View Full Version : I Cant Stay Logged In For Thrillnetwork

08-13-2002, 11:40 PM
i already put the majority of the coasters and parks in my count but now when i try to put more in, it says that i cant access the page because im not logged in. ok, so i click log in. i put sfgadvking and my password but then it goes right back to the not logged in screen and it says im not logged in. but its only for that, i can stay logged in for the boards. someone help me

08-14-2002, 10:37 PM
I cant say logged on for the board at all. Everytime I visit I have to sign in. It was never like this for the old site.

Sir Willow
08-15-2002, 03:14 AM
You're not the only one. The only thing I stay logged in on at all is the boards. Doesn't matter what url I use to get there, or what browser I'm using. It boots me out and gives me tons of errors.

At this point the site is totally and completely unusable on my end. I've cleaned the browser cookies on all 3 fo the browsers I've got on my comp. I've accessed through coasterforum.com, through thillnetwork.com, I've used IE, NS, and Opera- all the most recent upgraded versions.

and all I get is a minimum of 3 my_sql errors per page, usually 6 or more, and the complete inability for it to remember that I'm logged into the site itself. Not even from the page that says, "Thank you for logging in Sir Willow" to the next page, where it again shows me as "unregistered"

08-15-2002, 03:55 AM
Hmm. That is indeed strange. This is all I can tell you. Make sure you're going to http://www.thrillnetwork.com, not coasterforum.com as it's not really in use anymore or something. Also be sure you include the www portion of the URL as that lead to some problems with me. I hope this helps.

Chris Adams
08-15-2002, 12:20 PM
Also please make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser, and for www.thrillnetwork.com

The boards use an extra login system that works with browsers who don't like the cookies. I will try and integrate it with the rest of the site soon.

Those MySQL errors at the top of each page (should) be fixed, plz let me know if they aren't.

08-15-2002, 12:33 PM
Well, I am now able to log into the main site again, so I guess its working again! Thanks.

08-15-2002, 05:10 PM
yep everything is working fine now and the mysql things are gone

TITANium Alloy
08-25-2002, 08:44 PM
When I try to log in now its just a blank screen. I have to press refresh quite a few times to get it to finally load and yet it still says I'm not logged on. And the errors aren't fixed for me. :(

James R
08-27-2002, 09:00 PM
the same thing happens to me. The News thingy pops up and thats all i get. then i have to hit refresh a bunch to get the site on.

08-29-2002, 04:27 PM
O.K. I really don't understand al this cookie talk or clearing browsers...

I can't log in on Thrillnetwork.com , I put in my password and all- I get the "thaks for logging in" then it shows up again as not logged in. So now what do I ahve to do to get it to work? And HOW do I do that? Thanks.