View Full Version : Contest Question (NoLimits)

07-26-2004, 11:50 AM
Well first of all I been away from the Coaster activity for a few months now and haven't been building anything for a while... I want to know if there is going to be a Contest for a "Replica" coaster starting in August?, or was there one already?,... I have a replica coaster I built that I want to enter in the contest because it has very good reviews and high numbers.

Today is the first day for me coming back from my job and I found this site which all this is news to me right now so I been out of touch. Please let me know what is coming up in the Months ahead if possible.

Thank You,

07-26-2004, 03:55 PM
August's will be announced late tonight/tomorrow, but it won't be a replica contest. We might consider a replica contest for September. The reason being is that we have to have rules ready about a week before the next contest.

07-26-2004, 06:44 PM
Ok Thank You, I was hoping I didn't miss the oppurtunity to enter a Recreation if you decide to allow it in the upcoming months,... hmmmm, that could be my First ride ever on a coaster if it wins first place! lol.