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12-04-2005, 08:02 PM
Date: December 3rd, 2005 | Park Hours: Extended - 4pm-11pm

I arrived at the park at 3:50pm in hopes to be in the park by 4pm, but there was a full house. Once in the park, I decided to head into the USA section and took pictures of the measurements for the new attraction for 2006, Rock-N-Rocket. On my verge to take more pictures of a few construction zones that are already under way, I headed farther into the park, going through Boomtown and heading to Goodtimes Square. I then took a picture of Gotham City. Gotham City will be recieving an interactive spray zone and a Zamperla Telecombat attraction for the 2006 season. Finally, I headed to Goodtimes Square to find a big square section cut off as construction for the Samba Tower was already under way. After this, I decided that it was time to hitch myself onto a ride because, after all, its been over a month since I've seen any coaster action.

As my destination to freetime was near, I was getting excited. Shockwave was the first ride I had on my mind as I went under the Oil Derrick and over the railroad tracks. I am next up on the ride as one of two trains pulls into the station. Half way into the station, the train stops. The operator tries to get the train rolling and the rest of the Shockwave crew try to bring the coaster in. What we didn't know was that the other train was at the top of the lift hill sitting there. My first thought was that the operator had accidentally swiped the e-stop button and that mechanics would be over in a matter of 10 minutes to fix things. The mechanics pull the train into the station and let the riders off as we get the message saying that the ride would be down for a while. I leave the station and watch the people at the top of the lift hill descend down to ground level. As I was kind of frustrated and turn to leave, the railroad arms are down. Shortly after this, I realize that the park's power had gone out.

Mechanics come over to the scene to let us through and over the railroad. All of the coasters are closed other than Titan and La Vibora. Both lines are very long as Titan's line is in the overflow queue area. I walk around the park and into the USA section and have the opportunity to catch the Christmas show, Cool Yule. After this, I head to the front of the park and catch the brass choir play some Christmas tunes and I think they did a very good job. The park is just crazily flowing with people as most of the power in the park is out and there is nothing to do but stand out there and await for the power to come back on. An hour has passed and I begin walking around the park. I find a bench and sit down for a while. An hour later, I notice that the Oil Derrick lights along with the Superman: Tower of Power lights have come back on and I also notice that other lights have come on and some coasters are beginning to test.

It is just after 7pm and I am in need of some airtime. I head over to Judge Roy Scream, the park's out-and-back wooden coaster and wait about 15 minutes to board the ride. It was very nice and I was happy that I had finally gotten a ride on something for the first time in the day. I took my chances and walked all the way over to Titan, where there was about a 30 minute wait. I decided to bear the wait. I picked a seat in the second cart of the train and bundled up as it was beginning to get chilly outside. The ride was great and I wanted to go again, but it was not worth the wait that the line provided.

Next up, I walked around the park and took pictures of all of the lights since they had come back on. It seemed as though this has been the best year I have attended Holiday In The Park. There were Christmas lights every where you looked, and it hasn't always been like this. After taking some pictures of Oil Derrick, Christmas lights, etc, I decided to head over to Specialty Hot Dawgs, a restaurant at the park, to get my souvenir cup refilled. It was one of the only stands that didn't have a crazy line so I took advantage of it. After this, I finished up the picture taking for the time being and decided that Shockwave had to be fixed by then and that it was time to recieve some of the best airtime in the park.

I arrive and there's a bit of a line on Shockwave, around 25 minutes or so, but it is and was definately worth it. I grab my spot for the back cart of the ride and hop in as it is finally my turn. I bundle up as it is down to 45 degrees and get ready for the journey. This was one of the best rides I have gotten on Shockwave. By myself in the back seat at night with all the Christmas lights, cant hardly beat it.

After taking my spin on Shockwave, I head over to the Mexico/Spain area to take one last spin on El Sombrero before the move it to a new location. I truly forgot how much fun this little kiddie ride is as I never ride it, but I still had a blast on it anways. By this time, I was ready to leave the park. Overall, what seemed to be like a rather disasterous day turned out to be a pretty great one.

Early markings for next year's Rock-N-Rocket are already visible.

People being taken down the lift of Shockwave after the power went out throughout the park.

Lights decorate the Southern Palace Theater in the Old South area of the park.

The tip of the Texas area is also suited up for Christmas.

Construction for the new area for the El Sombrero attraction has also begun.

Nearly all the lights are out, not including the emergency lights, in the Boomtown section of the park as part of the blackout.

The other tip of the Texas area is also dressed in many lights.

The USA section of the park has lights everywhere.

Shockwave zooms by the Oil Derrick, which is also themed for the holidays.

The Silver Star Carousel in the front mall of the park is also decorated for the holidays.