View Full Version : Blatant Spam (non-sanctioned advertising, porn, etc.)

10-07-2006, 11:16 AM
We've seen an increase in spamming on the forums in the kind of pure advertising, such as porn-based, drug-based, and other blatant advertising. We try to put up many fronts against them (including image verification, email verification, blocking entire IP address blocks, etc.), but some still get through.

Some of you, as members, still decide to reply to this rubbish. This is not helping matters at all, because most of them won't even read what you posted. It doesn't help you at all, especially if you're concerned about post count. Those posts end up getting deleted, and don't make the thread any more visible for us to see it. So, don't reply to these in any way, shape, or form.

Your best bet are these two options...
1) Report it in the spam thread in Help Us Out
2) Use the "Report this post" link on each post. An email goes out to all moderators when you use that.

We take care of these as soon as possible. From there, we gather all information from that post and take further action, so that we can work on reducing these types of posts and even users.