM
Oh ok I didn't see it...

Matt M
08-31-2002, 11:49 AM
is this forum dea or sometihng, i think he results from july haven't even been posted!!!!!

08-31-2002, 05:18 PM
No ones entered a park in a while. Andy told me he was waiting for the new Speedzone to come out before he posts the July winners. C'mon, enter some stuff people!

08-31-2002, 07:09 PM
Maybe he'll have to combine this one (August) with the September contest like in April/May...

And as a side note: Cynambre: Maghneus Creek should be ready sometime in September...