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07-13-2001, 03:47 PM
<!-- BBCode auto-link start --><a href="http://www.crazyuscoasters.com/dragonsioa/sm.html" target="_blank">http://www.crazyuscoasters.com/dragonsioa/sm.html</a><!-- BBCode auto-link end -->
<BR>That site is the site about Scream Machines from the maker of the game DragonsIOA. He updated the page with screenshots of what sitdown coasters will look like in the game. It looks very nice!!!

Ben Keller
07-14-2001, 06:20 PM
If the graphics are juiced up better,this game will be almost as cool as NO LIMITS.

07-14-2001, 09:52 PM
Yea, the game does look pretty cool, I hope it makes it to the stores soon.

07-15-2001, 11:26 PM
I have the No Limits demo, and obviously I know what Scream Machines looks like. They are both about the same quality. Neither of them will ever look like a coaster rendered with 3DSMAX though.
<BR>I am aiming to have a playable demo out around the end of the month. The full version will hopefully be out in early Fall.

07-17-2001, 09:51 AM
what is 3dsmax???

07-17-2001, 11:49 AM
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<BR>what is 3dsmax???
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<BR>It's a professional CAD program. And it costs over $3000 (three thousand, no typo).

07-17-2001, 09:42 PM
Thats true, things in 3dS and other 3d modelers/renderers can be better looking but never will the acheive the ease of use that these programs have.

07-24-2001, 05:00 PM
No limits looks better.

07-26-2001, 05:32 PM
When is the release date for these programs??

08-07-2001, 08:02 PM
It looks extremely cool.