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07-05-2001, 03:09 PM
I decided on a whim to go to Big Chief today. I went to the park two years ago and loved it, but this was the first roller coaster park I visited. This is the park that made me an enthusiests. I was expecting a fun time on their 3 cci coasters but I was wrong (although it was not all the parks fault). I checked their web site for when they opened, but no time could be found anywhere on their rather peculier and very useless web site. So I randomly left and drove the hour drive to the park, at 9:00 I arrived to find the park totally empty. I had only 39 dollars on me and an all day park pass was 32 so I couldn't just go have some fun somewhere else in the Dells. I aimlessly drove around for 45 minutes returned to the park, where I found a couple cars. I went up to the front and said, "one all day pass please" Only to hear "I'm sorry, we can't sell the passes until 10". It was 9:50 and no rides were going to open till ten so I see no reason why they can't just sell the ticket 10 minutes early so I can look around at the park. Instead I sat there freezing my @$$ off in the cold. I decided to wait in my car for a little bit and when I came out of my car and closed the door I became terrified. I had left my keys in the car. I decided to take care of that later and just ride some rides.
<BR> When I finally got my all day pass, 10:07, I went to Cyclops right away. I remembered this as a intense short ride that was incredible. I was stunned when this ride hardly produced any good air time or anything else for that matter. The seats were really uncomfortable and the lap bars were all screwed up. Half of them didn't even open after a ride and the ride op, who kinda scared me, had to do it by hand.
<BR> I than went to Zues. While it was a little fun, it was still a discrace of a cci. Again the lap bars were all screwed up and the ride op looked like he was going to get killed. He kept walking across the track in the station and once adjusted the front seat's lapbar standing on the track in front of the train. Once, while the train was running its course, the guy jokingly faked a stumble onto the track. If he had really fallen and was left on the track he would have been crushed by the train.
<BR> After these two BIG disappointments I decided to take care of my car. I didn't have a triple A card even though my dad is a member, so I couldn't call them. I asked an employee if they could help me and she told me a number called 1800-unlocks. I called this on a payphone I could hardly hear out of and finally got someone to open my car. For doing this I had to pay them 36$!!!! All I had was 7$ and my dad's credit card that I was supposed to just use for gas. Now I'm going to have to work a couple extra shifts at work just to pay that off, since half of my paycheck goes towards college.
<BR> I tried some go-karts after that, which was a little fun but still boiring when done by yourself. I finally decided to give the coasters one more chance. I had rode both in the front and back(well, near-back for cyclops because of the stupid over 18 rule)so I decided to do the middle for both. It was a little better, but still lacking. Finally, after two hours in the park, I had had enough and decided to go home. This trip was so short that I am writing about it the day of at 2pm. The only way I will ever go back to this park is if they get that rumored 4th cci woodie.

Andy Rathe
07-06-2001, 06:33 PM
Good report; it's a pity your day wasn't as enjoyable as you had hoiped.
<BR>BTW; one of the pleasures of driving a car is that you lock the keys in sometime; I'll stake my mortgage that there aren't many people on here that have never done it!

07-06-2001, 10:52 PM
I seem to lock my keys more then everyone else. I have done it about 5 times so far in my one year of driving. Also I have left the lights on about that many times too. I left the lights on today aswell. I have jumped my car so many times that I am starting to look like a professional when doing it.

07-10-2001, 01:10 AM
What is the "Over 18" rule you talked about?

07-10-2001, 09:01 PM
The first time I ever locked my keys in the car was on my first date ever! I took this girl to Lagoon! I felt so dumb. Oh well at least the coasters was fun and the girl was cute. I never did take her out again though. She was cute but a little crazy. Not roller coaster like crazy.

07-10-2001, 09:10 PM
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<BR>On 2001-07-10 01:10, Coastercameron wrote:
<BR>What is the "Over 18" rule you talked about?
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<BR>Unless things have changed since I last visited Big Chief, the "Over 18" rule is a rule that says that you must be over 18 to ride in the back on Cyclops.