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02-24-2005, 06:09 PM
The Academy Awards are mere days away, but TN's voting period is just beginning. We have three movie-themed parks for your viewing pleasure.

Tim Burton: A Tribute (http://www.thrillnetwork.com/speedzone/view.php?file=1112) by SFGadvKing
October Sky: The Park (http://www.thrillnetwork.com/speedzone/view.php?file=1114) by HPStormRunner22
Risky Business (http://www.thrillnetwork.com/speedzone/view.php?file=1125) by CP Maverick

So, sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy! Oh, yes, and vote. :cool:

The voting closes at 3 p.m. March 3.

CP Maverick
02-24-2005, 06:50 PM
Ok, well I know who I vote for and why... But of course, I forgot to open my rides and shops and stuff. So those who look at my park, all that needs to be done is click "Open All" on the three ride menus. Sorry about that...

Anyways, I think that October Sky park had a lot of potential, I liked the idea of making the small town and putting a little park in there. It's unfortunate that you couldn't finish it.

Tim Burton. I was expecting to be in awe when I saw this park... Instead I said "aw, that's it?"... Very nicely done, but I expected so much more from those teaser screens. And no Edward Scissorhands or Beetle Juice? Those were bigger Burton movies than Mars Attacks and Planet of the Apes. I will say that the Nightmare area was superb, and Batman was very good (I thought there were still too many colors however). I know you were rushed with this, as was I, so I can understand why some things weren't completed. It was a very well executed park, just fell a step short of my expectations. I'll admit, if this park had a little more Tim Burton you might have stolen my vote away from my park. Good job.

RB. I feel if I had more time to work on this park it could have been the best thing TNPP had seen yet. Unfortunately my schedule and untimely error trappers pushed me up against the original deadline with too much left to do before I released it. I do, however, think I put the most "detail" into my park... even if my theming wasn't as detailed as others.

02-24-2005, 07:07 PM
I haven't really taken an in depth look at the 2 parks yet, but from what I've seen they are pretty good. I plan to finish my October Sky park when I have time so you can see the finished product. I'll be voting tomorrow on the parks.

CP Maverick
02-24-2005, 09:19 PM
Aaron, you have the wrong link for the October Sky park


02-24-2005, 10:51 PM

Um...who casted the first vote?

Once again, I think this should be a public poll so we know people won't stuff the box.

CP Maverick
02-24-2005, 11:10 PM
I haven't voted yet, and I don't know what the score is. But when I do vote it will be for my park.

But I do prefer the idea of a public vote. Thats how those "rap battles" at NE were voted on and it made things easier. Annonymous voting is great, but when we only get like 10 votes per month its not necessary. Besides, I'm sure the entrants would like to hear criticism and praising about their work, not wonder who got what votes and why.


02-24-2005, 11:11 PM
October Sky: The Park (HPStormRunner22) - this park was obviously unfinished and i think it could have been much better if it was complete. the stuff you ahd there was not bad, it could have used more detail but not bad. i liked the factory with the train stoping near it, that was nice. i think you should have kept working on the park and waited to release it after you finished it.

Risky Business (CP Maverick) - if my park wasnt there, this would deffinatly get my vote :D ;) i think a major problem was the exact opposite i had. your map was too big. there was too much space between the rides/buildings that was taken up with nothing. also, your buildings were kinda bare and could have used more detail. i REALLY like the logo to topgun, it was accurate as can be.

my park - i'll try not to be biased but i do think it was the best park of the three. my biggest problems were space and time. i didnt really have any ideas when i started the park so i didnt know how big i should make the map. i did the mars attacks and planet of the apes rides first simply because i really liked the ideas i had for the two of them with the whole washington dc replicas. i then did big fish, batman, and nightmare before christmas and even those sections were very small. i was going to do a construction area like maverick did for charlie and the chocolate factory but i just didnt have room so i made the single ride. i didnt do beetlejuice or edward scissorhands simply because i had no ideas for them and i had no room left.

CP Maverick
02-24-2005, 11:19 PM
Yea, I can understand the feeling of too much or too little space. I made sure to give myself plenty of room for everything I wanted in my park. Unfortunately it was just slightly larger than I needed. Some of the space was intentional, so you could see the rides better... while some wasn't. Good review for being a biased voter ;)

03-01-2005, 10:07 AM
Wow, not a lot of voters this round...

But am I saying, I haven't voted yet either. :p At least not yet.

CP Maverick
03-01-2005, 11:11 PM
I'd prefer more comments, I only know what I think and what the other builder thinks. This annonymous voting is actually irritating.

03-01-2005, 11:33 PM
That's how I've felt for all the other competitions...

That's why I think the voting should be open. ;)

03-02-2005, 11:42 PM
My thoughts on the parks.

Tim Burton: A Tribute

I honestly think if Burton were ever to design a park, it would come out looking something like this. The park perfectly captured the quircky feel of his movies. The architecture exactly matched the feel of each individual film, although I was particularly drawn to the Nightmare before Christmas section. Though the Halloween section was mostly giant pieces of custom scenery, I still thought it all looked awesome. As for the rides, there's only so much I can say, without saying they were all really good. The custom supports on Batman were top notch, and being such a river rapids person, I was really drawn to Gotham City Water Works. My sole gripe is the area with Thade Memorial and Mars Attacked. Set in the midst of such a wacky park, the plain look of this area really seemed out of place.

October Sky: The Park

The potential was there. This was a great start to what could have been an excellent movie-themed park. However, besides the park's obvious shortcomings, what was there was very good. Snake Root Twister looked like a really nice wooden coaster with its "mixing bowl"-like center. The architecture, while not a perfect replication of the film, looked great as well, and somehow, I didn't even mind all the windows. I never liked the movie, but after imagining what this could have been like (and even what's there), I might start warming up to it.

Risky Business

Despite having only seen two of the movies represented in this park, I liked it a lot. There was a wide blend of architectural styles, which somehow managed to fit together and not look out a place, a difficult thing to pull off, particularly in a smaller park. The rides themselves were very good; I thought Eyes Wide Shut was a superb wooden coaster. Clearly, though, the crowning achievement here was Top Gun. Though not the first time I've seen it, the idea was executed beautifully. Even the logo was great. The one thing that drags this park down, though, is the wide white pathing. Given the park's small size, it made the park look far too empty. Other then that, however, no complaints.

I'm going to be giving my vote to Tim Burton: A Tribute. However, I'm glad that all three people put time into their parks, it really showed. I hope we'll be seeing more from you guys.

Kyle L
03-03-2005, 12:23 AM
I'm not a huge movie buff, so this month didn't really have any signifigance to me in terms of "theme" so to speak. Anyway here's what I thought. I'll keep it short and sweet.

#1: Tim Burton: A Tribute: The park was great and had loads of detail that was put into the park. I loved the "Nightmare before Christmas" area, that perfectly touched the parks style of themeing. The coaster and rides were great, and fantastic. This was my winner.

#2: Risky Business: Despite the park not being as filled in or as immersive as Tim Burton: A Tribute, this park had a lot of good ideas that I really liked. My favorite was the top gun model with the aircraft carrier. I thought that was really neat, and the innovation went a long way, just not enough to beat out the Tim Burton park.

#3: October Sky: I've never seen the movie, so I'm not exactly sure what sort of theme is based with the park. The park was rather bland to me. I'm sure if I saw the movie it would make a lot more sense, but it just didn't hit....I personally thought the park was bland.

Anyway, great job on all the parks, you all did a fantastic job. Tim Burton: A Tribute gets my vote however.

03-03-2005, 12:58 PM
As Kyle, I'm not a too big of a fan for movies and remembering every line and what not about them. Don't get me wrong, I love going to the movies and seeing new ones and stuff, but other than that, not really anything major. And I'm especially not into the Oscars. That is the most boring awards show that I've ever seen. I'm more of a Grammy guy, though that show wasn't as hot as it normally is. Too many performances. Anywho, on with the reviews..

October Sky- I've never seen (or heard) of this movie before. I liked the whole town aspect which is hard to do in RCT2 since you have to be creative cause the theming is for theme parks, not towns/villages. :P Anywho, the park did seem unfinished and I know you didn't have time to finish it which I understand. But what you had was nice in all (if that makes any sense).

Risky Business- First off, I thought this had to been the hardest park theme wise. Naming most of Tom Cruise's movies as a ride/attraction had to be hard. I haven't even seen (or heard of for that matter) any (except one or two) of the movies in the park, so it was interesting to hear some names. But at no costs did that down-rate the park for me. But I do strongly disagree on what you said earlier-
I feel if I had more time to work on this park it could have been the best thing TNPP had seen yet. The best thing the TNPP has seen yet? I would have to disagree on that cause IMO, the park wasn't that great. Some of the buildings were pretty darn good, but I think the park map was way too big for what you had. If you go into it knowing you more than likely wouldn't have enough time to finish, then why build such a big park map in the first place? I also didn't like your coasters at all, but hey, what can I say? You don't like mine either so I guess it doesn't really matter. Some things I did like were things like how the back side of the park dwindled down to the shores and to the Top Gun coaster. Personally, I didn't like the coaster and the aircraft carrier was kinda half built it seemed, but the idea was a great one. It's 3-D sign was awesome and also so were the buildozers. I see if you can do that, then your parks have so much more potential. Mix that kinda stuff in with your buildings. Also, like the environments around/under the coaster were nice. But the overall park felt like it just wasn't...eh...how do I say this? Well it just kinda felt half put togather and I know you had many issues that caused you not to finish the park the way you wanted too, but you should of built part of the park and fill the rest with large bodies of water or a forest or something to make it look more finished. But overall the park was ok.

Tim Burton: A Tribute- This park was amazing. I've never heard of Tim before this park, so I learned something from this park also! From the very detailed buildings to the supports of the coasters. All was good and you know it. ;) I loved most of this park. Just little things like parts where it was kinda hard to view/see parts of the park since such large buildings were kinda block everything and some were built too close. But other than that I like it. Also, the bright green/red area and then the dark part of the park kinda clashed. Since the map was smaller, it's kinda hard to build very good distinct areas. This part was the only one that I saw could of have been improved. Well, nice park. I could stare at it all day and still not process the buildings!

I voted for Tim Burton.

Looks like it's going to be you and me again, King. :sadface: In the same pickle we were in last time. Good Luck!

03-03-2005, 05:35 PM
Alright, here's the final results:

First Place: Tim Burton: A Tribute by SFGadvKing
Second Place: Risky Business by CP Maverick
Third Place: October Sky: The Park by HPStormRunner22

Tim Burton: A Tribute, will join Poles Apart and Six Flags over North Carolina in the second Winners Circle, which is beginning now and will go until March 13.