View Full Version : sfmm questions (max. capacity, ticket pre-purchase, and season passes)

07-23-2001, 07:56 PM
first, what is sfmm's maximum guest capacity? once filled up do they start turning people away, i mean do they really enforce it, or just say that's the most the park can hold. second, does anybody know where i can buy tickets ahead of time? the reason i want to know is cuz i want to go on deja vu's and x's opening dates, and i'm gonna go REALLY early, but i want to know how many people they allow in the park and if i can get my ticket ahead of time. how much are season passes, btw? are they good till the end of the year, or one year from the date of purchase (ie-if i were to buy one today, july 23rd, would it be good till december 31st, 2001, or july 22nd, 2002?

Andy Hodgson
07-23-2001, 09:02 PM
well the season passes last all year from date of purchase. i dont know where to buy tickets ahead of time, and i dont think that they let you in early.
when i went they didnt have a park limit but i dont know if thats changed.

Sir Willow
07-24-2001, 12:36 AM
No max capacity that I know of, but then I don't go anywhere near the place when they might get close to either. Avoid summer Saturday's like the plague. You're better off waiting a day or two after X opens, and getting in more rides, then trying to fight the crowd.

They do not allow any early entries to the park. At all. You will have to wait outside with everyone else until they open the big metal fences.

If you want tickets in advance, try calling the park. But the only time I know of that they do this is with group sales.

As for a season pass, it is only good until Dec. 31. Doesn't matter when you buy it. If you buy one November 30, it expires one month later. Plus at this point they will cost you $89 I believe.

Your best bet on season passes is to wait until the last week of December and buy one then at the park for $45 or so for the next year. All you have to do is go to the willcall window and request a new season pass at that point.

07-24-2001, 01:16 AM
George Burnash...i know they don't let anyone in early...i didn't say i was trying to do that...i meant go very early to wait [and to put it in your own words] with everyone else. i just wanted to be towards the front of the line so i can get to the opening ride very quickly sneak a ride in and hopefully get back in line again (maybe twice) before the line gets too long (over an hour or so...longer than that and i get too jittery, unless the line is extremely well themed-like perhaps b:tr or goliath). i never meant i was trying to get into the park early, nor did i mean to infer it.
so...i can buy a 2002 season pass for $45 the last week of december?!

Sir Willow
07-24-2001, 01:19 AM
yes, you should be able to. 2 years ago I bought one then for $39. This last year it was $42 or 45 dont remember which. So it should be close to that.

Oh, call me George or Sir Willow. Using my whole name like that makes me feel like my mom is yelling at me (which is really bad considering I'm 31)

07-24-2001, 01:50 AM
"George Burnash, get off that Internet and clean your room! Hey mister, don't give me that 'I'm 31 years old buisness'! I'm your mother, you do as I say as long as you live here! Well I don't care if you don't even live here! You do what your mother tells you!"

07-24-2001, 02:13 AM

reisuing pass holders pay half price!!
yes my friend garret got his half price since he was renewing
(he gets a special cupon book with discounts...i havent got mine yet!!!)

oh and you pay 120 bucks for the SFMM/Huricane harbor pass (this is the one i purchased)

A Great buy if you live in California, If the heat gets to you, get your swimsuit ready and realx for about an hour in watter (works for me every time it makes a wonderfull place to go In the heat of summer

07-24-2001, 08:54 AM
To get tickets before you go to the park try a local Parks and Rec office, or a AAA insurance place, they sell tickets ( Don't know if AAA is in Cali, but it's your best bet) in advance

07-24-2001, 12:33 PM
Yes, The park does sell to capacity and they do turn people away.

When the Boy to Men preformed at Magic Mountain the park sold to Maximum Capacity. They started turning people away. A small riot broke out because of this.

Another time the park sold to capacity was when Viper opened.

It does happen and I wouldnt want to be there when it does. Just think about how long it would take to get on everything.