View Full Version : SFMM as 7/22

07-23-2001, 09:22 PM

Deja Vu: a week after it started testing, it already is using the sand bags. Maybe this means testing is going along fine. After watching it run smoothly twice, it got stuck between the loop and second lift. The lift would bring it up and down slow. Maybe that's the trouble they're having. Oh Well.

X:It has finished the turnaround and is coming to the second raven turn. Track for the second raven turn is already being put in. If you would like to see the cars of X, ride Colossus. If your on the side that swings out towards the parking lot at the begining, you'll see them upclose. Notice the X on the OTSR. Sweet.

4th attraction: Three Towers put up, nothing else.


Goliath: Intense and great drop. Not more to say.

Batman: Still coll. Rode it twice

Colossus: Richotte. X cars look cool.

Revolution: My head still hurts, dont remind me.

Thats it, hope you enjoy