View Full Version : ThrillNetwork.net Scripting Rules

09-18-2005, 09:16 PM
Effective 9/18/2005

1) No more ThrillNetwork.net site applications until further notice
2) For existing sites, any site that is currently running any scripts (PHP/Perl, etc.) must be approved by TN Admin (Graham or myself)
3) Concerning PHP-Nuke, Postnuke, Gallery, and phpBB: We have new policies concerning these scripts...
PHP-Nuke: No longer allowed due to the way it is distributed, and if any security issues are found, they are not passed to free versions properly
Postnuke, Gallery, and phpBB: They must be updated to the current version at all times. Initial updates can be completed by TN Admin (TN Admin will not be responsible for the loss of any modifications to scripts), but anything beyond that is the responsibility of the site owner. Failure to do so will find the site being suspended.
For Gallery, you have the option of having it maintained by us. However, due to the nature of the installation, you cannot customize it.
Only the versions of Postnuke, Gallery, and phpBB that are distributed from the official sites (http://www.postnuke.org, http://www.phpbb.com, http://gallery.menalto.com) will be allowed. Any modified versions (save for PNphpBB - module for postnuke) are not allowed.If you have any questions, please contact Graham or Steven.