View Full Version : Crazy Town at Ozzfest?! What the f@&#?

06-17-2001, 01:17 PM
After hearing that Crazy Town would be at Ozzfest, I was very enraged. They were scheduled to be on the main stage! Somehow beating out Disturbed, Mudvayne, Godhead, Spineshank, and Godhead. I was very pissed and considering not going when I heard a few comments from the other main stage acts. Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor said "I can't wait for those fags to get onstage, we are gonna storm the stage and kick them out. If that doesn't go down, I'm sure the fans will let them know how bad they suck!" Other main stage acts didn't have anything nice to say either. Now I can't wait to go and throw something at "Shifty Shellshock", hee hee!!!

06-17-2001, 01:24 PM
yeah, crazy town does suck, they are sell-outs.

Kid Koala
06-18-2001, 04:37 PM
I wanna go see Linkin Park and Papa Roach. I really hope the other bands do something to Crazytown. They suck pretty bad. D12 should be on instead.

06-20-2001, 10:49 PM
Whats D12 about?

06-21-2001, 01:35 PM
D12 is a huge rap group w/ eminem and stuff, theyre CD sucks.

Kid Koala
06-21-2001, 03:29 PM
Their cd is great. I wasn't expecting to much from the anyone but Eminem in D12 but I was surprised about how good all of them were. They have graet chemistry.

06-22-2001, 06:59 AM
I think u should boo eminem off the stage. Rap does not belong at Ozzfest, either does crazy town so that should be funny. The only two bands that i know of that are really good at Ozzfest are Black Sabbath and Godsmack(could be more i dont know).

Extreme Pearl Jam Fan
06-22-2001, 07:52 AM
Historically every band that goes to Ozzfest sucks hard. Corey Taylor = Nerd.
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<BR>Godsmack should stop ripping off other bands. They're terrible enough anyways.
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06-22-2001, 11:07 AM
Well, i do like Godsmack. Maybe im forcing myself to like them because i want to like at least a few new bands.

06-22-2001, 05:16 PM
First off, rap does NOT belong at Ozzfest, or anywhere for that matter, and second, Godsmack is not going to be there.

06-25-2001, 08:42 PM
yeah, godsmack won't be there, they're startin their own tour w/ deftones soon.

06-25-2001, 11:17 PM
Im going to see that tour in Atl. on August 7th.