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05-05-2001, 09:58 AM
all wonderful ideas. i've gone there as my home park 35 times in the last 4 years, and the best technique is to always run directly to the back of the park(usually where the newest coaster is). if you've been burning up from waiting in line, go towards Shipwreck falls and stand in front of the drop for a few minutes or ride it if you want to waste time(you'll get cooled off). the best way to get to the back of the park to batwing is to go straight down the colonial midway and down an "alley" behind the big drop of Shipwreck falls. BIG NOTE: IF YOU INTEND ON RIDING THE WILD ONE FIRST, WHICH WILL GIVE YOU A GREAT VIEW OF THE ENTIRE PARK, REALIZE THAT THERE IS NOOOOOO PATH BEHIND THE TOWER OF DOOM TO GET TO GOTHAM CITY. since it is time consuming to go over near the wild one just to ride that, the tower of doom, and two-face, save these rides for later. sorry if i'm confusing you, but back to that alley. turn to the left and go over the train tracks and under the Wild One into Gotham City. run past the Joker's Jinx and take the path next to the Superman gift shop. then, TAKE FLIGHT on Batwing! after riding this, take a trip on superman, then go on the Joker's Jinx. NOTE: THE JOKER'S JINX HAS OVER THE SHOULDER RESTRAINTS AND HAVE NOT BEEN CHANGED TO LAP BARS YET. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT THIS RIDE NOT BE RIDDEN, AS IT HAS GIVEN ME HEADACHES THAT LAST THE REST OF THE DAY. after a trip on the joker's painful jinx,if you enjoyed it, take a trip on one of the puker rides in gotham city if your threshold for pain is high enough(krypton comet and riddler's revenge). if you actually want to take a break, there is a 100 ft skycoaster being built on the gotham hilltop. i highly recommend the Batman Stunt Spectactular if it is open. It's time to leave Gotham City and this forum as well. if you want more information about park manuevering for Six Flags America, email me at
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