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09-18-2005, 11:44 AM
This trip report is a combination of two park visits. The first visit was on September 4th and the second being on September 11th. I wonít go into any great detail, but will just stick mainly to the rides and in no particular order, unless stated otherwise.
I visited the park both times with my younger brother. A quick note about him; I thought he had been on most of the rides and coasters in the Ďadultí section of the park, but on the morning of our first visit my Dad told me that he has never been on one of the bigger coasters and almost none of the rides! I had to take advantage of the situation and was ready to introduce my brother to the fun of throwing yourself to the will of the rides and coasters http://thrillnetwork.com/boards/images/smilies/biggrin.gif
Italian Job: Stunt Track; (http://rcdb.com/id2861.htm)
Well, after reading a lot of the reviews of this ride I wasnít expecting much from it at all. After getting two rides on it, in my opinion this is quite a fun family ride. The highlights of the ride are defiantly the beginning helix and the ending tunnel. Everything in between those two parts was boring and seemed pointless. I guess it didnít help that on both days I went, none of the onboard effects were working, at all. And on the second day I went the ending water splash (more like squirtÖ) wasnít even working.
My brother really enjoyed this ride. Itís a shame that it moves people so slowly and that he couldnít ride it more without waiting in what seemed one of the slowest moving lines I have ever waited in. It also sucks that you canít choose your own seat.
In my opinion, I think this would have been a lot better as an indoor ride with more lighting effects.
Total rides: 1 on Sept 4th & 1 on Sept 11th
Mighty Canadian MineBuster; (http://rcdb.com/id59.htm)
In past years this woodie has been very painful and not worth riding more than once, if at all. However, my rides on it during these two visits were actually quite enjoyable. The bone jarring jack hammering all throughout the ride seems to have been lessoned by a great amount. Now all they need to do is add some damn airtime!!! There is only airtime on the first drop and the first hill after, in the back seat. All of the hills after you just bounce around as you coast over the crests of the hills.
Riding at night on the Minebuster was a real fun experience. With the water park closed and with very few lights on, it is a blast (even without airtime) to fly through the dark water park diving under the water slides.
My brother was nervous when he first got on, but that was soon erased by a huge smile. I tried to get him to hold his hands up on his second ride, but he wouldnít hold them up. I did get him to hold them up on his third ride though. http://thrillnetwork.com/boards/images/smilies/biggrin.gif
Total rides: 3 on Sept 4th & 3 on Sept 11th
Skyrider; (http://rcdb.com/id62.htm)
Hmm, a Togo standup? Am I in for a pounding? Nope! This ride has always been great, especially in the back car! If you ride in the back car, you really get whipped down and over the first drop which provides some great airtime all the way down. Then you are thrown into a loop which has some nice positive gís the entire way through. The next hill is my favourite. In the back car it feels like you get thrown over the second hill and right into the helix.
Brotherís thoughts: At first he was very nervous and I didnít think he would actually get on. But he did, and this was one of his favourite rides of the day.
We didnít ride this on the 11th because in the morning someone barfed, so they had to clean it all up which made a major delay and in the afternoon the line was just too long to even bother.
Total rides: 1 on Sept 4th
The Orbiter (Huss Skylab); (http://flatrides.com/Ride%20Index%20Pages/skylab.html)
Over the year or so there have been some rumours that this old ride is going to be taken out. If this ever happens I will be really sad as I love this ride a lot. Iím happy that is was in good working order both days I visited Wonderland.
On the 4th, we got to this ride early, but it was weird. The ride was Ďoní with all the motors and pumps running, but there was no ride op or any staff around, at all. I just though it was strange as anyone could have jumped the fence and started pushing the buttons or whatever in the control booth, lol.
Brotherís thoughts: He actually wanted to ride this and thought it was a really fun ride.
Total # of rides: 2 on Sept 4th & 1 on Sept 11th
Sledgehammer (Huss Jump2); (http://flatrides.com/Ride%20Index%20Pages/jump2.html)
A fun ride. Umm, not really sure what to say about it. It is cool how is throws you up into the sky and then back down to the ground. It would a lot more thrilling if it kept bouncing you up and down instead of taking a brake to just spin you. I think the ride would also be a lot more enjoyable if the seats were facing to the outside, instead of towards each other.
Brotherís thoughts: Fun ride except for everytime you get pulled or pushed up and down you get some minor head banging into the hard, crappy Huss restraints.
Total # of rides: 1 on Sept 4th & 2 on Sept 11th
Psyclone (Mondial Revolution); (http://flatrides.com/Ride%20Index%20Pages/revolution.html)
Another fun ride. If it is a hot day this is also a great ride to cool down on as you get quite a big breeze while swinging. My only nitpick about this ride is that I wish it swung at maximum swing for a bit longer. When on the ride the ride cycle feels so short. The restraints also restrict movement way too much.
Brotherís thoughts: My brother wouldnít ride this when we went the first time, but on the 4th I talked him into riding it and he absolutely loved it and rode it again later in the day.
Total # of rides: 1 on Sept 4th & 2 on Sept 11th
Tomb Raider: The Ride (http://rcdb.com/id2516.htm)
I hate this ride. It feels like you are inside of a hamster cage being violently shaken around. The only nice part of the ride are the two heart line rolls which give a weird hang time feeling in the middle of them. Also, what is up with the very harsh brakes????
Brotherís thoughts: This was the first ride out in the Ďadultí section of the park that he went on. He didnít really have much to say about it. So I have no idea what he thought of it, lol. Probably nothing great though.
Total # of rides: 1 on Sept 4th
Top Gun: (http://rcdb.com/id57.htm)
If only Vekoma SLCs were smoother and not as bumpy they would be great rides. In my opinion they have a great layout. Top Gun isnít too bumpy, I donít think. I only have Six Flags Darien Lakeís SLC to compare it to though.
Brotherís thoughts: He was quite nervous before riding this. Probably because we were getting into the front row. Going up the lift his he was white knuckled the entire way, but by halfway through the ride you could tell he was having a blast. After getting off he said he really liked the ride other than the fact that it bumps you around a bit.
Total # of rides: 1 on Sept 4th
Dragon Fire: (http://rcdb.com/id58.htm)
An old Arrow looper, enough said.
Brotherís thoughts; He liked the loops but though going through the corkscrews was a bit rough on the ears.
Total # of rides: 2 on Sept 4th & 2 on Sept 11th
Nightmares: (http://flatrides.com/Ride%20Index%20Pages/ufo.html)
Fun ride I guess. It gets boring after a while and makes me feel a bit sick.
Brotherís thoughts; Fun ride. He didnít really say much else.
Total # of rides: 1 on Sept 4th & 1 on Sept 11th
Drop Zone:
Yay, the Intamin drop ride! Can these things ever give a bad ride??
Brotherís thoughts; During the first visit I could not get him to even step in line, so my goal for the second visit was to somehow get him on Drop Zone. Well, somehow I managed to get him to agree to ride it at least once. After he got that first ride out of the way he couldnít wait to ride it again!
Total # of rides: 1 on Sept 4th & 4 on Sept 11th
Wild Beast: (http://rcdb.com/id60.htm)
This woodie was definitely the surprise of both visits! In past years this was just another crappy woodie in my mind. However, on these two past visits I actually really enjoyed it, a lot! There is plenty of air (even some ejector air on the first drop in the back seat), laterals and even some lateral airtime which really surprised me.
The one thing I think that could be greatly improved on this coaster is the fan turn near the station. It needs to have less banking or be lowered so that you donít Ďfallí to the side of the car due to the lack of lateral g forces.
Brotherís thoughts; He really liked this coaster as well. He even held his hands up for most of the time on his first ride!
Total # of rides: 3 on Sept 4th & 5 on Sept 11th
Fly (http://rcdb.com/id540.htm)
Just another wild mouse type coaster with a 50 foot drop. Fun ride, nothing to write home about though. It was nice that only one of the trims was on during the entire course, instead of getting a constant slow down by the brakes.
Brotherís thoughts; Fun ride, but not worth the wait in line for a second ride.

09-18-2005, 11:45 AM
Shockwave (Mondial Topscan): (http://flatrides.com/Ride%20Index%20Pages/topscan.html)
Awesome ride! The last time I rode this it was running a really, really tame/lame ride program. This time around though, it was insane! Constant flipping, rocking, spinning etc etc. It was spinning and tossing me around so much that I had to grab the restraints a bunch of times for fear that I was going to come flying out of my seat, lol.
Brotherís thoughts; He would not ride it the first visit so we just skipped it. During the second visit we rode this twice as the line was pretty short. He thought the ride was pretty crazy.
Total # of rides: 2 on Sept 11th
Vortex: (http://rcdb.com/id65.htm)
We both decided to skip this coaster on the first visit because of the super long line it had. The second visit had a much shorter and faster moving line, so we jumped in line and waited for the front row.
Wow! With only 5 cars per train (6th car has been taken off for whatever reasonÖ), the trains fly through all the turns without the usual pause that can be felt, sort of like sitting in the front of a SLC.
After riding the front row, we lucked out and grabbed the two empty seats in the same car, but row two for a second ride.
Brotherís thoughts; He thought is was interesting to see what is on top of the fake mountain and thought the ride itself was a blast.

Overall, we both had a really fun time and even though the crowds got pretty big in the afternoon on both days, we still managed to ride quite a few things.
One thing I must say, SINGLE RIDER LINES PLEASE!!!!

Pictures in next post...

09-18-2005, 11:47 AM
^Italian Job ride area. Picture is taken from Minebuster's queue ramp.
^Crappy photo, but meh. Minebuster's brake run...how exciting!
^This would be such a fun ride if it didn't have the horrible restraints :(
^One of my favourite rides in the park!

09-18-2005, 11:48 AM
^Better ride with only 5 cars!
^Didn't ride on either day, due to full queue line.
^Around and around and around and around.....
^I'm glad Arrow put a rest area (mcbr) in before tossing you through the helix!

09-18-2005, 11:49 AM
^Who wants to get wet?!



More more more!


09-18-2005, 11:51 AM
^uhhhh, next ride please.

^Some wildlife next to the Italian Job queue line

^The now mandatory IT:ST pictures....


^More swinging

09-18-2005, 11:52 AM
^Aww, end of the day

^But ummm...Where did we park??

Until next time...

Sadly, I somehow forgot to take pictures of the Topscan in action :/

Ryan F
09-18-2005, 12:01 PM
Good review and nice shots.
You should've went on Xtreme Skyflyer...it's the best ride in the park;), and alot better by yourself.

And about the Single Rider Lines...PCW doesn't believe in them. Apparantly people actually complained about them. Notice the entrance sign to IJ has "Main Entry" twice...one was "Single Rider Entry" for awhile at the beginning.

09-18-2005, 12:09 PM
^Yeah, I noticed that on IJ. Though if they built the single rider line that close to the station I don't think it would do much good. Kind of like the single rider line on Tomb Raider. Its there, but only once you get into the station and no one ever uses it.

I would have rode the skycoaster....but both days I didn't bring much money, only enough for lunch and stuff.

I see you are going to UOIT, thats cool. I'm a student a Durham College. lol, pretty close...

Ryan F
09-18-2005, 12:16 PM
Haha, yea your school is connected to mine, I'm usually in the commons either playing AoE over the network with my friends, or just sitting around talking on MSN.

Anyway, it's too bad about the single rider lines, I think that havign them farther up is a good idea though. That way single riders have to wait around the same ammount of time as groups. Too bad the groups had to complain about it and ruin it all.

Carowinds 73-03
09-18-2005, 09:40 PM
Awesome TR and great pics. I really hope to make it to PCW soon and just seeing more pics makes me want to go even more.

I love the collection of flat rides the park has.

09-26-2005, 09:38 AM
^^lol, I've probably seen you then. I ussually go into the commons and do work

09-26-2005, 12:54 PM
Nice pics. I hope to get there someday.