View Full Version : Official Photo Converting and Reducing Thread

08-24-2003, 09:42 PM
i've seen too many times where people post pictures of their parks and 1) dont know how to make them JPEG's and 2) cant reduce them right. so i will make this thread to let everyone know how to do it.

open up MS paint. go to "open file" then go to C:program files:infograms:rct2 then you should see SCR#. double click the right number that the picture is. now before doing anything, save the picture as a JPEG.

now go to "Image" and click "strecth/skew". now where it says "100" twice, put in "62" for both of them and click OK. now save it again. (putting in 62 only works when the picture is 800x600 which is what the screenshots automatically are).

important tips:
saving it as a JPEG before reducing it will not make you lose quality in the picture.
when reducing it, make sure both the vertical and horizontal numbers are the same. if they arent the same, the picture will get stretched out and will make it look distorted.

mods, if you can, it would be helpfull to get rid of one of those "important" threads that arent used anymore and make this sticky. thanks

08-25-2003, 07:18 AM
I use a paint program that does it all in one go, remember that win 98 paint won't resize pics, only XP. (i have xp on my other computer, but use this one for rct as it dosn't need the extra power). It won't save as .jpg either (just opens them).