View Full Version : Replying to a private message?

09-13-2008, 09:16 PM
How do you reply to a private message. I've gotten a few in the past few days and I can't seem to find the "reply" button. I have only seen the "quote". Is thats the only way you can respond to a pm?

09-13-2008, 09:21 PM
Yes, just use the quote button to reply.

09-13-2008, 09:28 PM
I guess when TN had an update awhile back, the reply button was taken. For the longest time I thought people sending me PMs just intended for me to receive the message and not be able to reply. Guess I was wrong.

Leo C
09-13-2008, 10:50 PM
I kind of felt out of place without the reply button as well.

09-13-2008, 10:55 PM
Its weird that this thread came about today because I'm just now having like my first private message conversation on here, and I was like how the heck am I supposed to reply?!?! So, I just hit the quote button and deleted the quote. Lol.

09-14-2008, 12:44 AM
The "quote" button is the standard replacement for "reply" by vBulletin. Like any other email system, it quotes the previous message, and as you did, you can delete the quote if you so wish.

09-14-2008, 02:14 AM
^ Thanks captain. Its not really that big of an issue. Just didn't know If I was missing something or not.

09-14-2008, 08:46 AM
It's been like that for months now, since our last major upgrade. I'm surprised it's coming up just now.

09-14-2008, 11:41 AM
Like I stated earlier, I've received numerous PM's lately and just thought there were sent only for me to be read. They were mainly from Chip saying to make my pick 'em picks, no my theory sort of made since. Oh well.