View Full Version : Six Flags GrAdv 6/12/01

06-15-2001, 06:17 AM
Arrived at the park at 10:00, and was happy to see they are running the season pass holder parking lot and entrance during the week now. Got 3 FastPasses for my wife and I for Batman, Medusa, and Nitro. The lines were very short early in the day, but got longer around lunchtime. I think this was due to a concert that was scheduled for 6:00 PM, which I did not know about.
<BR>My wife and I warmed up on Batman, which my wife really likes. Still as intense as ever. The rust on the track rails makes me a little nervous, though.
<BR>Chiller was not running all day, the coaster on the Robin track is still not around. It seems the lapbars for this ride will become reality.
<BR>I took my 6 year old daughter on Stuntman's Freefall (1st Gen. Intamin Freefall tower). This was her 2nd ride on it and she loved it. This is probably the most intense ride in the park for a 6 year old.
<BR>I also rode Rolling Thunder with my daughter, and to my surprise they were running the left track. We rode the blue coaster in the rear car, and it had to be the bumpiest ride I have ever had on it. You could actually feel the car coming up off the track on all of the drops. I was watching the front of the coaster and could see about 1 inch of light between the front inside wheels and the track on all of the turns. I am not sure if this is a wheel adjustment problem or what, but I was hanging on for dear life on this ride. Rickety does not begin to describe it.
<BR>My wife and I rode Nitro, which makes my 25th ride on it, and my wife's first. She was a little apprehensive about it, but she is pretty fearless. I told her she needed to keep her arms up on the first drop, but alas she was grabbing the lap bar handles the whole ride. She really liked it, and commented on how the bunnyhops "force you out of your seat". Is it just me, or is the Nitro still getting faster with age? The wind buffeting on the first drop was so intense.
<BR>Next up was Medusa with my wife, and it was running as smooth as ever. My head didn't even touch the shoulder restraints.
<BR>The Turbo Force was testing today, and it looks like it will be fun. It is going to have some crazy lines though, as it only holds 8 people per run. Still no sign of a Slingshot, which was rumored to open this season.
<BR>We left the park around 5:00, before the crowds got too bad. All in all a great day at my home park.