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07-15-2005, 06:00 AM
what thing or things would you do to make a park better for all if you were a ceo or board member?

07-15-2005, 07:51 AM
Well seeing how this is a coaster site, most people are going to say "add 50 coasters".

If I were running Carowinds I would build the hyper we've been wanting forever.

Other than that, I'd like to see all the areas of the park freshened up a bit with new paint and such.

I'd also work on their customer service. Many of the ride ops look like they are depressed or something.

I believe that if you take care of the customers then they will take care of you (financially).

Carowinds 73-03
07-15-2005, 02:49 PM
If i were running Carowins this would be my 5 year plan.

2006: Boomerang Bay & a Flat.
2007: MTV shockwave coaster or Italian Job Coaster & Thrill Zone Makeover.
2008: County Fair Makeover & 2 flats
2009: Carolina RFD makeover with new shops, restruants and a small thrill ride.
2010: B&M Floorless (Footloose)

Not too bad, 2 coasters in 5 years is not alot to ask, most of what i would do is general park improvements & update the parks flat rides.

07-15-2005, 03:09 PM
if i were head of BGW this would be my 5 year plan

2006- expansion to Land of the Dragons w/ new rides and a kiddie coaster, and a new Imaginique
2007- new B&M floorless for San Marco and special events to celebrate Jamestowne's 400th anniversary
2008- new 4-D show to replace haunted lighthouse and some form of entertainment for Festa Italia
2009- conversion of New France into Switzerland w/ one or two flat rides
2010- new B&M flyer for Drachen Fire's old location and an update to Irish Thunder

07-15-2005, 03:29 PM
^ Awww, dude don't take away Canada! The "New France" (we all know it's Canada Busch, get off it) area has no room for one or two flats, at least I dont think. But that sounds like a good plan. Haunted Lighthouse needs to G-O. Bring back Haunts of the Olde Country. And I'd bring back Questor too. Old school BGW. Hmm, wouldn't adding Switzerland be kinda close to the theme of Alpie? I get that Swiss feel when I'm on it anyways. I'd theme the whole Drachen grave site around Sleepless Hollow Manor, complete with a real house for it and village. Make the whole area dark and scary. LOTS of fog. Crazy, yea I know. Much needed improvement: a covering over the Royal Palace Theater. Make it like a pavillion and host more concerts there, like it used to be. I'd drop parking and admission prices down a bit. It ain't Disney. Or CP for that matter.


07-15-2005, 03:29 PM
If I were head of Valleyfair this would be my five year plan


2006: screaming swing (thanks to drewbie for that)
2007: remove old waterpark and pave it and make it just paths because I cant afford for a new coaster there yet, also after removing water park make a new indoor waterpark by the dorms and make a tram type thing that goes from the entrance to the waterpark

2008: with all the money I made from the waterpark I would add a huss frisbee (smaller then maxair of course) and put it where the old path from excalibur to the main park was

2009: redo the front entrance and add a parking lot behind the overflow parking lot (you would have to be there to see where I mean)

2010: and finally add the B&M floorless w'eve all been waiting for.

07-15-2005, 03:48 PM
yeah jessica, i don't think new france has enough room either but we can always dream! i just think the flow would be a little nicer going from france, to switzerland, and then to germany but new france is still ok. alpie would fit in better since it would be on the border of switzerland and germany, just like the real alps. they could also easily retheme le scoot and trapper's smokehouse to make it fit in. and if you notice the pattern they change the 4-D show every 5 years see: HAunts of the Olde Country- 1993, Pirates- 1998, Haunted Lighthouse- 2003, so 2008 should be the year for them to replace the show. and yeah, it would be nice if they could drop the parking price a little and even the food prices. have they gone up on the food over the past year or so? i can understand admission but the food is a little expensive, but at least the food is worth buying!

07-15-2005, 04:00 PM
If I were the CEO of ANY park, I would try to make my customers feel comfortable and at home. Kinda like Holiday World. (Free pop, sunscreen, amazingly clean park) I would try to add some new rides, but I would take my time. I definately wouldn't leave out flats! But I really believe if a guest leaves happy and satisfied, they will come back, and thats just more money for me.:D

07-15-2005, 10:06 PM
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay- 5 year plan.

2006- Huss Giant Top Spin in Egypt and Montu refurb for 10th anniversary.
2007- Scrap Tuts Tomb and Show Jumping Hall of Fame for massive Egypt themed dark ride. (Return of Akbars as a dark ride would be cool)
2008- New show to replace Katonga.
2009- Bird Gardens refurb with first of its kind roller coaster and Huss Giant Frisbee to celebrate 50th anniversary.
2010- Retheme Land of the Dragons, add new animal exhibits in Congo.

I love DW
09-04-2006, 01:07 AM
I have plans for two parks:

If I where Ceo of Dollywood my five year plan would be:
2007: add the Mystery Mine since it has alreay been announced
2008: Add a small flat ride for kids next to Mystery Mine and add a new theater with a top notch show.
2009: Add a Drop Tower up by Tennessee Tornado since it is the highest point in the park it would make it look taller than it already is.
2010: Add a night time show that features water and fireworks
2011: Add a transportation system connecting Timber Canyon with the Tennessee Tornado area. And add two new flat rides one for the older kids and one for the younger kids.

If I was ceo of Holiday World this would be my five year plan:
2007: Add body slide complex featuring four slides to Splashin' Safari. And add a new theater to Holiday World with a top notch show in it.
2008: A water coster like Master Blaster to Splashin' Safari. And a small kids coaster next to the Voyage along with a bigger flat ride for the older kids.
2009. Add two racing speed body slides (like Fire Tower Falls at Dollywood's Splash Country) to Splashin' Safari. And a big log flume such as Tidal Wave at Six Flags St. Louis but longer that get's you soaked to Holiday World.
2010: Make park improvements to both parks (landscaping etc.) and add two more flat rides.
2011: Add a steal floorless coaster to Holiday World. And a raft slide complex to Splashin' Safari with four slides with each being a different leavel of intensity. So the whole family could enjoy the complex.

Chris L
09-04-2006, 01:54 AM
Seeing as Magic Mountain is one of my homeparks and is among the top 5 in its industry that needs the most improvements, this is how I, if given power to do so, would make changes at the park (given that funding the changes is not an issue).

- Remove Flashback, Superman The Escape, and Psyclone.

- New parking lot trams.

- Repaint track and supports for Ninja, Gold Rusher, Colossus, Batman The Ride, Revolution, Viper, Dive Devil, Log Jammer, and Jet Stream.

- Tear out the current old parking ticket toll booths and completely rebuilt each one.

- Remove and replace the current giant scrolling marquee on top of the parking ticket toll booths with a newer up-to-date one.

- Repaint the lines in the parking lot

- Plant A LOT of palm trees in the Cyclone Bay area.

- Repave the Cyclone Bay midway with a "boardwalk" style pathway.

- Refurbish and repaint the buildings that house Spin Out and Sierra Twist.

- Clean out the decaying fallen leaves and branches beneath Revolution and spray instant-plant growth mix all over the hillside under Revolution (like they did with the area under Tatsu). Grow some grass under that ride! The pathway that goes under Revolution is disgusting because there's just dirt, dead leaves, and browning plants surrounding that pathway.

- Plant more trees in the park's admission ticket booth plaza. There's too much concrete and not ENOUGH trees.

- New trains for X. Similar to the ones in operation on Eejainaika. They're thousands of pounds lighter and have an upgraded on-train computer program system --- meaning less wear and tear on the track and structure and probably increased reliability.

- Refurbish Batman's queue line, queue line props, queue walls, etc.

- Music played over speakers in every area of the park.

- Build a shed or awning for Viper's transfer track/storage track area. Leaving trains and parts out in the open and under the sun when not in use causes for unecessary and premature damage to expensive equipment.

- Clean up the area that's under and around Gold Rusher. Repaint the queue house. Rebuild it. Do something to make it look NICER. It's too run down.

- New and modern trains for Gold Rusher, similar to the ones that were introduced on SFNJ's Runaway Mine Train.

- New braking and train advancement system on Gold Rusher. Meaning, replace the skid and tire brakes with friction brakes --- could also incorporate magnetic braking in the brake run.

- Purchase new trains for Colossus. Preferably PTC's. Operate one of the tracks with trains in reverse (all the time, not just a Fright Fest gimmick).

- Rip out the asphalt from beneath Colossus. Plant grass beneath entire ride's footprint and also plant trees in open areas within its layout.

- Rip out the asphalt from beneath most of Goliath. Plant grass beneath entire ride's footpring and also plant trees (lots of palm trees) in the area beneath the ride.

- Tear out the walkway that links Samurai Summit to Rapids Camp Crossing (the one that goes underneath Tatsu's lift) because a lot of people don't know it's a regular path. The replacement/alternative is a WIDE distinguishable walkpath that goes down alongside Sky Tower/Tatsu's first drop and connects with the pathway that goes from Rapids Camp Crossing to Cyclone Bay.

- Rip out the asphalt from beneath Scream! Plant grass beneath entire ride's footprint and also plant trees in the area beneath the ride.

- Reroute Scream!'s queue line so that the entry begins from beneath the cobra-roll (like SFNJ's Medusa) --- meaning a new midway will have to be paved to connect its current plaza to its new entryway --- which will also connect with Gotham City Backlot up near Batman The Ride's queue entry. This is so that the Colossus/Scream part of the park will not just be a dead end and will provide a "loop" walkway.

- Create a second park entry gate near Scream!/Batman The Ride. In order to do that, some maintenence buildings near Scream! will have to be torn down and rebuilt elsewhere (on the land occupied by Psyclone maybe). The current main gate entry will be for drop-offs, the valet parking customers, and those guests that parked their cars in the lot area that is closer to it. The new park entry gate will be for those guests that parked at the very far end of the huge lot. This second gate entry gate will only be used during the summer season when the park gets very crowded.

- ^ Install some sort of small spinning flatride (like a Troika, Wipeout, or Enterprise) in the area that is currently Scream!'s plaza.

- Remove all the dead/withering trees and plantlife scattered throughout the park and replace them with younger and healthier plants. Also remove the plants that have been vandalized by guests.

- Replace all cheap chainlink fence types within the park with more "permanent" looking fencing/gates. Especially said for ride queues and exits such as The Riddler's Revenge.

- Retire the petting zoo attraction in Bugs Bunny World and move those animals to a more appropriate setting without loud noises from rides and obnoxious kids. Utilize that freed-up room to expand Bugs Bunny World with more children's attractions. Or even to build a small outdoor amphitheater for daily stage productions just for kids and their families.

- Have more full-service sit-in restaurants inside the park. It's got to be air-conditioned, have a varied item menu with unique entrees (aside from the typical pizza, burger, popcorn and hotdog choices). The park only has two of these and that's not enough --- but they're park operated and not "brand" restaurants. I'm thinking something similar to how Cedar Point and Knott's have huge Johnny Rockets dine-in restaurants inside the park with very reasonable and affordable prices for the food you receive. However, I know this is unlikely as an agreement has to be struck between the restaurant company to franchise.

- Bring the park's computer systems and technological equipment UP TO DATE in all buildings and operations that use these things! Replace all gigantic TV-sized computer monitors with new flatpanels --- or completely redo the building (whatever it may be, a restaurant or the Flash Pass building) so that it accomodates the new technology.

- Clean up the area under Ninja's lift-hill.

- New floorless swinging trains for Ninja. Similar to the ones that are in use on Vampire at Chessington's Worlds of Adventure.

- Completely rebuild the Flash Pass building. Have it so that there's a waiting area that is indoor and air conditioned. And make sure there are multiple registers/monitors/printers at the counter so that Flash Pass processing is quick and painless for the customer.

- Bring the Metro monorail out of SBNO. Have another existing monorail manufacturing company completely refurbish it: repainted, a new operating system, electrical/wiring, and new trains.

- Remove the building that used to be the loading platform for Dragon.

- More TRASH BINS! throughout the park.

- Completely repaint and refurbish all restaurant, restroom, games, store building exteriors. Preferably bright colors. The park always paints dull colors when repaints occur.

- Put in fountains in the water area outside of the Batman Begins Stunt Show stadium building and also paint the bottom of the "pond" white or some shade of blue to make the water appear "cleaner."

- The park needs non-coaster rides. A S&S Screamin' Swing or HUSS Giant Frisbee would fit perfectly for size in Flashback's current location.

- Refurbish the facades and buildings in Gotham City Backlot. Give them a good washing, repaint, rebuild some too.

- Completely refurbish and repaint Jet Stream's queue bridge, queue house and loading platform. NEW BOATS too.

- New logs for Log Jammer.

- Repaint all queue handrails.

- Completely repave any of the midways, queues, and exit paths that have cracks or potholes in them.

I love DW
09-04-2006, 02:18 AM
^Wow that's alot. I wonder how much all that would cost? Because it can't be too cheap to re-paint a roller coaster.

Chris L
09-04-2006, 02:31 AM
^ Yup. And those were all fairly reasonable suggestions for improvement --- I could have kept going. Notice nothing in that post included anything like "BUILD two more wooden coasters, a giga coaster, and three racing Rocket coasters." So that really says something. Magic Mountain is truly a dump of a place. About 95% of my suggestions for improvement in that post would have just made the park "acceptable" and worth the $59 admission price. It would'nt even make it Disney-esque. :eek:

I agree - to have everything listed in that post taken care of would easily exceed $100 million. That's the amount of upkeep total that should have been spread out over the course of the last 25 years.

To paint a medium/large sized roller coaster (such as Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom's Chang) costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

09-04-2006, 04:30 AM
For Valleyfair:

2007- Woodie back of park.
2008- Huss Frisbee across from Riptide, which means getting rid of Supercat.
2009- Move waterpark across by the employee dorms. Add a new morail system from the waterpark to the front entrance.
2010- Remove Antique Autos and place it where previous waterpark was and add a B&M invert where Antique Autos was.
2011- Repaint Cowkscrew and High Roller.
2012- Add a family/kids area with another kiddie coaster by Antique Autos. (Previous waterpark area)
2013- A B&M flying coaster over Antique Autos. (Previous waterpark area). Tallest and Fastest flying coaster in the world.

09-12-2006, 08:53 AM
I'm not going to list 50 coasters, but say the parks up north need to


I can't stand 10am. The problem is the park opens at 10am, and then the major rides don't start until 11am or noon. The public puts up with this as ride maintenance, but I've had it. Wrote Shapiro a letter.

Took the family to SFNJ a month ago, we got there at 09:30am. KK down, El Toro down, Superman, down. We bounced from closed ride to closed ride. They eventually opened in the afternoon, but by that time the family was wore out and I had to take them back to the hotel room.

SFoG did much better on 09/02/06 after wrote them a letter before my visit, they were open at 09:30am with everything running.

IOA opens at 08:30am on busy days and Hulk always starts with 3 trains.

CP has the early start for hotel guests and Joe Cool club members starting at 09:00am. But that only gets you two rides and the ERT is really only half an hour. The GP is let in at 09:30am. It helps, but CP could open at 08:30am for Maverick next year.

Parks need to OPEN EARLY with the major attraction up and running with max trains. No more maintenance excuses. Have everything tested and ready to go as the fans run to the ride.

Matt M
09-12-2006, 09:13 AM
*I'd get some attention by investing in bizarre Pax rides. Nothing screams "look at me!" for than something like Conny Land's new coaster.

*I'd get family rides out the wazoo and install things like the random giant slides all over the European parks everywhere.

*Park wouldn't be in the United States because the lawsuit BS that I don't want to put up

*Make an "adult" ride like the "adult ride" in Nagashima Spaland (I'm serious)

*My park would look like Bon Bon Land because the theming there is awesome. Everyone loves cows with gigantic boobs.

*If you're caught littering or making a gum tree you get kicked out by a gigantic scary looking bouncer guy carrying a large cartoony sign above your head that says "I littered!" or something along those lines

*Pay once to park, pay once to enter the park

*Rides open right away

*Normally priced food with real fast food chains in the park, meaning more than one fast food chain.

Jimmy B
09-12-2006, 02:45 PM
Those of you saying the park needs to open up earlier, I hope you realize that the park employees need to be there at least an hour (or two) before the park even opens to staff the park, map out operations, and test run the rides several times and some of them don't leave until an hour after closing.

So if a park were to open at 8:30 AM, the employees would need to start working in some cases as early as 6:30 AM every morning. And ride mechanics need to be there at least six hours before opening every morning for complete inspection of all the rides. Also park employees, usually have to stay at the park an hour or two after closing for closing procedures.

Even opening at 10 AM is already a grueling schedule as it is for employees (especially those working a full day from open to close). I would say if you're going to open early (and I think 9 AM is early enough), make sure there is sufficient staffing to take on the extended operating hours.

But anyway, at one of my home parks Six Flags Fiesta Texas:

-- Run all the rides at maximum available capacity, especially on busy days. Not necessarily run all trains/cars, but all that are cleared by inspection for use.

-- Not necessarily get new coasters, but I would bring back Joker's Revenge (it never should have left the park in the first place!). I would get an observation tower, in my sincere opinion, no major park is ever complete without one, one of my favorite kind of rides.

-- Run Trams on busy days to transport guests from their parking areas to the front gate.

-- Change the pricing scheme a bit to accommodate more people. The way I would do it is, keep the current admission for both the park and water park, but also have a separate (cheaper admission to one of the two -- either the theme park or the water park).

-- Open up a second front gate for the water park by the parking lot for those who do the water park admission.

-- Year round operations! If Florida and California have always been doing it, why shouldn’t we continue to do it also? Take advantage of our climate! Thank goodness we are finally having winter operations back after years of absence.

Now for Frontier City (the park I worked at last year):

-- Get a second train for the Wildcat and Silver Bullet coasters and run both trains when available.

-- Build more restrooms (the have only three in the entire park!)

-- If I could make it happen, I would move White Water Bay next to Frontier City (they are currently located across the city from one another). Keep the current separate admission for those that only want to do one or the other, but also have a combination admission for those that want to do both parks in one day.

For both parks, I would install TV monitors along queue lines so those that are waiting in line will have something to do while they wait.

There might be some other thing I might do as well that I haven't thought of of the top of my head.

For the employees, I would make sure for every four hours worked, they get a half-hour break. If I could make it happen, I would pay overtime for over 40 hours worked a week. (currently employees don't get overtime pay rate). I would also make sure that no one had to work more than six consecutive days at a time. Have more employee ride days or nights. Just a few of the things for the staff I'd like to do.

Ryan F
09-12-2006, 03:52 PM
I'll do MarineLand for now...
--Lower the price. Enough stuff in Niagra are already overpriced Tourist traps, MarineLand isnt really worth the $40 admission.

--Add Trees. The park is huge and has lots of long un-shaded paths.

--Finish Dragon Mountain....Waterfall and all.

--Add flame looking lights to the Dragon Mountain queue. My girlfriend and I had to walk with our arms and hands stright out in front of us so we wouldn't hit any walls.

--Finish the aquarium.

--Add another coaster. Walking through the park you see huge plots of land that could easily fit some good rides and coasters.

--Add lighting to the park. The park closes when dark comes because there's no park lighting system.

--Add more restaurants. There's only two in the park and they serve the same thing.

--Add more souvenir shops. Again, there's not many in the park, and it's a good source of income.

--Add a midway along one of the long stretches of paths from the front to the back. There's plenty of open space along the paths for game stands, small flats, and anything else you might like on a midway.

--Dont charge to pet a whale. It was around $10 to feed a beluga or an orca one fish, pet it, and rub it's tounge. I'd still charge to feed it, rub it's tounge, and get a kiss (at a lower price), but petting the whale should be free.

--Add another show building or at least another show. The one dolphin, seal, and walrus show was pretty good, but one involving the whales would be pretty nice too.

--Have the dolphins in an open viewing tank like the whales. It would be another source of income and allow people to see dolphins without going to the show. Although, the new aquarium will have a dolphin exhibit.

--Add another way to the top of the Sky Screamer's hill. The long, unshaded, winding path to the top is not fun on scorching days. I'd add a chair lift, or at the very least some more benches and trees up the path.

--Add park transportation. The park is big enough to have a small train, monorail or a skyride. In fact, a sky ride would be really nice, especially if it's close enough to any of the exhibits.

--Add the river boat cruise that was rumoured years ago. I'd have the river connect to the bottom of Dragon Mountain's waterfall to be kinda like a mini maid of the mist.

--Have free shuttle buses from Clifton Hill to the park. Paying for a cab to and from hotels, plus admission, food, and anything else at the park is not much fun.

That's all I can think of for now. I know it's a lot, and would cost a lot of money, but I think that all of that would really pull in a larger crowd from Niagra Falls and New York state.