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07-24-2001, 02:37 PM
Part II of my TR.


If there was a park that would make me move to Orlando, it is definitely IOA. This park is just amazing! It is by far the best theme park I have ever been to. They sure dropped the bomb when they came up with IOA! We got there just as the park opened and went to Spiderman because people said that has the longest line. We only waited five minutes the first time! I will have to say this is the best dark ride EVER! Itís too awesome! I love how everything on that ride interacts with the screen! The ladder moves when Spidey jumps on it, the ride gets hot when Doc Oc turns that flame on you. Everything about this ride is perfect! I loved the part when we climbed the buildings, I felt like we were really going up. Then we fell down that skyscraper! That was too cool! This ride gets a 10/10! We rode it again later that day and the wait was 45 minutes, but it was worth it!

We decided to go to Dueling Dragons next. Whatís the deal with this queue line? Itís so long! I heard that itís the longest in the world! I love the themeing, too. Itís the best queue Iíve ever been in! Anyway, we eventually got to the station. Weíve heard that Fire was more intense than Ice so we went to Fire first. Of course we had to ride in the front row. Hereís the cool part, the park was not crowded so we only waited for 5 minutes for Fire! The cars look awesome, too. I love how the restraints on the front cars are red like the tongues of the dragons. We got on the ride and started moving out of the station. We climbed the lift hill but Ice was nowhere to be seen! NO! It wasnít going to duel! Then we slowed down, Ice sped up and caught up with us at the top of the lift. I love the Immelman! The airtime hill was so cool, too. Airtime on an inverted coaster is the coolest airtime I have ever experienced! With Ice right below me, I lifted my feet up! What a leg-chopper! The sidewinder had nice Gís and so did the vertical loop. Heading down the straightaway into the loop, I pointed at the people on Ice, and then we went into it. Too cool! The corkscrews at the end were nice as well. I give this coaster an 8/10.

Now Ice on the other hand is a good coaster, but itís not Fire. We rode in the front row and left the station after Fire. Fire slowed down at the top of the lift and we sped up. We werenít even halfway up the lift when Fire dropped. WHAT?! We werenít gonna duel! NO! I was upset, but not as upset as the person next to me. This guy cussed through the entire ride! He was an idiot! I like the zero-g roll and the log-chopper into the cobra roll, but the ride wasnít much without Fire. 6/10. (The cussing guy next to me called it bull**** dragons. He was mad!)

We decided to take a break from coasters and ride the water rides. Iíve heard much about Dudley Doorightís Ripsaw Falls with the longest, steepest drop on a flume ride. This ride looked awesome! We waited in line for 45 minutes. The queue on this is cool, too! Is it me, or does this ride ROCK! I hate water rides, but this ride totally made up the bad experiences I had at others! It actually has a story going during the ride! And there are two spots of AIRTIME on it! Thatís amazing! I loved the drop! I love it, I love it, I love it! Going below the water level was great and we got soaked down the entire thing! Then we hit a small hill, get airtime and get soaked even more! What a ride! 9/10! This is by far the best log flume EVER!

We were wet so we decided to go to Popeye and Blutoís Bilgerat Barges. We grabbed ourselves Express passes and went straight to the front of the long line. We only waited 2 minutes if not less to get on! I love the themeing on this ride! And you get totally soaked! We werenít even halfway through the ride and we had six inches of water in the raft! I like the story this one has, too! This is the best white water ride ever! 8/10

We waited 15 minutes for Jurassic Park River Adventure. Iíve been on the one in Hollywood, and the one at IOA is better. They basically start off the same, but when the dinosaur turns you the wrong way, thatís when the two rides are different. I loved the raptor above your head in the cage and climbing the lift was awesome with dinosaurs popping up all over the place! When we do that small dip into the water from the lift hill, the T-Rex makes a claw mark to your right and thatís awesome! I also love how you can see the entire Rex except for its tail. I didnít notice the feet in Hollywood. Then we dropped. An awesome drop on an awesome ride. 9/10.

We ate at the Burger Digs. The $6 burger was good and the fries were a little salty.

We also rode Dr. Doomís Fear Fall. The launch is cool and the airtime at the top is cool, but it just kind of stops after that. I was let down, but my mom loved it! She rode it five times this trip!

That was our first day at IOA. This park is definitely worth a revisit. And youíre probably wondering why we didnít ride Hulk, right? Well, it was closed that day. They said it would be open tomorrow so we decided to come back to ride it.

7/12-IOA, take two

We went right to Spiderman after finding out Hulk was closed today. We got an express pass before we went on. The wait was only fifteen minutes and it rocked! We left and got right back in line using our express passes. The line was only five minutes then. This ride is just too cool!

We went to DD again. Rode Fire up front. I love the g forces on this coaster. After that, we got in line for the front of Ice. We went up the lift, Fire didnít catch up, and we DIDNíT DUEL AGAIN! AHH! Am I cursed or something? Why wonít it duel?

We took a break and ate at Mythos. We made reservations earlier in the day so we got right in. I love the atmosphere of this place. I had a Mythos Burger and very skinny, salty French fries and unlimited refills for drinks for $9.00. Eat here. I liked seeing the chefs cook the food in the center of the restaurant by shoving the food in a face-shaped oven. Then it started to rain. And when it rains, it pours in Florida. Iím from Arizona and the place we stayed at in Kissimmee got more precipitation in two days than the town I live in gets in a year! AnywayÖ

We got an Express pass for Poseidonís Fury, but the power went out and killed something in there so we had to wait for them to fix it. They fixed it and we got in line. The Express pass did nothing; the line was short anyway because people ran from the rain. We finally got to go on the ride after being in line for 10 minutes. They put all these people in this room and your tour guide person tells you about the main archaeologist guy who has disappeared. You hear his voice, the lights go out, you find a hidden spell the tour guide reads aloud and a door behind you opens. We walked in a room and Poseidon starts talking saying something about coming into the center of the ocean. Another door opens and we walk through the coolest part: the water shooting all around you in that tube thingy. That was cool. The rest of the show was boring and didnít impress me. When I thought there would be an explosion, there were just light effects and a noise. 7/10

After that I rode Flying Unicorn. This is a fun, little kiddy ride. Iíd say itís better than Canyon Blaster at SFMM and there was a little spot of airtime on it! 4/10

7/15-IOA, take three

We were driving to IOA and I looked at Hulk just sitting there. I could see the zero-g roll and the cobra roll from the highway, but it wasnít doing anything. I wasnít going to ride it this trip, so I guess I have to wait a few more years WAIT! IT JUST WENT THROUGH THE ZERO-G ROLL! I started screaming in the car and my mom and brother told me to shut up, but I couldnít. It was running! I flew to the entrance and waited with the crowed for them to open up Marvel Super Hero Island. Let me tell you, people, get there early on Monday! It is not crowded and it doesnít get too crowded on Monday, either. They let us in and my brother and I ran to Hulk. My mom wasnít riding this time, but she got Express passes for all of us. Is it me or is that thing loud? That is the B&M roar! We wanted to ride up front and we were in line for five minutes. My brother and I finally got on the ride up front! We pulled down the OTSR and buckled the seatbelt and we were on our way. A small turn and then we see all those wheels. Awesome! The next part gives me chills every time I hear it: ďEverything looks good. I thinkÖI think this time i-itís going to work. No! No! Nooooo!Ē Then BOOM! Youíre gone! That is the absolute coolest launch ever! Itís so smooth! I love the placement of the zero-g roll; you get airtime down the entire drop! This coaster was ultra-smooth and too cool! I also love the airtime before the MCBR on that turning hill thing (is that an oblique loop?). The drop out of the brakes is cool and the ending twists and turns have nice Gís. I donít think the photo-op is in a good location, though. We got off, grabbed our mom, and rode again. She loved it. We used our express passes to get on it later that day and we rode with my mom in row three. 10/10. My new #2 coaster! Side note: someone in line for Hulk said that it was exactly like Medusa. Ha!

We rode Spidey again. We rode DD again, too only this time, Ice dueled! YES! The timing was off a little, but at least it dueled! On a side note, has anyone noticed that Hulkís first five inversions are exactly the same and in the same order as Iceís?
We ate at Captain America Diner. $6.00 burger better than the Burger Digs. The fries were also good.

We watched the Eighth Voyage of Sindbad. It has lots of explosions and I thought I was blind after looking directly at an explosion. Donít do that.

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