View Full Version : Coaster and motion sickness .

07-11-2001, 08:17 AM
Ok so this is my big problem :
<BR>I am crazy about coaster but suffer from motion sickness which mean I get easily sick form coasters and other rides.
<BR>I usually dont give up and dont care to be sick for few hours if the ride is great enough .
<BR>Does anyone share same sickness problem from rides ? how can I ride and still not get sick .
<BR>Any tips will do .

Sir Willow
07-11-2001, 01:06 PM
Just plan on avoiding a couple of certain types of rides and that might help you out. Things along the lines of:
<BR>Vekoma boomerangs- as dirorienting as they are, they are probably among the likely coasters to get to you.
<BR>"spin and puke" flat rides, including the pirate ships. Anything that spins fast or could otherwise make you lose your stomach might contribute to it more than other rides. Be picky about which flat rides you take- some will be good and some bad.
<BR>My sister also sometimes suffers from motion sickness, and we found that by just doing those two things that she could normally go the whole day without feeling sick on the rides and coasters. the ride home was another story... <IMG SRC="/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif">

07-12-2001, 03:32 AM
first of all priortize....... separate all motion sickness rides into to categories, non essentials, such as many flatrides, boomerangs and other highly disorienting coasters....... because it builds up over the day and you will be able to enjoy that one ride that you must go on any ways.... the essential rides should be only one possibly 2 in a day, these are experiences like spiderman that are among the greatest in the park.......
<BR>also taking medicine can help greatly, however they often make you drowsy an can ruin experience at the rest of the park, wait till the end of the day, that way you will not be feeling sick or drowsy during the rest of the day........

07-13-2001, 09:04 PM
Thank you for your help .
<BR>You both mentioned the Boomernag coaster which made me in the past sick as hell .
<BR>I guess I will have to skip the plat rides .
<BR>However my worst experience was in an Vekoma inverted coaster . I was sick for hours ...