View Full Version : A wooden stand up?

05-06-2001, 11:38 AM
Do you think there will be a wooden stand up in the near future? What park do u think will get the first one?

05-06-2001, 11:43 AM
I think Hershey Park will get the first wooden stand up.

coaster man098
05-06-2001, 12:12 PM
one would never be built. it would hurt you legs beyond beleif. it will never be done.

05-06-2001, 12:16 PM
Anybody like to get their knees popped? anyone? Just go ride one of these!!!

05-06-2001, 05:03 PM
It's highly unlikely. COuld you imagine SOB or Mean Streak as a stand up? I don't want to even fathom that! Woodies are made to be rough, not made to be stood up on.

05-06-2001, 05:22 PM
I bet a TOGO engineer has read that and is building a prototype right now.

Apollo's Chariot
05-06-2001, 05:37 PM
I bet there will be a wooden stand up in the near future

05-06-2001, 07:51 PM
I think it maybe could be done wooden structure, but It would probably need a steel track.
<BR>P.S. Kraken, your signature is simply delightful.

05-06-2001, 08:41 PM
Weeeelll if you think about it you wouldnt need to convert the track youd ony need to convert the carts you would no longer need shoulder restrains just use bars that come up against the torso and TADA a wooden stand-up I just wanted to add in that in my spare time I draw up designs although its not a job!

Old Crow
05-06-2001, 08:43 PM
I would think that it would be too rough and bumpy.

05-06-2001, 08:43 PM
PS: Also I drew up the design for a Stand-up woodie 2 years ago and sent in the design to ACE!

05-06-2001, 11:17 PM
Sheesh...I stand up Wooden RollerCoaster? Is that even possible? n/m that question but that just sounds so painful you legs shaking the entire ride...ouch

05-27-2001, 02:59 AM
I think a floorless standup is more likely then a woodie.

05-27-2001, 03:53 AM
If people complain about their legs hurting on Mantis...imagine people after getting off this ride!
<BR>A wooden floorless does sound cool

coaster man098
05-27-2001, 10:03 AM
it would be incredibly painful and unsafe, it just won't be built

05-27-2001, 10:24 AM
Um... ouch! Wooden coasters are for sitting, no loops, standups, inverteds, etc.

05-27-2001, 10:49 AM
Your leg bones would explode!

05-27-2001, 08:40 PM
WHY?!? WHY?!? WHY?!? Are you a masochist?

05-28-2001, 11:08 AM
If one was built, it would have to be small and very smooth. Think about a stand up Son of Beast? That would tear your legs up!

05-28-2001, 11:46 AM
I think they could if they had a smother ride. Woodens are so rough they could blow out your knees.

05-28-2001, 11:55 AM
A wooden stand-up? Don't think so! Stand-ups are already going out of the picture because they are uncomfortable. Think about the roughness of a wooden coaster and then the uncomfortableness (word?) of a stand-up combined! One word: OUCH!

05-28-2001, 12:01 PM
NO too many lats

05-28-2001, 12:03 PM
Well, some GCI's are really smooth...Lightning Racer, for example. GCI could maybe make one with that kind of smoothness and then just make it really straight without a lot of turning... it would be really boring but it would work alright. However, I don't know what park would want that...

06-23-2001, 08:17 PM
a togo enginner is just thinking of all the ways to hurt ur nuts.