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06-18-2001, 02:39 PM
This was my first ever visit to king's Dominion. I was on vacation for the week at Virginia Beach and made the 2 1/2 hour drive past Richmond on a Tuesday. I went with my pregnant non-thrillseeking wife and 2 year old son. It was sunny and very hot. We arrived around 11 AM, about 30 minutes after opening (one of the drawbacks of traveling with wife and child is you're never early for anything!).
<BR> Being a good sport, we first went to Nikelodeon Central. We went to Blue's house (from Blue's clues) rode the Taxi Jam and my son rode the swings. Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer and left them to go check out Volcano.
<BR> Waited 45 minutes to ride. I love launched coasters and was not disappointed by Volcano. I especially liked the zero G rolls way up high. Strangely, the second launch is not that great. I guess because you are already in motion. Many people complain about the shortness of this ride. While I wouldn't mind if it were longer, I didn't find length to be a big problem.
<BR> Then it was back to the family for more kids rides, lunch, and on to help them get situated at the waterpark. By now it was 2:30. My boy would sleep and my wife would rwad for about 2 hours, so I was off on my own again. I headed to Hypersonic. The line was already within the sign that said "90 minutes from here" so I jumped in line. Took about 75 minutes to ride. I love how the queue goes right along the launch area. This is an incredible ride but it's over too fast. I will be glad when they expand on this concept. It was just a blur.
<BR> I was right there, so I rode the Hurler. This was a walk-on. Sat in the back row. Overall, this ride is pretty bland, although I got some ejector seat air on the second hill. I am a pretty big guy. Thanks to all the ride ops for not stapling me with the lapbar. I could have stayed on for a re-ride but it wasn't really worth it.
<BR> Next, I went a rode Grizzly. This is a pretty good twister through trees. This was about a five minute wait. I got in the front train by mistake thinking it was the back, but no matter. I then hit Rebel yell forwards and backwards, both virtual walk-ons.
<BR> I had hoped to hit Shockwave before heading back to the water park, but I didn't have time. I waded in the kiddie pool with my son for about an hour. they decided to go see the Nickelodeon show and they cut me loose again.
<BR> It was now nearly 6 PM and I still had 4 coasters left before closing at 8. Shockwave was a walk-on. This was my first stand-up ever. I wasn't overly impressed. I wasn't too painful except for a little spine cracking on the last couple of hills. It just seemed rather gimmicky and very short.
<BR>Next was Anaconda, another near walk-on. I could tell from watching that this was going to be a disappointment because of the severe mid-course breaking. After the first set of inversions, the train almost came to a stop and then just crept through the last part of the course. Another short ride. I then went to the new and improved Flight of Fear. I took the second row for time purposes, but when a single rider got in the front row, I got to ride with him (about a 5 minute wait). This was another great launched ride, but it was also braked excessively, IMO. It's worth multiple rides, but time was running short so I headed over and rode Avalanche, another near walk-on. This is an okay ride if you like circular motion. Finally, I just had to have another ride on Volcano. This time is was only a 20 minute wait. My only regret is not getting a front seat ride but time did not permit.
<BR> It was getting late, so I met back up with the family and we made our way toward the exit. Didn't get to see the 7th Portal, but would have liked to. Also, I would have liked another ride on hypersonic but not with an hour and 15 minute wait. Overall, it was a fun day but I didn't find myself wishing to come back soon. They have a lot of short and/or overly braked rides, IMO. I highly recommend a weekday and bring your swimsuit because it can get very hot. <BR><BR><font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: Diehlin on 2001-06-18 14:39 ]</font>

06-18-2001, 02:47 PM
Wrong Forum! This is a trip report.

Robert Walker
06-18-2001, 04:09 PM
Kraken you are wright and it shall be moved.

Honan Beetch
06-26-2001, 12:12 AM
Wrong forum or not, I still think Hypersonic XLC is awesome. I do agree they should make it longer. It ROCKS!!!