View Full Version : Afterlife Graphic Design ReOpens with awesome new design!

07-02-2001, 03:43 PM
AGD, or Afterlife Graphic Design, has recently re opened with a new design!
<BR>We still offer high quality graphics AT NO PRICE. That includes image sigs, logos, banners, buttons, whatever!!
<BR>All this and more at <a href="http://agd.ath.cx">Afterlife Graphic Design!</a>
<BR><!-- BBCode Start --><IMG SRC="http://www.rollercoster.homestead.com/files/ssm.jpg" BORDER="0"><!-- BBCode End -->
<BR><!-- BBCode u1 Start --><A HREF="http://agd.ath.cx" TARGET="_blank">http://agd.ath.cx</A><!-- BBCode u1 End -->
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