View Full Version : Best Park in Northeast? SFNE, Dorney, Hershey, other?

07-22-2001, 12:38 PM
Planning a trip to CT, NY, and PA. Can only go to one park. What's the best? Best Coaster?



Yankee Cannonball
07-22-2001, 05:07 PM
Not SFNE. Superman is an incredible coaster, and their two woodies are pretty good, but it can't compare to a park like Hershey, Dorney, or Kennywood.

Which park is best for you really depends on your taste. Dorney offers the most in the way of steel coasters, with Talon and Steel Force, but Hershey and Kennywood both have some great wooden coasters plus one good steel coaster. Overall, I would say Kennywood is the best, but any of those three would be fine.

07-22-2001, 05:49 PM
go with Dorney, friendly staff, and good rides, overall... or if u can make the extra drive... go for SFGadv... more rides

07-22-2001, 06:08 PM
I'd go to either Kennywood or Hershey Park. Dorney Park looks cool but I'd only go for Talon.

07-22-2001, 07:45 PM
well id say sfgadv is the best on the east coast... but if u cant go there... then go with dorney park

07-22-2001, 07:58 PM
KennyWood, Hershey, and SFGAdv are the best bets. If you like a traditional feel, go to KennyWood. If you like a mixed traditional, but still want thrills, go for Hershey. If you want all out thrills, go to SFGAdv.

Hershey has 3 excellent wooden coasters. Wildcat and Lightning Racer. Both are GCI masterpeices. They also have Great Bear, a very fun B&M invert...SooperDooperLooper, a Schwarzkopf singl-looper which is cut into the terrain nicely...Comet, a classic wooden coaster...a mine train that is for kids...SideWinder, a Vekoma boomerang, one of the better one's I've been on.

Kennywood just has the traditional feel. Many trees, classic wooden coasters (Thunderbolt, Jack Rabbit, and Racer) and they also have Phantom's Revenge! Phantom's Revenge is awesome! So fast, smooth....but it's over too quickly. They also have three classic dark rides. Many of their rides are old and classic. Very fun park!

SFGAdv...go to http://www.sixflags.com and go to great adventure. Too much to post about.

07-22-2001, 08:28 PM
I would go to Six Flags Great Adventure if you can but if not go to Hershey or Dorney I really cant say anything about Kennywood because i have never been there

07-23-2001, 01:47 AM
S:ROS may be the best coaster in Northeast, but SFNE is no way by any means the best park in Northeast. It's a horrible park. I wonder why someone will stick a world cl*** coaster in a terrible park.

Lake Compounce is a nice small park. It has great atmosphere, relaxing and very clean.

07-23-2001, 09:42 AM
Kennywood for all the above reasons. If you plan on stopping in Pittsburgh, spend some time in the city. Take in a Pirates game. Terrible team--but they have the new PNC Park which is awesome!

07-23-2001, 02:48 PM
Great Adventure ofcourse...if you didn't know, now you do!!!

07-23-2001, 04:29 PM
If it's possible, Id say head to GRADV...It has IMO the 2nd best coaster out there(Nitro!), Medusa(floorless),batman, batman and robin, etc...it has it all,(except a good woodie, Rolling thunder doesnt qualify),including good flat rides...head to great adventure!!!!

07-23-2001, 04:45 PM
Kennywood is the best in the Northeast, Hersheypark and Knoebel's are good too but if you can only goto one Kennywood should be it. It has the former #1 coaster in the world, the Thunderbolt, the new Phantom's Revenge(sweet coaster!), the last of it's kind Racer(mogul racing coaster, designed by John A. Miller as his last work), the last coaster with a real double-dip and the indoor Exterminator(cool ride, tons of turns and in the last half of the ride your car spins out of control!). Plus the 251 foot tall Pitt Fall, the Aero 360, the only Noah's Ark remaining in America, one of 3 remaining Turtles, the only Auto Race left, the only Kangaroo(Flying Coaster), etc. Great classic park which truly blends the best of the old and the new.:D :cool: :D :cool:

07-23-2001, 04:46 PM
and as RaleighPensFan said if you have time and spend on staying in Pittsburgh take in a Pirates game, the stadium is fantastic:D

07-24-2001, 07:17 PM
I like SFGAdv because i go there a lot... It's my home park. It's got some really good rides (NITRO, Medusa, Chiller, Batman, etc.) But if you like woodies i wouldn't suggest it because in my opinion rolling thunder is not that good.

07-24-2001, 07:30 PM
Dorney is deffiantly probably the best

Gladiator's Gauntlet
07-24-2001, 08:55 PM
Ok to sum it up. If you are into Steel Coasters SFGadv rules. If you are into Woodies then Hersheypark is the best. If you want an older park with a traditional feel then it's Kennywood. With these three parks you really can't go wrong. I of course would highly recommend Busch Gardens in addition.

SFNE is ok, but not worth the trip just for Superman, besides it's expensive, the food stinks, the people are rude, both guests and employees, etc, etc, etc. Stay out of New England it just plain sucks (well except for VT and NH but they are really part of Canada anyway :D) .

Dorney is ok, but just not that great. Other than Talon, and Steel Force the rest of the coasters stink (well Lazer is pretty good too).

Honan Beetch
07-24-2001, 08:59 PM
Six Flags Great Adventure and Hersheypark would definitely be the best theme parks in the Northeast. Six Flags Great Adventure is an awesome theme park because of its rides and Nitro. Hersheypark is great because of its environment and family appeal. Plus, it the best smelling theme park in the world! Yummy chocolate is SOOO yummy.....

08-10-2001, 07:01 PM
Hey I'd gotta go with Kennywood. It's worth going for Phantom's Revenge alone. Nice scenary, it's just an overall great time.

08-10-2001, 07:39 PM
Six Flags Great Adventure is the best in the northeast. If you cant go there go to six flags new England because SixFlags is the best for great rollercoasters,but if your a wuss go to hershey or kennywood.

Erik Johnson
08-10-2001, 07:42 PM
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08-10-2001, 10:14 PM
I'm sure you'll find your way to the East Coast again some other time. For this visit, I owuld suggest doing the opposite of what is offered in your neck of the woods.

For coaster or park enthusiast purposes, I would choose Kennywood. It is a modern amusement park operating in a professional theme park (Orlando) style. Everything is clean and operating, and they have more woodies than steel..like a park should.

The Kennywood Jack Rabbit is the center piece woodie, an airtime machine with a disorienting tunnel and double-ups. The Thunderbolt's design is interesting and The Racer is fun. The Exterminator is a spinning wild mouse indoors. It's in my top 5. I'm sorry, I would go back just for it. They also have dark rides and a Noah's Ark which you can't go wrong. It is not cheesy like the videos may portray.

They have old fashioned flat rides like the paratrooper, salt-n-pepper shaker, the whip, The Turnpike, family rides like the Log Flume, Pirate ship, Wave Swinger, Bayen Kurve, Magic Carpet and modern thrill machines like the Aero 360 and Wipe Out, plus many more.

For woodies and a family entertainment park, choose Hershey. The park again is clean and they have the classic ride line up as well as family steel coasters like the Trailblazer, Great Bear, Super Dooper Looper, and the Wild Mouse. If you like twisters, you'll love WildCat and if want to try a coaster with old fashioned bench seats, try Lightning Racer. They have a train, Zoo America, Chocolate World, loads of flats and water rides.

If you can make it back to the east coast again, I would wait for Six Flags New England. I would do it in a Spring or Fall Month. The lines are shorter (and Superman will be open)

If you are not near a Six Flags, then there is Great Adventure. They have the Safari where animals roam around in the wide open (exept for the elephants, lions and tigers, of course.) The bears are free to go anywhere they like! They also have an excellent Disney-stlyed water park. Thrilling slides and relaxing experiences is the order of the environment at theme/family park.

If you can come to the East on a Monday-Thursday, then Great Adventure is in your running. You have a few decent steel coasters including an inverted-looping twister (Batman) , a pretty good hyper (Nitro), and a smooth-as-glass floorless (Medusa.) There's only 1 woodie and there's a better chance of hell freezing over before they run both sides. Ride Rolling Thunder in the cool evening and hopefully the left side will be open. It has slight ejector and floater air in the first car. Stay out of the last row of each car.

They have thrill rides like the Chance Chaos and Time Warp, Huss Top Spin, BreakDance3, Frisbee, Freefall (my favorite flat) and an Evolution (one of my favorite flats.) They have family rides like an Intamin indoor twister, 1st generation Freefall, Rapids, and Shute-the chutes, an Arrow Hydroflume, a great Mine Train, and the second longest Log Flume. They have family flats like the scrambler, pirate ship, bumper cars, musik express, rotor, swabanchin, round up, carousel, to name a few and a very long and high sky ride.

08-10-2001, 10:58 PM
great adventure would be my first choice but then i would go to hersheypark

Raging Rider
08-11-2001, 10:34 AM
Hershey Definately!

08-11-2001, 12:53 PM
I can't believe nobody suggested Knoebel's!

It has two of the best Woodies in the world, (Phoenix + Twister)
a decent (but short) steel, and the BEST BUMPER CARS EVER!

Most importantly, PARKING and ADMISSION is FREE! (pay for tickets though)

I suggest if you go Near Dorney or Hershey you should stop there along the way. IT'S WORTH IT!

08-11-2001, 01:10 PM
How can you say that Hershey is for wusses?
Sure, it has plenty of family and kiddie rides, but a good amusement park should have an assortement of rides.
Lightning racer, one of the best racing/dueling wooden coasters is at Hershey. They also have Great Bear, a B&M inverted, the Wildcat a GCI woodie, along with others. Not only that, but CHOCOLATE! mmm...yum.

My vote would go to Hershey and SFGAdv, since that and Dorney are the only parks that I've been to.

Go to Hershey if you want a good amount of coasters (more wooden) in a family friendly, nice atmosphere. Go to Great Adventure if you want a large selection of coasters (mostly steel) and flat rides. Basically, more thrills.

08-11-2001, 01:52 PM
Simply put, Kennywood

08-12-2001, 04:56 PM
I'm agreeing with Evil Princess.

SFGAdv is the bomb for pure coaster enthusiasts. It's got the most of any of those parks. ALl it lacks is a decent woodie.

But, I think I'd rather go on a vacation at Hershey. It's so much nicer to visit. Besides, lines at SFGAdv are a lot worse, IMO.

Dorney can get boring fast. Been there a few times this summer (as a counselor on a field trip with a YMCA) but even though I only go on 5-6 rides each time, I've had my fill. Besides, TALON is ALWAYS a huge wait and that's the ony one I think that is REALLY worth it.

08-14-2001, 12:43 PM
Im not one of those people who are in love with their home park and hate all other ones, but i know that Six flags is a good Theme Park and i think it is the best in the northeast. HersheyPark has like 2 roller coasters that are decent and Kennywood and 3 and 2 of em r wooden and i dont reely like wooden. Xtremer , your a little bit crazy about SFGADV. come down! but all of u cedar point lovers, shut up! you have no right making fun of SFGADV because its better then cedar point in a way! all cedar point cares about is to be the cleanest park. Your obsessed with millenium force also! sorry but u have a problem.

SFGADV is better!

08-14-2001, 10:36 PM
Six Flags Great Adventure all the way but if you cant go there you should go to Dorney park Talon is pretty good and you can go to the water park

08-15-2001, 12:06 AM
SFGAdv(Nitro and Medusa)or Hersheypark(Lightning Racer and Wildcat).

08-15-2001, 01:40 PM
I'll qualify my answer by letting you know where I've been in the NE:

SF Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ
SF Darien Lake, NY
Marineland, Niagara Falls, Ontario
Martin's Fantasy Island, Niagara Falls, NY
Seabreeze, Rochester, NY
Coney Island, NY
Great Escape, Glenns Falls, NY
SF New England, Agawam, MA
Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT
Rye Playland, Rye, NY
Morey's Piers, Wildwood, NJ
Kennywood, West Mifflin, PA
Knoebels, Elysberg, PA
Hershey Park, Hershey, PA
Lakemont Park, Altoona, PA
Dorney Park, Allentown, PA
Williams Grove, Mechanicsville, PA
Dutch Wonderland, Lancaster, PA

Depending on where in the North East you are located (Atlantic Coast vs Inland), I would suggest one of the following: Kennywood, Hersheypark, or Dorney Park