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09-05-2005, 01:01 AM
This same day last year I was up at the park, seeking Deja Vu, and missed. Today was different, Vu was open, everything was. Overall a very good day.

We got to the park at 9:40, just as they opened the gates for people to come in, good timing. After a quick scan of the season pass, we headed off to Scorcher and walked on the back row, still as good as ever.

Next we headed back to Gotham City, hoping to catch Mindbender before the line got too long. Sure enough, Mindbender was as usual 1 TRAIN http://www.stuntlife.com/forums/images/smilies/banghead.gifhttp://www.stuntlife.com/forums/images/smilies/banghead.gif. Even though we only had to wait 2 trains, the wait was a good 15 minutes....I could have ridden Deja Vu in that amount of time. I took my 3rd ride of the year on Bender and headed to Batman. Like Mindbender, it too was running one train http://www.stuntlife.com/forums/images/smilies/banghead.gif. The good news was that I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.....ok, joking aside, we walked on to row 8 and took an awesome ride.

Walking out of line we saw Deja Vu climb Tower 2, so we naturally headed that way. We were greeted with a very short line, but it too was running one train, I mean come on, why can't Deja Vu run 2 trains??? :D . We were assigned to 4A and B and rode. Nice beginning of the day, and when we got off we saw a line that not only had held steady, but shrunk. Again we took a ride, this time in 3B and 4A, my 40th and 41st rides of the year. The rows weren't all that great, but the real fun would come later.

After Deja Vu we all wanted to hit up Acrophobia, so we hopped a ride on the Sky Buckets towards the front, ands found Acro with 10 people in line :) . I took ride number 242, and a line had built, so we had to get off. It was only half a queue, so we jumped the barrier and took another ride.

Next up was another ride on Scorcher, this time we actually had to wait a whole 10 minutes. Again we rode the back, talking to Jerry about Goliath when he checked us.

At this point we were all hungry, so we went to the Miners Cookhouse and ate burgers and fries for lunch.

Since we were in the area we decided to head in the direction of Superman, hitting Ninja first. Ninja was a true definition of a walk on, there were only 5 people in line. We took some seats and took the next 2 rides, and could have taken the third, but decided to head on.

We took a look at Scream Machine, and saw a long line, because ::gasp:: it was running an impressive one train. I know how much this all shocks you.

Deciding to skip Scream Machine, it was off to Superman. We walked almost to the stairs before we encountered people, which was fine with me; I hadn't had these kind of lines since season pass ERT.When we made it to the station, there were only 2 people in line for the front, so we seized the opportunity and took a ride in row 1. Every time we go to flying position my foot clips the floor, does anyone else have that problem? Also on the ride going down after the horse-collar turn by the station, my hand slapped some kind of plant really hard. I didn't see what it was, nor did I see it coming, but my hand hurt for a little while after....I'm just happy it didnt draw blood.

After a little down time, we slowly headed towards the Wheelie, and were gretted with a one-car wait, still nothing special to me.

Once that was done, we headed to Deja Vu in the middle of a breakdown, and people pouring out of line, a really good time to get in. Right after us they closed the line, and we waited for aonly about 15 minutes. Because there were so few poeple in line, they let us choose our seats, we took 7B, my 2nd favorite seat. uring all this the line was closed off, so that after we were done the mechanics could do something to it, not exactly sure. Some people had snuck in line behind us, and we were set to get 8B in the very last train, but since they came in another train was run, and we were allowed to stay :) .

Next we were all thirsty, so we headed to USA for the massage room, drinks, and of couse the consruction. It's kind of interesting to look at where the Gasp once stood because there is a gaping hole right there.

Finally getting up from the massage chairs, we decided that we would take a ride on the train, and see if Deja Vu was running. While waiting we saw and heard the train climb tower 2, so we headed down. It made a few test runs, and then stopped. We didn't have a whole lot of time before we had to go, so we decided to watch the Western Show, so we could also keep an eye on Deja Vu. The ride never tested again from what we saw; there were 2 mechanics on tower 1 looking at the motor.

That was basically it, nothing really fancy.

Deja Vu was having problems with the restraints all day, because some dumb ass, even after repeated times telling him to pull it up, has it down as they try to lock it. Seeing as I was on the train waiting to go, I was pretty ticked, mostly because I don't think anyone on Earth is that ignorant or stupid to just sit there and hold it down.....Just so stupid, what more can you say. After that little "incident" the ride was never quite the same, breaking down multiple times for restraint problems.

Everything that I know of was open, so it was an enjoyable day.

There are probably so many typos it isn't even funny, but I'm really tired and don;t feel like proofreading it.....late night in Athens Saturday, and then Six Flags today. Nice to have a day off to recover

Carowinds 73-03
09-05-2005, 01:20 AM
Wow, That little problem shut down Deja Vu for the day. I never knew the ride was that crappy. J/K

Awesome TR.

09-05-2005, 01:31 AM
^It may have opened up later, I had to leave at 5

09-05-2005, 02:21 AM
Well it seems parks are DEAD this time of year...which I didn't know. Walk-ons for basically every ride and Deja Vu was open! :D What a fun trip!!