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02-16-2003, 02:31 PM
how is every one i am Cid. contrary to what may seem obvious Cid is not my real name.

I first starting riding coasters when i was a wee lad in houston texas. my family would go to astroworld, have a horrible time cause we could never agree on anything and so on. In those days i was scared of roller coasters. I rememeber watching Viper run its course and saying to my family "those people are crazy". Then i was able to get my self on Excaliber. I wouldn't say it sparked my interest in roller coasters but it was definatly a step. Excaliber R.I.P.

A few years later i was able to work myself of to my first looping coaster, Viper. In the same day I rode Greezed Lightnin'. However the Lightnin' scared me to death when there was so much hang time going through the loop that i didn't ride it again for probably a year or two. Slowy then after i worked my way through the rest of the big rides at Astroworld as they opened up, Batman, and Ultra Twister.

Lets skip ahead...

Then it happened the roller coaster that sparked my interest. My mom and I packed our bags and traveled to my cousins house in San Antonia. We planned one trip to Sea World while we were there. Then as I wondered the park I saw it. Roaring its ugly face from accross the lake. The Great White. GW scared me to death, I came so close to not riding it but in the end i did. I talked about that ride all the way home.

Now i'm, where i am today, I believe my count is 10 parks and 72 rides. I'm a very semi-active poster on these boards. I saw i think raptor said in his introduction thread that anyone from 2001 is an original, so i can say i am. first came to the site as it was thrillride. it was there 2000 ride preview that i saw MF, and probably the reason i ever went to Cedar Point. I started posting probably right as the boards were forming i guess, but as anyone can tell i read the boards more than i post, i've been here since july 2001 and have less than 500 posts, i bet most people don't even know i'm here Mwa ha ha ha (and now time for my 2nd smilie) :cool:

ah i'm bored so i'm going to continue with my life story now...

lets see i grew up in houston as i mentioned. houston was a great city!! i remember back in the day when my friends and i would sled down bayous on pieces of cardbored cause it never snowed. i attended lovett elementary, and johnsont middle school. after graduating middle school i almost immediatly moved to charlotte.

my mom got transferred about a year before i moved up. i stayed so i could finish mid school. during this time i lived with my grand parents. let me tell you living with your grandparents for 1 year feels like living with your normal parents for 5. time seems to slow down. in charlotte i attended myers park high school.

probably the most signifigant part of my life in charlotte happened in november of my senior year. i got my first job at a local movie theater. i remember being so nervous when i went in. however after working for about a month i realized i had a knack for customer service. i got my first raise about 2 months after starting, got my first promotion about a month after that, got two more raises in the next three months, got another promotion about a month after that, and finally another raise a few weeks ago. i am the youngest manager in the consolidated movie chain at 18 years old.

after my promotion to management i moved out of my moms house and now live with one of my co-workers in a decent sized apprt...

hmmm, i'm getting writer's block so i'll edit more onto my life story later. if anybody actually read all this feel free to ask questions if it didn't bor you to death.