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07-01-2001, 11:22 AM
Well, this was a big family trip to PKD, the first family trip we've went on in a long time. Let's see, there was me, my mom, dad, little sister, aunt, uncle, five cousins, and two friends from school. We had a great time, although mostr of the time was split up, of course, lol. Anyways, we got there at about 10:00, and got great parking spots. We went into the main gate, and walked down to the gate beside the 7th Portal Theatre, waiting to see what time it would open. We heard that the gates wouldn't open until 10:30, and 7th Portal was a walkon, so we went to that. The ride is alright, but it could be a bit longer. At 10:30, my friends and one of my cousins grouped up and snuck our way through to the front of the line that was waiting to be let in the gate. The gate keeper opened it up, and said that he would walk everyone to the Hypersonic that wanted to go. We were at the front of the crowd, and everyone behind us was trying to run, so we Jog-Walked to the Hypersonic entrance, where we met Demonte (I think that's his name), the guy that rode the Hypersonic on the Discovery Channel show. He was very nice, but sounded a bit queerish, lol. It seemed like FOREVER, but we had to stand through a half hour of Hypersonic testing before they would let us in. Finally, we got onto the ride, and we were the first riders of the day in the first few rows. The ride was AWESOME, make sure to hit it when you go to PKD. Next was the Hurler, which was a walkon. We stayed on and rode it four times staight, the ride is pretty cool. Next, we hit the Rebel Yell frontwards twice in a row, and then left off for other adventures. We then hit FOF, which was a half hour wait. It is awesome without the OTSRs! We then took a break, and got some Dippin' Dots while watching idiots on the X-Treme Skyflyer. Next was White Water Canyon and the Shenandoah Log Flume, which cooled us off. We then met up with the rest of the family at about 12:00, and once again split up. We went to look at the Volcano line, and it was a two hour wait. We decided that it'd be best to wait until the line shortens, so we went on to the Anaconda, which was a short 20 Minutes wait. The ride was ok, the brake system has consistently gotten worse every visit though, as well as the headbanging. We sacrificed our 1 1/2 Hours for the Volcano, which was an awesome ride. It would've been two, but we got very lucky when a fight broke out. A group of people whom were ahead of us sneaked by some people who were watching the fight break out, and the security asked us to move out of the way. Afterwards, they asked us who we originally were behind, and we pointed to the people who jumped ahead so we saved major time, as they were up quite a bit. My cousins/friends had grouped up into twos, and I was the odd man out. We all got into the line for the front row, and I got by with my sneaky "single rider" trick, and got to ride about five circuts before they did. Volcano was awesome! The only thing that needed improvement was the brakes! We then hit the piece of crap Grizzly next, before meeting up with the family and eating at the Congo Grill at about 5pm. We rode the Scooby Doo and Taxi Jam with my little sister (LoL), and then rode a few more kiddy rides and spent an hour at their waterpark, which has really improved lately. At 8, we had two hours to go, and decided to hit the Shockwave, which was an awesome walkon ride despite what other people say about it, and then hit the walkon Avalanche. From 8:20 to 9:20 we rode the Rebel Yell continuously, no one else was in line so we switched from frontwards and backwards several times. At 9:20, we saw that the Hypersonic line wasn't bad at all, so we waited a half hour for the third row. The night ride was just as good as the day ride! We then walked slowly up the hill to the Eiffel Tower, and I bought my 10$ Hypersonic shirt and 12$ FITTED HXLC hat, then WE LEFT.
<BR>Overall On The Whole Trip - 8.9/10
<BR>Hypersonic - 10/10
<BR>Volcano - 10/10
<BR>Anaconda - 6/10
<BR>Rebel Yell Frontwards - 8/10
<BR>RY Backwards - 6/10
<BR>Grizzly - 3/10
<BR>Hurler - 9/10
<BR>Avalanche - 6/10
<BR>Taxi Jam - 11/10!!!!....j/k....1/10
<BR>Scooby Doo Coaster - 6/10
<BR>Shockwave - 10/10
<BR>White Water Canyon - 7/10
<BR>Diamond Falls - 6/10
<BR>Shenandoah Log Flume - 7/10

Andy Rathe
07-01-2001, 12:18 PM
Good TR, but can you put in some paragraphs next time; it's a LOT easier to read! Thanks!

07-07-2001, 07:16 PM
I agree Hypersonic is AWESOME! I rode it around 9:00 (when the park closed at 7!) it kept breaking down.. Question though.. Does Hypersonic still have the rollback problem? It was a sight when the train wouldnt clear the top of the hill and fall backwards.
<BR>FOF is defeniately a much better ride with the OTSR off.

07-11-2001, 06:37 PM
Recently I havent seen any rollbacks on XLC. The problem is now if the ride is making an unnormal noise they shut down the ride for about 20-30 minutes.