View Full Version : Valleyfair 2001 - awesome day!

07-05-2001, 08:13 PM
I just recently visited my cousin Caleb in Minnesotta and we went to Valleyfair. I'll give you a recount of the day, as best I can remember.
<BR>We got to the park at 5:00 to save money on admission (the park's admission fee is less expensive after 5). We walked into the park and were almost immediately stopped by some employee who wanted to take our picture. After that, we went into the park and tried to decide what to ride first.
<BR>We decided first on the log flume. It was an overcast day, and crowds were light, so the log flume was a walk on. We got in, and the ride started. It began like any normal log flume, but about halfway through, we went under a waterfall! We were both soaked to the bone.
<BR>After we got off, Caleb decided that we should ride a waterslide. He said it was one where we wouldn't get wet. Wrong! We hit a turn and water splashed all over us, just when we were beginning to dry in the sun, too!
<BR> We decided then that we should probably get a start on the coasters, beginning with the smaller ones. So we went over to High Roller, and got in line for it. It was a short line, and we got the backseat. The ride was great! I've heard a lot of people complain about this ride, but I was glad to say that these complaints were groundless. The backseat gave plenty of airtime, and an overall enjoyable ride.
<BR> After that, we headed for Corkscrew. I had ridden the Corkscrew at Canobie Lake and was less than pleased with it, so I wasn't expecting much. Was I in for a surprise! I enjoyed the Corkscrew a lot (we rode in the front seat), and thought it was even better that the ride was built over water.
<BR> Caleb and I then let our idiotic sides take over and we rode another water ride -- the rapids ride, to be exact. I can't remember everything that happened, all I know is that we went under a waterfall, he remained dry, and I was absolutely drenched. Caleb was laughing his head off, and even I had to admit it was funny.
<BR> To dry off, we headed for Excalibur, in a far corner of the park. This ride was another walk-on, we rode pretty much in the middle. Excalibur has to be one of the wildest rides I've ever ridden in my life! The turns and helixes provided some awesome negative Gs, and the first drop gave the train great velocity. Anyways, I walked away from Excalibur feeling glad I had ridden it.
<BR> Once we had gotten off, we decided to go over and do Wild Thing. Caleb had ridden it before but I hadn't. I admit I was a little nervous on the way up the first hill, but by the bottom I was enjoying it. The second hill didn't give off as much airtime as I had expected, but the helix at the far end packed a big punch! There was even a bit of a headchopper effect. I got a little airtime on the bunny hops, but not too much. After the ride, we looked at our on-ride photos, then left.
<BR> We walked over to Power Tower, probably the ride I'd been anticipating most since we'd arrived. We decided to do the Space Shot side first, seeing that it had a shorter line. We got on and pulled down the harnesses. I had forgotten how long it took for them to launch us. Caleb was ready from the beginning, but I started to slack off at the end. I had just let go of the harness when WHOOSH! We shot up like a cork at 50 mph, up to the very top of the tower, then freefalled back down. I loved it!
<BR> After Power Tower, we walked around for a bit and got something to eat from a vending machine. Tell me something -- WHY are the prices here so high???? I paid $3 for a drink, I can get drinks for a quarter of that price at other places! What are they trying to accomplish? Anyway, after we'd eaten, we went to the IMAX theater to see a show on Michael Jordan. The show was cool, I'm not really a basketball fan though. I got bored towards the end (it was 45 minutes long).
<BR> We then decided it was time for another ride on Wild Thing. We rode in the middle of the train again, but this time I kept my hands up the whole ride. What a difference! The first drop gave much more air, and I actually felt airtime on the bunny hops. Unfortunately, we didn't get to ride this ride again, but if we had, I would've gone for the front.
<BR> We then took another trip on Excalibur, but this time in the front seat. Again, I kept my hands up, and the difference was very notable. The first drop gave me some air, and I felt much more freedom as we whipped around the curves at high speeds. This had become one of my favorite rides at the park.
<BR> Caleb then decided it was time to take a break from the coasters, and he took me over to the Monster ride, a kind of carnival ride with arms and spinning cars. I was hesitant about riding it -- spinning carnival rides tended to make me sick, but Caleb talked me into it, and by the end I was glad I had ridden it.
<BR> We then went over to Corkscrew and rode that again, this time closer to the back. Again, the ride was very enjoyable, and we could have ridden more except that there were a couple things left that we wanted to do (you'll find out a bit later on).
<BR> We went back and rode Monster again. I was actually going to let Caleb ride it while I rode High Roller, but when I saw that the line for High Roller had grown significantly, I decided to rejoin Caleb. We didn't end up riding at the same time, but I got off soon after him, and we sat down on a stone wall, getting an early seat for the laser show.
<BR> I bought us some fries (again, the prices were outrageous), and we waited for the show to start. Caleb had told me that we had to save our seats early, otherwise there might not be room for us to get a good view. Soon, the spotlights turned on and the show began. All I can say is -- WOW! The laser effects were absolutely incredible, and the music they chose fit with it perfectly! The fog that they spewed across the seating area helped the effect dramatically, and the fireworks in the background ... let's just say that the Valleyfair laser show was something I won't forget easily, and quite possibly will remember forever.
<BR> After the laser show, Caleb was feeling a little sick from eating and riding, so we just walked around a bit to let his stomach settle. At around 10:30, we decided to do the one thing we hadn't done yet -- the Power Tower's Turbo Drop. The line was shorter than it had been before, so we only waited about 10 minutes. Before I knew it, we had pulled down the harnesses and were rising slowly up to the upper limit. I was nervous, more nervous than I had been before riding any other ride that day, but Caleb kept assuring me that it would be fine. We got to the top and I braced myself for the drop -- but it didn't come. We waited a bit, then ... WHOOSH! We were thrust downward at unbelievable speeds, my rear left the seat and did not go back in until the bottom, but by the time that happened I was laughing -- I loved the Turbo Drop! It was one of the most intense, thrilling, and fun rides I had ever ridden in my life!
<BR> We could've stayed longer, but Caleb and I were starting to get tired, and besides, we'd done all we'd wanted to do at the park. So, we left, and drove home.
<BR>There you have it -- my day at Valleyfair. One that I won't forget very soon.