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05-06-2001, 12:59 PM
Ok so I haven't been here since 99 and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with how they have landsacped the park. It just seems so much greener. Not to mention the big orange coaster they put in the front.
<BR>Talon- Once in the front and once second row to the back. This thing is amazing in the front it's twice as amazing in the back. Another b&m masterpiece. Spotted a trim before the immelman.
<BR>Steel force- One ride in the fifth row. A great hyper,not my favorite though. Morgan has to do something with these trains. We were making jokes in line about how you could camp out in them. Was a really good ride though. Some guy was smoking during the ride which I thought was funny cuz the ride ops saw it and started stacking up the trains so they could chew this guy out.
<BR>Thunderhawk-Not a bad woodie. Not as bad as rolling thunder or mean streak but not the best either. One lap row four.
<BR>Wild mouse- Rode this to bump the count. This one is heavily trimmed.
<BR>Hercules,laser,dominator- Been there done that in 99. I didn't feel like waiting in line.
<BR>Overall I had a good experience yestarday, the lines were so-so but the season pass line was ridiculous. The ride ops need to work on capacity a bit more though. They are definitly clearing the land behind steel force. I don't know what they're putting in though.

05-08-2001, 09:46 PM
The Landscaping has definitly improved over the past few years

05-12-2001, 10:56 PM
I went to dorney park today...talon kicked ass...went on it twice but wasnt really what i expected, its not very fast. Steel force is still my favorite. They shut it down for 45 minutes because someone puked..HEH!

05-13-2001, 12:06 AM
I also went to Dorney Park On 5-12-01 and rode Talon and i think it was alot better than Raptor at Cedar Point and i also rode on skyscaper and i thaught that it was one of the best rides i have rode other than ROLLER COASTERS

05-13-2001, 07:44 PM
i went on the skyscraper too! That was the second one i went on (after talon). Its well worth the the money..21 bucks for two people. But after a few revolutions i felt my stomach turn...one more and i think i would have puked. The dominator and hang time are also very fun

05-15-2001, 06:01 PM
i Was Also there on the 12th (may) i Had alot of fun more fun then i have had since SFGA in 95.(not there bad but im a lil tired of it,good park thou) but onto dorney Park I never tasted such a good funnel cake i thought the ones in Cedarpoint tasted like dirt and the ones in all the S.F parks i been to are all too Greasy! I rode talon Twice one front seat once Back seat i think the back is better the front hangs u down half the drop then its no fun that way. the back just whips u around!i like talon alot but i liked Raptor a tad more becuase it bangs u around more and is longer. I thought talon would have banged ur head since i saw all the turns my head did not toch the harnest once. and the barrel roll surprised me becuase im used to going to the right side but this one rolled to the left instead also the corck screw got me too becuase i just wasent watching out for it. as for the foot choping i think it was decent. the only complaint i have from it is its to silent! all u hear is peopel screaming. i like to hear all ride. but anyways about the park. i think dorney needs to work on there capacity situastion badily!! they where running one train on both thunder hauk and herculies 2 on steel force and like4 cars on wild mouse! plus they check the train way to slow!! i rode dominater the blast up side the blast down had to long of a line and its still erile in the season for me and im not ready for any line over 25mins. dorney park has cleaned up nicely thou and the enviorment is nice. ny time before that was in 99 and it wasent so great. i give dorney park a 9 out of 10 being the best i alos liked the erilie season ticket prices. $19 after tax.

06-25-2001, 11:00 AM
talon is my second favorite steel coaster. it kicks now and it can only get faster. the air in the gback is amazing. I can not wait to go again in september.

Honan Beetch
06-26-2001, 12:05 AM
I still wanna ride Talon SOOO badly!