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07-20-2004, 05:12 PM
( this was my first time going to these parks)Ok we left NJ at 6 and got into the parking lot of SFNE around 9:50 which was perfect! We only had to wait 3 minutes for the park to open..We decided to ride Thunder Bolt first

Thunderbolt: 5min wait, 1 train
Great ride even though it dosen't look it, the last hill gives you the best air time!

Superman Ride Of Steel: 15min wait, 2 trains
while in line I thought how could this ride be better than MF? well have riding it, well lets just say I have a new favorite coaster! lol.. Got in the 2nd seat,plenty of air time, never lets up!!

Nightwing: 10min. wait
fun ride, it was something different

The Joker' Wild Card: 8min. wait
It was pretty fun but got boring after a while

Batman- The Dark Night: 10min. wait, 2 trains
It was a fun coaster but Medusa was much better! It had a steep lift and was kind of rough

I was going to go on Choas but it just had an E-stop and was stopped half way through it cycle almost verticle, so I passed

Twister: 2min. wait
same as ours, fun

New Enland Sky Way: 5 min. wait
it was a sky way, but it was fun

Houdini- The Great Escape: 5min. wait
it was a little different. this one cut out themeing, like the box in the pre-show shaking, his glowing face during the ride, and some of the lightning flashes

Tomahawk: 5min. wait
I really enjoyed this because I really missed Pendulum..lol

Rodeo: 5 min. wait
Ours is much better, this one is themed as wash tubs, enough said..lol

went on Tomahawk but made us get off because the harnesses wouldn't lock
by this time more people are showing up, and we later learned that there was an Ashlee Simpson concert

Cyclone: 20min. wait
It was fun but rough since it was wooden

we then when on Superman again but this time it had a 45min. wait
after that we got in line for the concert around 4:30 but we were told the wrong time when the gates would open, and the concert time also.. So once we found out the right time we realized it would be too late becasue our hotel was an hour away and by the other 3 band and her preform it would end around 10 or so, so we got out of line and left, plus it started to rain a bit, but we got free samples of C2 soda on the way out

We lucked out because the park wasn't that crowded
Also the ops don't speil and have recordings! lol and they dotn let people on to the platform untill the train comes
This park has more themeing than our park, and in my opinion is a really nice park

Rides closed:
1/3 of Scream
Time Warp

Lake Compounce:
Our hotel was right down the street from the park, so we got there around 11 just in time for opening

Boulder Dash: 5min. wait, 1 train
We got the first ride of the day! sice it was my frist time on it,it was very exciting since I had no idea which way it was going to go

Down Time: walk on (did it twice)
very fun, and it was cool that they themed it the way they did. When you get to the top you hear tick, tock, tick, tock, until 10seconds later"RING!" and you fall.

Ghost Hunt: 20min. wait, most of the cars were off
very fun, but I did bad, only a score of 900! lol

Wildcat: 5min. wait ( did it twice), 1 train
fun but it was pretty painful

SKy Coaster: special $15
very fun, the first time i've ever been on one

The Enterprise: 3min. wait

Tornado: 3min. wait
very fun, we spun so fast that they had to wait for our car to stop! lol

Mini Golf: ONLY $2!!
very fun, I even go a hole in one!

Trolley: 2min. wait

Sky Ride: walk on
this was the longest and scariest sky ride I have ever been on!
the ride time was 25min. because it takes you to the top of the mountain, it was scarry because you go from having the land right below you to having the land 100ft below you and with steep drops in the landscape and lots of rocks, but it was fun

Train: 10min. wait, 1 train

We then finish the day with riding once mor on Down Time and about 7 more rides on Boulder Dash

employes were VERY nice and polite!
you get free soda all day and the prices were very low
Even though this isn't a thirll park it is such a great park to go to!
As you can tell there weren't many people there

Rides Closed:
Zoomerang - it did start testing around 6 when we left

This was such a fun vacation and I hope to visit these parks again soon!